how to clean timberlands

How To Clean Timberlands

Timberland boots are perfect for they are purposely generated to be sturdy work boots. They are designed in such a manner that they can fit in varied environments. Due to this, there is a need to clean them to suit this environment. They are very durable as they give extra all-day comfort and maximum protection. They mostly need extra care and thorough cleaning to lengthen their lifespan. Below are well outlined three methods one can adopt in how to clean timberlands.

How To Clean Timberlands

Method 1: Cleaning Small Spots

how to clean timberlands

This method involves the removal of small spots from the boots. How to clean timberlands the steps involved in this method includes

i. Removal of small debris.

Begin brushing off the boots by starting at the top of the ankle, then back and forth down the whole surface of the boot by use of any clean, soft brush or a suede brush. In case of a small amount of debris, light brushing is recommendable.

ii. Removal of scuff marks.

Scuff marks on the surface of boots can be removed by use of either: a simple indicator eraser, a universal suede eraser, or a Timberland cleaning bar by light rubbing over the marks till they vanish.

You can use products like Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or a similar brand that can also eliminate scuff marks. Wetting the marks is necessary before rubbing them with the eraser.

iii. Brushing the boot again.

Use the brush to smoothen the nubuck surface and remove any eraser debris that might be available. Gently move the brush across the surface of the boot perfectly in 1 direction. This will ensure a uniform look on them after cleaning is over.

iv. Regular Spot Cleaning.

how to clean timberlands are always worn, there is a need to adopt a cleaning kit suitable for the material and brand of your boots. Special cleaners can be given as an alternative when the shoes have visible stains that can’t be removed by normal cleaning.

If the boots are worn daily, cleaning is necessary once per week to avoid building up dirt and grime, thus keeping them fresh and new. It also helps to improve the boot’s durability.

Method 2: Deep Cleaning Your Boots

how to clean timberlands

When cleaning your timberland boots, not all stains or debris are removed. There are those stains that are hard to be removed, and therefore they need deep cleaning. Follow the steps

i. Buy nubuck cleaning and sealing products that match your boots.

  • Make sure to buy cleaning supplies that match the material and brand of the boots.
  • In case of being unaware of what kind of product to go for, then you have all the opportunity to go to your local boot and shoe repair store and ask if they sell any of the products that would be appropriate.

ii. Remove the shoelaces.

  • Shoelaces from each boot can be removed and set aside if they are clean. If they are not clean, they should be hand washed and left to dry entirely before putting them back in your shoes.
  • Clean the laces in warm soapy water until all of the debris has been erased. For a thorough cleaning job, scrub them together with the soap and soak them in warm water. Once cleaned, hang them out to dry.
  • They should also be included in a load of laundry in a washing machine. If they are filthy, wash them separately from your clothes.

iii. Removal of loose dirt and debris.

  • Use the smooth bristle brush to clean the boot. Always brush in the same direction. If you decide to use a special cleaner, spray it on the shoes before using the smooth bristle scrubber.
  • Use a hard bristle brush to wash the side and bottom of the soles; however, be keen when using a brush on leather boots, as brushes with tough bristles may scratch the leather.

iv. Maintaining the shape of the boot.

  • While cleaning, you should keep one hand inside the boot to facilitate the opposite pressure against the area being cleaned, thus keeping it from collapsing as you brush it.
  • You can also use your hand to stir up creases and wrinkles you need to get rid of the debris. If you push upon them as you clean, the mixture of your pressure and the mist from the cleaner can reshape those areas.

v. Scrubbing the soles with a toothbrush and mild dish soap.

  • Rinse the soles with clean water and scrub them with soap using a toothbrush and dish soap to get them out. Gently scrape any remaining stains in the soles. Rinse again and let the boots dry.
  • Cotton swabs can also be used to get the dirt out of the tread. The cotton swab is dipped in warm, soapy water and runs along the grooves until all the dirt has been removed.

vi. Scrub the outside of the shoe with cleaner and water.

  • The upper part of the boot should be cleaned using a cleaner, warm water, and a soft brush to scrub the outside by moving the brush in 1 direction to keep the boot’s shape.
  • You can also use a smooth toothbrush to clean deep into the seams of the shoes

vii. Cleaning with vinegar

  • Make a mixture of water and vinegar with the proportions being about ten parts water, one-part vinegar.
  • Dip a cloth in the mixture and let it soak for a few minutes.
  • Squeeze any excess liquid out of the cloth and use it to rub the stain.
  • You can also use a soft brush on stains if you are unsure about the cloth getting it all out.
  • Since you’re already cleaning spots, you can clean the rest of the boot with the mixture too.

This method should clean any salt, grease, oils, and food stains from your boots. If you are unable to erase the stain on your first try, make a more robust mixture. Take note that vinegar has a sharp smell, so you may want to dry your boot somewhere with good ventilation.

Method 3: Drying and Buffing Your Boots

how to clean timberlands

i. Support the shape of the boot.

If the boots lose shape after cleaning, they should be reshaped before they dry, primarily by crumpling paper and stuff down into the boot to reshape them.

ii. Air drying the boots.

The boots should be left to dry entirely in warm air within 24 hours, depending on how wet they got during cleaning. Boots should not be placed near high heat like fire as it could melt any glue holding the boot together or destroy leather parts of the boot.

iii. Buff your boots.

Use a clean, dry scrubber to lightly brush the boot’s surface in 1 direction if they appear matted after drying to make them look normal.

If matted so much whereby brushing does nothing, the boot should be held close to the steam from a kettle and then brush with a toothbrush. The steam helps untangle the matted nap, thus paving the way to scrub it straight and make it stand up again.

iv. Conditioning or sealing your boots.

Choose a conditioner or sealer you wish to protect the surface of your boots that you have cleaned. Ensure that you have followed the directions on the packaging when applying it.

In general, these products are used by putting a small amount of them on a clean cloth and wiping it over the entire surface of the boot.

Final word

Timberland boots are one of the boots that are ideal for all occasions and can be worn at any place. To ensure that your boots are stylish and stay for a long period, you need to clean them regularly. There are various methods you can use to have a proper cleaning.

This article shows you the simple methods to apply how to clean timberlands boots effectively.

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