How to Choose Running Shoes for Flat Feet couple

7 Easy Steps on How to Choose Running Shoes for Flat Feet 2018?

Having flat feet is never a reason for you to not become successful as a runner. Note that you can still run without the risk of injury for a prolonged period if you ensure that you are wearing a proper shoe support system.

Note that while in normal cases your foot arch is capable of absorbing the shock each time your feet strike the ground when running, flat-footed runners might have their arches collapse in those instances. Such might cause injuries.

By ensuring that you are wearing the right shoes, you can improve your form when running and prevent possible injuries. Just make sure that you also listen to your body aside from learning how to choose running shoes for flat feet, so you’ll know exactly when to stop and rest.

Some of the things you have to look for in your search for the best running shoes for flat feet are the following:

1. Support and Stability

Good support and stability are among the most vital features you need to look for the best running shoes suitable for those with flat feet. You need to prioritize on checking the level of stability offered by the running shoe.

How to Choose Running Shoes for Flat Feet couple

Ensure that support and stability are enough as such help with overpronation. Since flat-footed runners require shoes with more support, it would be best to check reviews and the technical specifications of a certain shoe.

If it indicates that it comes with an added support, then it is a wise buy. Look for shoes with high support properties as these aid in properly sustaining your feet when you are running.

2. Motion Control

One of the reasons why you need a running shoe with proper motion control if you have flat feet is that it works in locking in your feet while also offering additional support. If possible, go for a shoe with a hard yet comfortable material as its hardness offer additional stability and motion control.

The material is also a big help in supporting your arch while also keeping it in excellent condition. What is good about a shoe with excellent motion control properties is that it also has improved stability options.

Apart from motion control, it would also be best to have a shoe with proper shock absorption properties.

3. Grip

You will also know that you are choosing the right running shoe if it has a good grip. With a good grip, you have an assurance that the shoe will no longer add to the stress often caused by having flat feet since you can prevent it from slipping from time to time when running.

How to Choose Running Shoes for Flat Feet hurting

You will know the amount of grip a shoe has by checking whether it comes with the right amount of tread based on the purpose you plan to use it on. The amount of tread and grip required is also depended on the environment, climate, and surfaces where you’re planning to use your running shoes.

4. Breathability

Just like any other running shoes, breathability is also an important factor in its overall quality and functionality. You wouldn’t want to make a long run while wearing a shoe with little airflow. A shoe, which lacks breathability, is also a bad option as it causes moisture from your sweat to stay inside so you need to make sure that you choose the right shoes, you can read more helpful information about running shoes at Runner Click.

Such can cause discomfort. Aside from that, the lack of moisture control and ventilation in your shoe can cause issues affecting your feet. By choosing a footwear for flat feet with proper breathability, you can reduce the risk of developing bacterial problems triggered by constant sweating.

You have an assurance that your feet will stay dry and properly ventilated even if you wear the shoes for running for a long period.

5. Arch Support

The best footwear for those with flat feet is usually that which comes with an excellent arch support. Without it, there is a great chance for your fallen arches to continue making complete contact with your footbed. Such will cause strained ligaments and tendon and unbearable foot pain.

A shoe with the right arch support can help lift your feet in the correct area, thereby removing the pressure from your upper body weight. Your best choices, therefore, are running sneakers that are considered as ideal for fallen arches because of their good arch support.

Spend time checking the level of arch support that a running shoe can provide before buying.

How to Choose Running Shoes for Flat Feet event

6. Stability of the Heel Area

The best running shoes for flat feet are also those with a highly stable heel area. There shouldn’t be too much roll nor play in this area when you are running or walking. Ensure that this part is firm and stiff while being close to the edges of the heel.

Go for a shoe which is not too tight nor too loose in the heel area. It should just be something in between. While you may find it challenging to find the right balance, many shoes for flat feet are still designed in such a way that their heel area meets the standards.

7. Durability

Those with fallen arches and flat feet lack stability when running, so it is a must to look for a rigid and durable running shoe, which does not tend to twist and turn in each step. You will know that you’re picking the right one if it does not tend to bend in the middle.

It shouldn’t bend in all areas, except at the toe. Too much twisting and bending are actually not good as such will eventually reach your midfoot area, causing excessive pain and discomfort in each step. Your running shoe, therefore, should be stable, durable, and rigid enough without causing discomfort.

Final Words

Knowing how to choose running shoes for flat feet shouldn’t be too tough if you have an idea what you should look for. Make sure to check all the features, qualities, and factors mentioned in this article, so you can pick the most appropriate footwear.

Ensure that there is enough arch support in the right area, too, to reduce pressure affecting your knees, ankles, and feet. Also, your chosen running shoe should be highly durable and have the perfect grip on various surfaces, allowing you to run or walk with pleasure regardless of the weather.

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