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How To Restore Leather Boots

If your leather boots are old, worn-out, and unappealing, you should restore them to enjoy their services again. Note that reviving such boots is not an easy task; it requires patience and hard work.

In this guide, you will get in-depth information on the best methods you can use to restore leather boots.

Method of restoring leather boots

Leather boots are durable, and if well taken care of, they can be used for an extended period. Here are some of the best methods you can use to restore your leather boots.

Method #1: Cleaning

Leather boots can get dirt and discolored quickly. Therefore, cleaning them is one of the best ways of restoring them to a better condition.  Before you embark on cleaning leather boots, you must have the following items ready: a soft cloth, brush, spray bottle, soap, and conditioner.

Here are the steps for cleaning the non-waterproof leather boots.

  • Spray warm water on the mud stain or dirt on leather boots
  • Use a warm moist cloth to wipe off the mud from the boots.
  • While wiping off the mud, target the seam areas because they are susceptible to dirt. Rub them gently, and if the stain is stubborn, utilize a brush to remove it.
  • Use a brush and saddle soap to clean the leather boots. For effective results, moisten the brush with warm water and then apply the saddle soap into it.
  • Using a dry cloth, wipe off the soap left on the leather boots until the shoes are clean.
  • Once the leather boots are clean and dry, apply a conditioner, such as a mink oil, to protect them against the stain. After that, polish your shoes to make them shiny and fresh.

Method #2: Conditioning leather boots

Once the boots are clean, you can apply a specialized conditioner, such as leather honey or mink oil, to give them a shiny finish.

After conditioning the boots, utilize a hair drier to make them absorb the conditioner quickly.

The conditioner’s purpose is to soften the boot, restore its color, and make them durable.

To use the conditioner, apply it to a dry cloth and then wipe the surface of your leather boots.

Method #3: Polishing leather boots

Polishing leather boots is a crucial method of restoring them to functionality. Here are the steps for polishing your leather shoes.

  • Apply polish on your shoes: Wrap a cloth around your middle and index finger. Take a dap of wax/Kiwi and rub it over your boots circularly.
  • Brush your boots: to do this, you need a horsehair shine brush and a shoe polish. Brush your leather boots repeatedly until the polish penetrates them.
  • Wipe your boots: Utilize a clean cloth to wipe off the excess polish on the surface of your shoes.
  • Buff your leather boots: Buffing is done to make your boot shiny. Utilize a buffing cloth to buff your shoes repeatedly until you accomplish a gloss finish.

Method #4: Dyeing leather boots

After boots have been used for an extended period, they tend to lose color, so polishing alone can’t restore them. Therefore, dyeing is the ideal method of returning them to their golden.

Here are the steps to dye leather boots.

  • Clean the leather boots and apply the conditioner
  • Dye the leather boots and make them shiny
  • Preserve leather boots to keep their color bright for a long time

Method #5: Resoling your leather boots

Worn-out soles characterize leather boots that have been worn for an extended period. Wearing such shoes can affect your comfort and balance, especially when walking around. Resoling is the best method of restoring your boots’ balance and stability.

The process of resoling will depend on how often you wear your leather boots. If you wear them regularly, you can replace the leather soles after every two years. However, the replacement of rubber soles can take place after five years.

Unlike dyeing your boots, resoling can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. If you are unfamiliar with it, get help from a good cobbler in your neighborhood.

Method #6: Using boot trees and boot shapers

The effect of rain and sun can make your leather boots shrink and lose shape. Boot trees and boot shapers can help you restore the look of your boots. Generally, boot shapers are utilized to restore the shaft’s shape, and boot trees restore the foot’s shape.

How to make your leather boots look new again?

If you want to renew your leather boots, you should clean, condition, and polish them. Regular conditioning and polishing of your boots will make them soft and good-looking.

In case your boots have faded, you can dye them to enhance their look. Dyeing is appropriate for shoes that have been used for so long and lost their original color.

More importantly, after dyeing, preserve your leather boots in a cool and dry place.

Household items for restoring leather boots

If you lack special products for restoring your leather boots, you can use some of the best household items instead.

Here are some of the household items for restoring your leather boots.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil can make your boots shiny and appealing. If you don’t have wax polish, use a soft cloth to apply a little oil to your leather boots. This will make them bright again for your next occasion.

  • Vaseline

Like Olive oil, you can use Vaseline to shine your leather boots. Rub a little Vaseline on a soft cloth and apply it evenly on the surface of the boots.

  • Lotion

Applying lotion to your leather boots will soften and make them more appealing.

  • Household powder

Due to factors such as rain, sweat, and snow, boots are susceptible to moisture, making them uncomfortable and ugly. Applying household powder into the shoes will absorb moisture and make their usage more comfortable.

  • Vinegar

Vinegar can restore your boots’ softness and make them cleaner. To use it, mix it with water in a ratio of 1:1 and apply it to a piece of cloth. Wipe it around the leather boots until you are satisfied. After that, use a dry towel to wipe off excess vinegar from the boots.

  • Potato and non-sugar fresh milk and lemon juice

Leather boots can be stiff if they have been used for a long time. To soften them, cut a piece of potatoes and rub it on their surfaces. Alternatively, put a mixture of milk and lemon juice on a soft cloth and gently rub the leather.

  • Using steam

Steam can restore the softness of your leather boots. If you want to use it, direct your kettle’s steam into leather boots to make them soft and appealing.

How to restore roughout and grain leather

Roughout leather is dyed and doesn’t have a color. Also, roughout refers to the flesh underside of the hide, and many workboots are made of roughout leather. Grain leather is used to create smooth leather boots.

Restoring roughout is very simple; it only requires cleaning and oiling. However, gain leather has a lot of work when it comes to their restoration.

How to restore leather boots stained with ink

Here are the steps for restoring leather boots that are stained with ink.

  • Get a nail polish remover or a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • Put a nail polish remover on the ink spot and wait for a few minutes
  • After the polish remover has been semi absorbed, use a piece of dry rag to rub off the stain.
  • Apply a soap solution to a rag and rub the stained area gently
  • Dry your leather boots via a drier.

How to restore leather boots stained with grease or oil

Grease or oil can create a difficult-to-remove mark on your leather boots. However, worry less; here are some of the effective tips to help you address the issue.

  • Sprinkle some baking soda on the greased surface
  • Using a wet piece of cotton rag, rub the leather gently
  • Allow the leather boots to sit overnight.
  • The baking powder will absorb all the grease
  • With a damp cloth, wipe off the surface of the leather and dry it via a dryer.

Final thoughts

There are many ways of restoring your leather boots. Depending on their conditions, always use the appropriate methods if you want to achieve excellent results. Among these methods, cleaning, polishing, and conditioning are the most effective ways of making your boots shiny and long-lasting.

Leather boots that have been used for an extended period are uncomfortable and unappealing. If you want to soften them, you should condition them using an appropriate product, such as mink oil. With conditioning, your boots will maintain their color and become waterproof.

In case your leather boots are too old or discolored, dyeing them is the best method of restoration. This way, the boots will regain their original color and become more attractive.

More importantly, if you lack specialized products or equipment for restoring your leather boots, you can use household items to restore them. These items include olive oil, Vaseline, lemon, vinegar, lotion, steam, and many more. However, be careful not to abuse the things lest you will deteriorate the quality of your leather boots.

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