How To Clean Leather Boots?

A pair of leather boots is a good investment. The boot not only protects your feet but also looks stylish. The value you get from your leather boots purely depends on how well you take care of the boots. The first care you need to accord them is to know how to clean leather boots to last long correctly.

Whether you own a good pair of dresses, you have to clean leather boots to make you look neat all day. In this article, we have decided to show you how to clean leather boots properly. This guide is for cleaning and conditioning smooth leather boots.

When to Clean Leather Boots

clean and condition leather boots

The cleaning and conditioning of leather boots do not have complex rules. The cleaning should be habitual, and, in most cases, it depends on how often you wear your leather shoes. It also depends on the type of dirt or debris that you expose your leather boot to.

Leather boots that are used daily will be cleaned sooner as opposed to those that are worn once. The start of cleaning the leather boots should be done after ten years. To dress boots, need to be cleaned once a month. In Winter work boots need to be cleaned sooner. Cleaning should be done when;

  • The leather boot has been exposed to mud, submerged in water, or salt
  • When the leather looks dry, it has artificial scratching, scuffing, and dull
  • After exposing the boot to grim, dust, and dirt

The essential thing with leather boots is to keep them off dirt and condition them regularly. If you need to keep your leather boot from getting dry that can lead to crack, it is good to clean leather boots and maintain all the time.

Items Required for Leather Boot Cleaning

To have a proper clean and condition of leather boots, you need a top-quality cleaning material. Some of these items include;

  • Leather cleaner
  • Horsehair brush
  • Cedar shoe trees (optional)
  • A soft clean cloth or sponge
  • Leather conditioner

Steps on How to Clean Leather Boots

The process of cleaning and conditioning the leather boots involves four main steps. If they are well followed, you will have a properly cleaned and shined boot.

Step 1. Prep your boots for cleaning

Brushing off dirt and debris from the leather boot is the first step of preparing your boots for cleaning. Suppose you haven’t clean leather boots before; there is debris, mud, and dirt that stick on your leather boots. You need to wipe it off before it is cleaned.

Unlace your boots before using your horsehair brush to wipe away the debris and dirt from the upper part of the leather boot. Be keen on the area where the outsole meets with the leather. These are the areas that are prone to dust, dirt, or debris accumulate. Areas like creases, eyelets, and around the stitching leather meet.

Step 2. Cleaning your leather boots

After proper wiping off the dirt and debris, it’s time to apply a leather cleaner solution to boots. With the leather boot cleaning tool, proceed with the instruction provided on the bottle. Apply the first small amount of the cleaner on the small part of the leather to see how it works before applying the whole boot.

If you do not know which type of leather cleaner to use, you can try the saddle soap. Saddle soap is an excellent leather cleaner that is ideal for boots that tend to be complicated or exposed to water. You can also use Saphir Reno’s Math leather cleaner if you have finer leather dress boots. The cleaner is ideal for the removal of accumulated dirt from waxes and polishes.

The cleaning procedure includes

  • Remove the laces if you haven’t done earlier
  • Wipe any dirt or debris in the tongue or any part of the leather
  • Apply the leather cleaner soap on the leather of the boot
  • Wipe off the soap with a clean and soft cloth

Step 3. Conditioning your leather boots

Once you have cleaned and wiped off the soap from the leather, it is the right time to condition the boot. Cleaning the boot can remove the natural moisture and oil from the boot, and therefore there is a need to do the conditioning of the boot with a leather conditioner.

Many of the leather conditioners have some steps that need to be followed when applying them. However, if you do not know which leather conditioner you need to use, you can check on the guide provided on which conditioner is compatible with the boot. The general procedure of conditioning includes;

  • Wipe off the boot leather if there are some leftovers after cleaning
  • Test the leather conditioner on a small spot before you condition the whole boot
  • With a clean and soft cloth, rub the conditioner into the boot in a circular motion
  • Ensure that your leather conditioners are evenly applied in all the parts of the boot
  • Let your boot dry in an open area before you apply the second coat of leather conditioner

Step 4. Let your boots dry.

To allow your leather boot to dry well after cleaning and conditioning is a vital step. It not only makes your boot look shiny but also lasts for a more extended period. You can give the boot a minimum of the whole day to dry while in a dry and cool environment.

  • Let the boot dry for 24 hours.
  • Avoid using heat source items to speed up the drying of the boot. This is because they might affect the leather of the boot, and hence it cracks.
  • Do not also expose the boot to direct sunlight because it might discolor the shoes.
  • You can apply the cedar shoe tree to draw out moisture from the boot and keep them in shape.

Letting your leather boot dry completely is a simple step that most people don’t know is vital. It will make the boot fully dry and boost its durability. The cedar shoe trees can help the dry process and also allow the boot to reshape. A complete dry boot will look freshly new and feel great.

Cleaning Inside Boot

how to clean boots inside

Once you have cleaned the exterior part of the boot, it is also good to clean the interior. The reason for this is to ensure that the odor isn’t experienced in the boot. To clean the interior, you need

  • 1/3 cup of vinegar,
  • a spray bottle, and
  • baking soda.

Procedure of Cleaning

  • Spray the vinegar into the leather boots
  • let the boots dry once you have sprayed them
  • Place some healthy amount of baking soda into the shoes and allow them to stay there overnight
  • In the morning, let the excess baking soda out of the boot
  • The odor will be eliminated.

Removal of Scuffs from the Leather Boots

Artificial scratches and scuffs on leather boots can be tedious. A good leather conditioner or boot oil can help fill the minor scratches and scuff and let the boot look great. To do this, follow.

  • Pour some little leather conditioner or boot oil into a soft clean cloth
  • Rub the scratches or scuff with the cloth with even pressure
  • Let the leather boot dry and reapply again if required

Removal of Salt Stains from Leather Boots

Salt stains are the top killer of leather boots because they dry the leather and lead to cracking and brittleness. The only way to avoid salt stains is to constantly brush them and avoid exposing the boot to the salt environment. To properly clean them, follow.

  • With the use of a horsehair brush, wipe off the excess salt from the boot
  • Make a 50/50 solution of vinegar solution and water
  • Moisten the clean, soft cloth with the mixture
  • Rub the soft cloth on the salt spot areas evenly in a circular motion
  • Allow your boots to dry and repeat the step it is required.

Removal of Oil Stains from the Leather Boot

Removal of oil or ink from your leather boot is easy. You can comfortably do this with the use of cornstarch.

  • Soak up the excess oil or ink from the boot using a soft clean, and dry cloth
  • place cornstarch on the oil stain, and allow it to stay there overnight
  • Using a brush, wipe off the cornstarch from the boot
  • Repeat the process if some stains haven’t been removed.

Final Thought

Maintaining the leather boots in good condition is vital. To enjoy the quality of the leather boots, one needs to clean leather boots well to boost their durability. Cleaning leather boots involves four significant steps that are supposed to be keenly followed. Each step is vital, and you need not skip any.

In this article, we have shown you how you can properly clean leather boots. The secret for better cleaning is to have the best cleaning material. Some stains cannot be removed by regular cleaning. We have also highlighted how you can remove such stains from the boot.

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