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High Heel Hacks: How To Make Heels Comfortable

High heels are one of those clothing items that you dread wearing, but always love how you look when you do. They are a staple for meetings at work, going to parties, and other fancy events that you may have in your life.

Since they are such a huge part of our wardrobes, why do they hurt so badly?

Let’s talk about the ways you can actually make wearing high heels comfortable and easy, no matter how much time you have to keep them on for.

We are going to be sharing our favorite ways on how to make heels comfortable. While it may seem like an incredibly impossible task, we are going to show you that it is a viable option for your feet.

Top 16 High Heel Hacks for Comfortable Heels

1. Consider the Height of Your High Heels

The first, and most important, tip on our list is to consider the height of the high heels you are choosing for yourself.

If you go shoe shopping and come across a pair of 5-inch stilettos you just have to have, consider how your feet will feel before purchasing them. Never fear though, some shoe repair shops are even able to shorten the height of your high heels up to an inch or so if you have to have the steep shoes.

We do recommend looking for shoes that are only a few inches tall. This will help protect you from tripping, falling, or bending your ankle in a way that injures you. It will also keep your ankles, legs, and backs from hurting as much as they would with taller shoes.

Another plus side of buying heels with less height is that they will be good for more events. Most parties you go to won’t require you to have heels with over an inch or two, so keeping them lower will make them more versatile.

2. Make Deodorant Your Best Friend

This may seem like kind of a strange life hack, but deodorant can actually be your best friend when it comes to wearing high heels for an extended period of time.

To do this, choose a deodorant without a strong scent (or without any at all), and make sure that it is transparent as well. If you choose one that is white, you are going to have it showing on your feet and shoes.

Once you have the proper deodorant, you can roll it underneath any area of the shoe (we recommend especially doing this under the straps of the heels) to prevent your feet from chafing. This is especially important if you have to be on your feet and wearing the high heels for an extended amount of time.

Chafing is a huge issue, especially with delicate high heels with different materials and features melding together around your feet. If you have never worn shoes like this for a long period of time, you will want to prepare for chafing before putting them on for the day and/or evening.

3. Focus on the Way You Walk

This may seem like a pretty obvious fact, but keep in mind that walking in high heels is much, much different than walking barefoot or in any other type of shoe. If you have never done it before, it definitely takes some practice to get used to.

You will need to pay a lot of attention to your body as you practice walking around in heels. Make sure to engage your abs and stick to watching heel to toe give your feet as much of a chance of staying comfortable as possible.

If you have trouble with how to make heels comfortable when you’re walking, we would recommend pretending you are a model on the catwalk. What we mean by this, is you should stand up completely straight and use your core muscles as you walk. Keep your head held high and use your legs and hips to propel yourself forward. Once you have it down it should feel more like a bounce than a normal walking process.

For those of you who are still having trouble, here’s a great guide to learning to walk in high heels.

4. Choose Shoes With Buckles and Straps

Another way we recommend working on how to make heels comfortable is to choose high heels that include buckles and straps. While this may not seem like a factor in how comfortable your shoes are, it actually will make a huge difference for you.

Having high heels with adjustable buckles and straps ensures that your heels will fit snuggly to your feet. This allows you to easily avoid things like unnecessary irritation, rubbing, and sliding that cause you blisters, chafing, and discomfort.

This will also help you with the third tip that we just discussed, making sure you walk properly in your heels. If your shoes fit properly, you will have a much easier time avoiding tripping, falling, and slipping.

5. Wear In Your Shoes Properly

If you have just purchased a brand new pair of high heels, the worst thing you can do is wear them out without trying to break them in properly.

How do you wear in your shoes? We would recommend putting on a thick pair of socks and walking around your house in them for a couple hours one day. This will do a fantastic job of all the areas that would otherwise pinch your feet.

If you don’t want to wear the heels around the house with thick socks on, you can also purchase a shoe stretcher as well. This allows the shoes to stretch out without you having to do it with your own two feet.

After purchasing a new pair of shoes, stretching them out a little bit also gives them some flexibility for your feet. Depending on the material your shoes are made of, stretching them out will ensure your feet have the proper amount of room without making them lose their shape.

6. Take Care of Your Shoes

This is true of all shoes of course, but especially your high heels – make sure you are taking the proper care of your footwear.

If you are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of a cobbler, consider using them to help keep your shoes in the best shape possible.

The rubber soles and lifts of high heeled shoes get worn down excessively with extended wear, and this makes them very uncomfortable and uneven. When this begins to happen, we recommend you take your shoes to your local cobbler to prevent damage. Both your feet and your shoes will thank you for this.

On top of that, make sure to keep your shoes clean and kept in a cool, dry place. This will help you avoid any unpleasant odors from occurring.

7. Make Sure You Choose the Best Shape for Your Feet

You have probably noticed that high heels come in many, many different shapes and designs. While this is nice in the sense that you are given tons of choices, not all of them are going to feel nice on your feet.

Make sure that when you go shopping for high heeled shoes, you choose shapes that work with the type of feet that you have. For example, if you have incredibly narrow feet, don’t choose a wide high heel. This will make it harder to walk, and much less comfortable for your feet.

8. Go Shoe Shopping at Night

Believe it or not, there is an ideal time of day to try on and purchase your high heels.

An ideal part of how to make your heels comfortable is shopping for your shoes at nighttime. This because at the end of the day you have already been on your feet for hours, so they are a little bigger and more swollen.

Because you would be buying shoes while your feet are a little more swollen than normal, you will have less stretching to do before you wear them for an extended amount of time. This will also start them out by being infinitely more comfortable than if you shopped for them at any other type of day.

Lastly, keep in mind that if the new shoes are pinching and/or hurting your feet when you’re shopping at night, they definitely will once your feet stop being swollen.

9. Use Moleskin as a Liner

If you have never heard of moleskin, it is actually wonderful for your feet and your high heeled shoes.

You can use this material to line your shoes, and it’s an incredible way to avoid any rubbing and chafing while wearing them. On top of that though, you can also cut and apply moleskin directly over any blisters that you have on your skin, or areas that may have some in the future.

This material is also very, very affordable and easy to get a hold of. You can purchase it online or at a local grocery store.

10. Get Your Shoe Size Accurately Measured

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While you probably think that you know exactly what your shoe size is as an adult woman, you may still want to get them sized properly to ensure you are looking at the right options. This is especially important if you are about to spend a lot of money on a new pair of high heels.

The reason for this is mostly because your feet can actually change sizes and shapes over the years. It won’t be too drastic of a change, but enough of one that you should have your feet re-measured. Pregnancy, general walking, exercising, and other factors can really have an effect on how your feet would look and their sizing.

11. Consider Trying Out Platform Heels

While stilettos are considered to be a much “sexier” shoe than other types of heels, your feet will really suffer when wearing them frequently for extended periods of time. Have you ever considered chunkier platform heels?

Having some wider, more funky heels in your wardrobe allows your weight to be more evenly distributed than it would be with a thinner heel like a stiletto. This creates much less pressure on the front of your foot and relieves a lot of the stress that your ankles and feet have to deal with in high heels.

Even if you don’t want to go with a wedge or a really thick platform heel, there are many different designs you can go with to keep your feet happy and comfortable.

12. Tape Your Toes (Yes, Really)

Now, this next tip may sound just a little bit strange, but it is definitely worth trying out for the sake of your feet.

Take some tape, whatever kind you have on hand, and tape your third and fourth toes together. If you are not sure which toes are which, count them starting at your big toe. Doing this is actually said to alleviate pain in your feet.

This is because there is actually a nerve that contributes to foot pain in your third and fourth toes.

The only downside for this hack is that it is really not going to work well for deep peep-goes and high-heeled sandals. However, if you are wearing an average pair of high heels, this is a perfect way to take some of the pain of the shoes away.

13. Invest in an Anti-Blistering Stick

If you aren’t interested in the idea of putting moleskin on your feet, you can purchase an anti-blistering stick for your skin as well.

These transparent sticks are perfect for lubricating areas that either already have blisters or could potentially get them in the future. This product is perfect for just popping into your purse for emergencies throughout the day.

14. Purchase Shoes With Leather Soles

Before you purchase a new pair of shoes, make sure to turn them over and look at their bottom material first. Believe it or not, the material the bottom of the shoe is made out of is incredibly important.

Leather is the ideal material to have on the bottom of your shoes. The pliability of leather allows your feet to move more easily, and is a much higher quality than rubber or plastic. Even if your uppers on your shoes are manmade, the texture and quality of leather are very important to the quality of your high heels.

15. Buy and Wear Padded Inserts

If you have the most painful issues in the balls of your feet, consider buying sticky gel inserts.

This product works wonders by absorbing the shock that your feet normally have to handle on their own. These inserts offer an additional cushion to ensure that your legs and feet stay comfortable throughout the whole day and/or evening.

We do recommend not going for a full insert for your shoes unless they are slightly too big, otherwise they will cramp the area for your feet and cause additional pain.

16. Make Sure Your Heels Offer Support

If you have narrower feet, or just need more security for your shoes, this tip is definitely for you.

Your high heels need to be secure and tight enough on your feet that they don’t slip around or cause you to twist your ankles. Make sure that the shoes you purchase fit you well, that they have straps or buckles if they need to, and that the heel is not too thin to be safe.

If you struggle with walking in slip in heels, having ones with an ankle strap can work wonders for your balance and your feet comfort.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Make Heels Comfortable

While wearing heels is an important part of your wardrobe, by no means, it has to be a miserable experience.

We hope you found our guide helpful and that your feet will stay pain-free and safe.

What tips and tricks do you have for how to make heels comfortable?

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