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How to Darken Leather Boots?

Wearing leather boots is often the key to turning a boring outfit and creating a trendy statement. However, take note that leather also requires special care and maintenance. Even high-quality leathers have light color and stiff until you wear them.

That said, you have to learn how to darken leather boots as such can help you bring out the elegant color of the material. Most of the methods used in darkening leather boots also help in conditioning and softening the material.

What Do You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

  • Olive oil
  • Washcloth
  • Leather conditioner
  • Shoe polish
  • Rag
  • Coconut oil
  • Leather dye
  • Tea bags
  • Water for boiling the tea bags

Step 1 – Use Olive Oil

Prior to using olive oil, though, make sure to test it on a hidden part of your leather boot. Observe the reaction of the material to the olive oil so you will know whether it won’t get damaged. To do this darkening method, follow these steps:

1. Put a tablespoon of olive oil in a washcloth. Rub the cloth gently on your leather boots. In case the dark shade begins to fade a little, add another tablespoon of the oil to the cloth to keep the shade consistent.

2. Distribute the oil properly and evenly on the surface. Reapply it until your desired tone is achieved.

3. Let the boots dry for at least 24 hours. However, if you feel like it is not too dark yet after the 24-hour period has passed, do the process again.

Now that your leather boot is newly coated, make sure to provide it with as much care and maintenance as possible. You can use a leather conditioner to treat the leather and keep it moisturized. It can also prevent it from drying and cracking.

Step 2 – Use a Shoe Polish

The use of a shoe polish is another simple method on how to darken leather boots. This easy and less complicated technique only requires you to put on the shoe polish using a rag over the leather. Apply it using small, circular strokes.

Make sure to cover the surface with the polish evenly. Let it dry then use another rag to buff it. The good thing about the use of shoe polish is that it is inexpensive. It can also easily fix your fading or light leather.

However, make sure to use a shade of the shoe polish, which is similar to the leather material used in your boots, though, you need to apply at least two shades of it to make it darker and get your desired effect instantly.

Step 3 – Apply the Miracle Solution, Coconut Oil

Many consider coconut oil as a miracle product as it can do almost everything. Aside from being a huge help in cooking, it is also good for skin health and in darkening your leather boots.

Coconut oil, when used to darken leather, though, can’t be expected to provide instant results. The result is gradual. What you have to do is to apply the oil two times each day for a few days. You have to continue applying it until your desired shade is attained.

Step 4 – Take Advantage of Leather Dye

Make sure that you buy the commercial strength leather dye. Such allows you to gain access to your ideal black or brown color so you can use it to dye your boots based exactly on your preferred color.

Use the video indicated below to dye your leather boots. Do not forget to apply a leather conditioner after dyeing to prevent the material from getting cracked or destroyed.

Step 5 – Use Teabags

If you are a tea drinker, then it is time for you to have another use of your tea and tea bags aside from just drinking them. The only thing you have to do is to boil thirty tea bags in one gallon of water. Boiling time should be two hours.

Soak the leather material for one and a half day in the boiled tea bag. Once done, you should let it dry. Condition the leather right after to bring out a darker and better version of it.


With the tips mentioned in this article, you will no longer have problems darkening your leather boots. The good thing about the how to darken leather boots solution mentioned in this article is that they are easy to do and use only materials that you can easily find at home and in stores.

Now, it is possible for you to darken your leather boots and present it in a shade that you really love.

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