How to Clean Cheer Shoes

How to Clean Cheer Shoes: Tips that Really Work

While cleaning cheer shoes is a bit challenging and difficult, considering the fact that most of them are all-white, there are ways to actually do it. This article compiled some of the tips that can help keep your cheerleading shoes sparkly white and clean.
With the solutions on how to clean cheer shoes indicated in this article, it will no longer be hard for you to preserve their excellent condition for quite a long time.

What Do You Need To Follow This Tutorial?

  • Toothpaste
  • Unused toothbrush
  • Clean rag
  • Rubber gloves
  • Bowl filled with water
  • Old towel
  • Bleach

Step 1 – Prepare Your Working Area and Gather The Required Cleaning Materials

How to Clean Cheer Shoes washing
Prepare the area where you intend to work on cleaning your cheer shoe. If possible, choose a surface where you can conveniently lay down an old towel or clean your shoes without worrying too much about the dirt that might result from the process.
Once done, gather all the cleaning materials you need. These include a basic toothpaste, old and unused toothbrush, clean rag, rubber gloves, water, old towel, and bleach. Once you have everything prepared, then it is safe for you to go to the next steps in the cleaning process.

Step 2 – Brush The Shoe

Pour water into a bowl then dip the old and unused toothbrush there. Put on toothpaste to the brush. Stick your hand within the footwear to keep its shape. Doing so is necessary in ensuring that the right amount of pressure is applied when cleaning.
Start brushing small sections. Do so using circular movements. Furthermore, ensure that you are only applying minimal amount of pressure. However, be prepared to apply more pressure, especially when dealing with heavy and deep stains.
After brushing all the sections, get the rag then dip it into the bowl filled with water. Use it to wipe the cleaned sections to further improve the results.

Step 3 – It Is Time To Use The Power Of Bleach

Move on to this step if the second one did not work in cleaning up all the dirt and stains from your cheer shoe. Bleach is an ideal option for deep and hard stains and dirt that a simple brush and toothpaste can’t remove. In this case, you can use the water and household bleach solution.
Just combine one quart of water and one tablespoon of bleach. Wear your rubber gloves then clean the shoe using similar techniques as the ones you used in the previous step.
Basically, you will also need to dip the brush into the water and bleach mixture. Start brushing small sections first in circular movements. Wipe after cleaning each section.
If you want to improve the results of the cleaning process, considering doing the steps two times per section. Wipe each section clean each time the bleach mixture or toothpaste start to look too brown.
Begin with a new bleach mixture or fresh toothpaste again to avoid messing up the shoe due to the dirty cleaning solution or soap.

Step 4 – Store Your Shoe Correctly

Proper storage is also one of the keys on how to clean cheer shoes. You have to ensure that you are storing your shoes correctly as it plays a major factor in keeping them clean and in good condition. If you are not using them, allow them to sit upright and store them correctly.
Avoid squishing them in pile bags, in a travel bag or in your closet, as doing such can only damage its original shape. Avoid tossing it in your backpack right after your practices and performances as well.
Keep in mind that your backpack is a catch-all of almost everything – from your pens and books to hairsprays and snacks. Such makes your cheer shoes prone to getting damaged and dirty.
To store it properly, consider finding a backpack with a certain compartment for the shoe so they will be well-protected. You can also invest in a case that you can use to prevent it from getting exposed to potential dangers in your bag.

Step 5 – Learn Some Do’s And Don’ts In Cleaning And Maintaining Your Cheer Shoes

Here are some other tips to ensure that you maintain the clean and excellent condition of your cheer shoes.

  • Do not wear your cheer shoes in other occasions apart from your performances and practices – Avoid wearing it even before or after your practice or when you are walking on the pavement.
  • Invest in another pair of regular shoes or sandals that you can change into before or after your practice or performance. Such can prevent it from getting exposed to extremely rough surfaces, lengthening its life as you only limit its use based on its intended purpose.
  • Do not leave the toothpaste or bleach for too long when cleaning it up – One of the cleaning solutions mentioned in this article is toothpaste or bleach but avoid putting it on your cheer shoes for too long to prevent possible damage, especially on the colored sections.
  • If you plan to use bleach, avoid putting it in any colored section, as well.
  • Do not place or hang it in a cloth line for drying – While it is safe to dry the shoes in the sun right after cleaning it, avoid hanging them in a cloth line. Doing such might only damage its shape.
  • Do clean your shoes immediately – Every time it gets exposed to dirt or stains, clean it right away. It is safe to try cleaning it with a white, damp cloth at first.
  • If this solution does not work, then apply some soap or use the cleaning steps indicated in this article. Also, avoid using colored cloth when cleaning your cheerleading shoes as it might only stain the area in case you rub it too hard.


Learning how to clean cheer shoes correctly and preserve their good condition is the key to making them look good and clean for a long time. The good thing about keeping them clean is that it can also make you feel more confident when you’re performing and practicing.

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