how to clean suede boots

How To Clean Suede Boots

To keep the suede boots in a presentable way is somehow challenging when compared to leather boots. Suede boots are made from cowhide, pig, or doe, among other materials. These materials are prone to scratches, scuffs, etc., making them difficult to clean and maintain their original style.

This difficulty in how to clean suede boots makes most people prefer professional and experienced cleaners whenever they are dealing with suede boots. However, it is easy to clean with small scuffs and stains, but if they are deep stains, you need to be professional in cleaning. This is because any rough application on the material will ruin the boots.

How To Clean Suede Boots

When should you clean suede boots?

Suede boots are sensitive to salt, dirt, and water, and therefore the boot needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent them from such stains. It is good to clean your boot once you know this and realize some stain development. If you want to know if it is the right time to clean your boot, check when

  • The boot starts to discolor, have stains or appear to look dirty whenever you wear them.
  • When they are prolonged exposure to salt, harsh elements, water, mud, among others
  • When there is the development of spots with a flattering nap or waxy spot on the boots

Professional items required for suede boot cleaning

The items that are required in how to clean suede boots are somehow different from those of leather-made boots. The suede materials are delicate and can be ruined easily when they come across with solvents, oils or creams, etc. The significant items required include;

  • The suede brush
  • Suede cleaning solution
  • A suede eraser or cleaning block
  • Cedar shoe trees, optional
  • Suede protector spray

The suede Eraser and brush are the two main suede cleaning items that you need to have. Ensure that the brush you are to use is made from suede or nubuck that is not too rough in that they can ruin your boots. The Eraser should be good enough to remove stains from the boot.

To ensure that you get the best cleaning material, buy the suede cleaning kit with all the required items. If you get stains that aren’t removed, you need to use a cleaning solution that is made for suede. If you want to protect the boot from water and stains, you can apply suede protector spray. The spray will help you a lot in maintaining the shoes free from stains.

Steps on How to Clean Suede Boots

Step 1: Brushing off dirt

how to clean suede boots

The first thing that you need to do with your boot is to brush off any loose dust, grime, and dirt materials from the boot nap. Ensure that you have used a dry brush that doesn’t have any water. Suede boots are supposed to be cleaned with the recommended suede brush.

The suede brush is good enough in removing dirt that is stuck on the surface of the boot nap. You need to ensure that brushing the boot isn’t aggressive because it might affect your boot. If there are stiff bristles on your brush requires you to be a little bit careful when cleaning.

Step 2: Erase stains

how to clean suede boots

With stains stuck on your suede boot, you need to use the Eraser or suede cleaning block to remove them. The suede block or Eraser is ideal with suede boots. The Eraser works well with a dry stain as it can repair the original style of the nap and appear shiny again.

How to use the suede eraser

  • Apply the Eraser on the stained area with some pressure
  • With your suede brush, brush away any debris from your boot
  • Brush it in the direction of the nap to restore the original soft
  • Repeat the process if necessarily

If you carry out these steps well, your suede boots will be cleaned well. Some people may end their cleaning process at this stage and let their boots dry. But if you realize that some stubborn stains can’t be cleaned with this process, you need to apply the liquid suede cleaners.

Step 3: Use of liquid suede cleaner

how to clean suede boots

If you need deep suede cleaning, you need to apply a liquid suede cleaning solution. The solution usually comes in two types, spray or foam suede cleaning solution. The idea with the solution is to apply an even coat. To apply the spray, follow the following process.

  • Apply an even coat of the solution on the boot and ensure you avoid discoloration or spotting
  • Brush the boot in the direction np
  • If the spots are visible, reapply the solution again on the boot

On the other hand, the foam suede solution works like shampoo and lathers the material for brushing. This lather penetrates the nap to remove dirt, stains and at the same time revive the boot color. Many of the foam cleaners require one to dilute them for perfect working. With a suede brush, wash the boot as the foam lathers.

  • Apply some even pressure and give more attention to areas that have stains you need to remove
  • Rinse your boot with water and ensure that all the solution has been removed from the boot
  • Ensure that you have used your suede brush in the nap direction to restore the soft
  • Allow your boot to dry completely before you apply the suede protector

Step 4: Suede boot protection

how to clean suede boots

Once you have well cleaned your boot, you have an option of protecting the boot from any future stains or water by applying a coat of suede protector. To successfully protect the boot, you need to ensure that your boot is completely dry and clean when you use the protector. You need to follow the directions on the suede protector bottle if you need the best result.

  • Apply a small spray inconspicuous spot on the boot to ensure the protector plays well with the suede.
  • Apply an equal amount of suede protectors to ensure that you have an even color on the entire boot.
  • Let the boots dry for 24 hours before you wear them.

You need to know that suede boots get affected if one uses leather conditioners in the form of boot oils or waxes to protect your boot. This is why it is recommendable to use a suede protector that comes in a spray form. One such spray is the Saphir Renovateur suede spray.

Step 5: Allow the boot to dry.

how to clean suede boots

This is the last step that you need to apply, although most people fail to do it. Once you have cleaned your suede boots and applied a protector, it is good for you to let your boot dry completely before wearing them. This is because you allow your boot to restore the nap and reshape.

  • Let your boots completely dry for about 24 hours.
  • Ensure that you haven’t exposed them to direct source of light
  • Avoid exposing the boot to direct sunlight also as it will discolor and damage the suede

How to remove a stain out of the suede boots

how to clean suede boots

Once you clean your suede boot and realize there are nasty stains that can’t be removed from the boot, other methods need to be used to remove them. There are various stains with suedes, and they require various ways to remove them.

Water stains

With water stains, apply water to the spot area and brush over the water stain from the boot. Water can be an ideal solution that you can use to remove water stains from the suede boots. With a damped cloth, dab it gently until the water stain is removed. Ensure that you allow your boot to dry without exposing it to direct sunlight.

Mud stains

With mud stains, wipe it from the suede and allow it to dry before you do further cleaning. In some cases, the mud may clump up once they are dried, and therefore you can easily remove it using a butter knife if they are large. Once the suede is dry, clean the boot with a suede brush.

Salt stains

Salt stains are one of the common stains that affects suede boots. With a soft toothbrush or suede brush, brush off the excess salt from the boot. Apply some white vinegar on the boot stain and rub it using a dry suede cloth. Wipe the material from the stain and repeat the process if the stains are not completely removed.

Oil stains

If you have a suede boot that is wet with oil stains, you can comfortably clean it without any problem. To clean it, apply cornstarch or baking soda on the stained area and let it stay there overnight. The baking soda or cornstarch works by absorbing oil from the suede. With a suede brush, brush the residue from the stained area and allow it to dry. The boot will restore the suede nap of the suede boot.

How to remove chewing gums or wax stains from suede boots

how to clean suede boots

If your suede boot has come across wax or chewing gum, you can remove them comfortably if you apply the right method. It would be best to place your boot in a freezer to freeze, hence removing the wax or chewing gum stain from the boot. With the use of simple ice cubes, you can make your shoe spot-free.

In this process, the gum becomes hard once it stays longer in the freezer, allowing you to remove it easily from the suede as a chunk. Once you have done your proper cleaning, you can complete your cleaning process by scrubbing off the stained area with a suede brush.

Restoring the suede boot’s Velvety

Do you know that you can restore your suede fabric’s velvety touch with the use of a shaving razor? If you don’t know, then today you have known. The material helps to restore the boots‘ gentle velvety texture that the boot had when you first bought them.

You need to check the boot’s suede and try to shave any loose string that you might have experienced.  If you do that well, you will realize that the boot’s velvety have been restored. To have a good result, you need to ensure that you have repeated the process several times.

Homemade suede cleaner

Do you know you can use those items available in your home to clean your suede boots? Okay, if you make a mixture of isopropyl alcohol, you can comfortably clean the stains. In an area with a stain spot, brush it with a toothbrush or suede brush.

Apply some solution made in a uniform layer or use a commercial suede cleaner. This is to avoid spotting and discoloration of the boot. Then brush the boot in the direction of the nap. Repeat the process if some hard spots haven’t been removed.

Final word

If you have suede boots, it is good to know how important it is to have a clean suede boot. The shoes require a little bit of careful method of cleaning them as opposed to leather boots. If you want your suede boots to last for an extended period, you need to choose the best cleaning methods. The methods not only restore the appearance of the boot but also make it last longer.

There are various suede cleaning methods that you can apply to remove any stain materials from your boot. The methods are not hard to apply, and they are easy to apply, just like how you do with leather boots. In this article, we have discussed the various methods you can use how to clean suede boots. If your first clean can’t work, you can reapply it again and again or use a different one.

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