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How To Lace Boots

We mastered shoe-tying when we were in the elementary level, although we improperly did that process. Lacing boots are similar to the lacing of shoes, and it is supposed to be done in a process that you are easy to master and relieves pressure from your feet.

There are various lacing methods that one can use to lace up their boots. The various techniques will give your boot a unique appearance and retain the style that makes your feet comfortable, protected, and has better support. In this article, we have discussed the various ways you can see quickly how to lace boots.

How To Lace Boots

1. The standard criss-cross method

how to lace boots

The criss-cross standard is one of the popular lacing methods that many people prefer. It is the best method that many products have when manufacturers sell their products. If you visit the boot store, you will realize that most boots have a standard criss-cross lacing. The method is the most intuitive and easiest one, but that doesn’t mean you need to use it alone.

To have a clean criss-cross lacing, you need to go slowly and ensure that your laces lie flat on each cross. If you fail to straighten your laces, you may end up with unsightly twists that don’t match. The method prefers to use a short amount of lace if you want to have a successful method.


  • Run the bootlace through on every bottom eyelet. Ensure that the tabs run from the exterior into the interior.
  • Pull your string up and ensure that it has the same length on both sides.
  • Let your lace run over the tongue diagonally from one eyelet to the opposite side.
  • Starting from the top, string your lace to the adjacent eyelet, and do that to the other boot side. Remember to string always the same sides first.
  • Lace the boots into the ankle. Do the same to the other opposite lace up to the last eyelet, and If you realize that the lace is still excess, you can wrap it around on your ankle before you try. If you do this, you will have a good lace that is uniform. The process is easy to carry out as compared to other methods.

2. The army lacing method

how to lace boots

This is another boot lacing method that is common with military people. The method allows their boots to stick well on their feet as they carry out various heavy activities. It also allows them slack in the leather while doing exercise.

Military boots are not friendly like other boots because they can cause blisters if not well used. They need one to use them carefully, and one way of doing it is to know how to lace them well. You do not need to be an army to have this army lacing style. It looks more, especially when you have a high-contrast string or lace color.


  • Start to string your lace from the bottom upwards, moving from inside to outside if you have even eyelets numbers.
  • But if the eyelets are odd, do the opposite by moving from the exterior to the interior as you lace up. After you strung the bottom eyelet, ensure that the lace length is the same on both sides.
  • Lace up the string over the tongue diagonally, ensuring that the next lace is underneath.
  • Repeat the process on the other side to ensure all the eyelets have been laced up. You need to ensure that you have straight lace from the bottom eyelet across above it.
  • Once you have laced all the eyelets, you need to ensure that the string moves to the next eyelet from outside. This should be done from the first eyelet up to when you reach the ankles.

3. Over-under and friction-free method

how to lace boots

This is another lacing method that is relatively the same as that of the classic criss-cross method. This method has less friction on the shoelace as it doesn’t rub against the eyelet areas. It has a consistent crossing pattern with a two-level cross. They appear similar to sneakers.


  • Start to lace your boots from the bottom eyelets, dot them from the outside.
  • With an odd number of eyelets, let the lace begin from inside out.
  • Hold your laces vertically to make sure that the string is evenly distributed.
  • Begin with one side and bring the lace over the tongue, pass it via the opposite eyelet from the interior to exterior. Repeat the process for all the eyelets.
  • Let the lace run again diagonally, but, in this case, it runs through the eyelet from the interior to the exterior.
  • Repeat the process with the opposite side.

4. Bar lacing method

This is another clean-looking method that you can apply to your boot. The method is somehow difficult to adjust if you aren’t keen.


  • Begin by going right to the bottom eyelets from the outside to inside. Ensure that both laces are coming out from every eyelet.
  • Move to the next eyelet with the right place and pull the string from inside to outside. Go through the eyelet right from left outside into the interior.
  • With the left lace, move up, skipping the eyelet which the right place will be going through, and then pull the string to the next eyelet, do it from interior to exterior.
  • Repeat the step with all the eyelets up and ensure that you are pulling your lace from the inside to outside. If your boot has got an even number of eyelets, you can reach your top easily without any problem.
  • If you have an odd number of eyelets, you might reach a point where it might be difficult to continue. You get to this situation, cross the lace and move to the next eyelet from inside to outside.

5. Paratrooper ladder method

how to lace boots

This is another lace-up method that most US Paratroopers often prefer as they style because it is secure and easy. You won’t experience any slip with such style if you land on the ground with the boots. If you need to keep your laces tight and firm around your ankle, then this is the right lace-up pattern to apply.


  • Attach your laces through the bottom eyelet from inside to outside.
  • Hold the laces vertically to ensure that you have an equal length of the string on both sides.
  • Place the laces to the next eyelet available vertically and not horizontally. You will realize that your laces will be inside your boots once you have done this.
  • Cross your bootlace over the tongue and via the loop made by the two vertical eyelets.
  • You need to avoid running your lace through the eyelet in this step, but you are running it through the loop that has been made already.
  • Lace the boot string to the next vertical eyelet, just like in step two. Ensure you have followed the same order as you started; it was from left to right, let it be that.
  • Repeat the step 3 and 4 up to when you lace up to the top.

6. The Rope ladder

how to lace boots

The rope ladder is another lace-up pattern that is interesting. It looks great when you contrast colors. It looks great and also secure. You can try this lacing method with service or combat boots or even with a hiking boot and still look great. The method provides extra ankle support.


  • Run the boot laces from the bottom eyelet from the interior to the outside.
  • Hold the laces vertical and make sure that there is equal lace length on both sides.
  • Run the laces horizontally at the same time. Twist both places at once around and pull taut instead of running them in any eyelets.
  • Lace the shoestring through the next vertical eyelet. Ensure that you are moving from the inside of the boot to the outside.
  • Repeat the second step up to when you reach the ankle of the boot.

7. The Italian corkscrew lace-up method

how to lace boots

This is a simple lacing method that lets a strong parallel bar at the tongue of your boot. With it, you only work with one end of the lace as it looks a bit simple. Getting the right length on either side of the boot takes time as you need to do some tries and errors until you get it. The pattern looks easy to loosen the ankle of the boot to make it have a fantastic look.


  • String the shoelace from the bottom eyelet and let it be outside in. The lace needs to be inside of the boot at this moment.
  • Depending on the length of the ankle on the boot, one side of the lace needs to have 5-7 inches.
  • String your short end of the lace at the top eyelet on the same side, inside to outside.
  • String the longer shoelace via the next horizontal eyelet to ensure that you have kept the short end of the lace under the cross you are making.
  • Continue with the long lace’s lace, bring the lace close to the boot to the next parallel eyelet, and lace-up through.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the long string up to the top eyelet at the ankle.
  • At the end of the eyelet, near the ankle, the string needs to be inside your boot. Then string it through the adjacent horizontal eyelet, but the short end will be there already. 

8. Toe-relief lacing method

Do you experience pain in your toe? If yes, then you need to check your lacing method. This lacing technique helps to bring back your toes to normal. The way you lace up will relieve the pressure at your toe box hence reducing the hurt.


  • Unlace your boot completely
  • Lace the boot up while skipping the first hooks of the boot. This will open up the toe box and relieve the pressure that causes pain on your toes.
  • Lace-up the eyelet up to the ankle area.
  • If you find out that you are experiencing pain in every pair of boots, then you need to change your size or stretch the boot. But with this technique in lacing, you will have eliminated all the pressure that causes pain.


1. Which is the best way of lacing up boots?

To be honest, there are a hundred if not a thousand methods of lacing up boots. Choosing which method is best will depend on what you need from the lace. To me, I can say Criss-cross lacing is ideal because, to me, it is simple and easy. The ladder method is also good because it not only supports your feet but also protects them.

2. How can I lace my leather boots?

Lacing leather boots is done the same way you could have done to other boots. You only need to know that some lacing patterns look rugged and will provide you with more support and protection to your feet. Other lacing methods are more flexible than leather boots.

3. Can I lace my military boots with any method?

To be honest, the Army lace method is the best option with military boots. The method is flexible and allows you to break in easily at any time. The Paratroopers ladder method is also another ideal method that most airborne units like to use. This is because it also provides the best ankle security.

4. How can I lace safety boots?

Lacing the safety boots can be done in any way that you will like. However, most lace experts argue that two excellent lace options are more ideal with safety boots, the Rope ladder and the Paratroopers ladder. The method is safe and supports your ankle in any work.

Final thought

How to lace boots is so easy if you know which lacing techniques to use. There are thousands of available technique variations; some are creating unique patterns while others are bodacious ones. Your work is to understand the best method, if not all of them.

Many of the boots available in the market come with long laces to allow users to apply the various lace techniques. This makes it possible for users to apply any lacing tricks and techniques without any problem. If you get that your laces are worn out, you can replace them with new ones that match your boots.

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