How to Dry Boots

How to Dry Boots: These 5 Easy Steps can Really Help

Walking around while wearing your wet boots the entire day can lead to a lot of discomforts. Aside from that, this can trigger the development of mold and blisters on your feet, as well as lead to soreness, especially if you need to wear your boots for long hours for some reasons.

With the negative effects of wearing wet boots, it is just necessary for you to become familiar with the different tips on how to dry boots. This article will provide such relevant information – all of which are only simple to follow to prevent you from dealing with so much hassle.

What Do You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

  • Newspapers
  • Table or floor fan
  • Wire cutter
  • Old hanger
  • Shoe inserts
  • Old, used towel
  • Rice
  • Large plastic bin

Step 1 – Get the help of some newspapers

If you have a pile of old and unused newspapers at home, then it is time to put them to good use as you can actually utilize them in drying your boots. The good news about using newspapers is that they help in ensuring that your boots are dry not only on the outside but also inside.

All you have to do is crumpling a few pages of your old newspapers then forming them into balls that are loose enough. Try to make a tear from time to time as this can help absorb the moisture, particularly in the inner parts of your boots.

Fill up your footwear with the crumpled newspaper balls then leave it to dry for some time. This method is useful in expediting the process of drying your boots as the crumpled paper inside helps in absorbing all the moisture from within.

After a few hours, remove the paper. Make sure that your boots are completely dry, though, before removing the paper. If there is still moisture inside your shoes, then add a new set of dry, crumpled newspapers. Repeat the process until your boots are completely dry.

Step 2 – Dry your boots with the help of a fan

Make sure that your boot is made of a material, which can’t get damaged by the fan, though. If it is a leather boot, then rest assured that this method is ideal for it. The first thing you have to do is to get rid of any built-in dirt or mud using a tap or garden hose.

Prepare a table or floor fan. Make sure that it is taller than your actual boot’s length. It should also be sturdy enough that you can hang your boot in there. Put a towel beneath the front part of the fan as it aids in catching excess water while drying.

Take out the insoles then prepare a wire cutter and old hanger. Use the cutter to cut the wire into two 6-inch pieces. Bend each piece until it forms an S.

Both ends should have hooks – one should be small enough that you can clip it on the fan while the other should be large enough to hold the boot. Clip the small hooks into the fan but there should be around 9-inch distance between each boot.

Keep the laces loose then open the boots to ensure that the insides also receive enough air from the fan for drying. Let the fan work for around one to two hours or until your boots dry completely.

Step 3 – Seek the aid of shoe inserts

You can also invest in shoe inserts. You can easily purchase them in the market. The good thing about shoe inserts is that they work using the combination of moisture-wicking fabric as well as cedar filling.

Both work in drawing moisture from the boots while also masking any odor. It is also possible to find shoe inserts that feature antimicrobial coating. Such is effective in preventing pathogens from developing on inserts.

Step 4 – Take advantage of any old, used towel sheet

Such towel sheet also works in drying your boots completely. Just make sure that it is fully dry prior to using it. The first step is washing your boots and cleaning them up to ensure that they are free of any dirt and mud. Remove the soles and laces, too.

Tuck the corners of the towel inside your boots then wrap the remaining parts around them. Once done, you can place your boots under a fan. After a few hours, remove the towel then use another piece. Do the same steps as what you did in the previous towel.

While this method on how to dry boots completely might take several hours, you have an assurance that it won’t damage the material. It also works well for boots with light colors.

Step 5 – Rice can help, too

You may find this solution odd, but take note that it is also effective in drying your boots safely. Just get a large plastic bin and pour rice over it. The added rice should be around one inch from the bottom of the container.

Also, it is important for the plastic bin to be big enough so it can safely accommodate your boots. It is necessary for you to put your pair of boots on top of the rice inside the container.

Cover then seal it. Wait for a few hours before checking your boots. By that time, the rice may have absorbed all the moisture from your boots.


How to dry boots is not a complicated matter as there are plenty of easy solutions that are available for you. Some of these solutions are indicated in this article, so getting rid of all the excess water and moisture from your boots is easier

Such ensures that you will no longer deal with the negative effects of wearing wet shoes.

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