5 Easy Ways on How To Stretch Work Boots

While most work boots can be found in the right size, often times they need to be stretched out to ensure optimal comfort. This is generally the case with someone that needs a boot that fits right in the middle of two sizes. The break-in period is something we all need to deal with when it comes to shoes and especially your tougher leather boots.

We have decided to look a little deeper at this process and find out exactly what it takes to stretch work boots and how this could be done the right way and without damaging the boots. With these tips, you should never have to worry about facing a tough work boot ever again and the boots should also fit a little more comfortably.

5 Best Ways To Stretch Your Leather Work Boots Without Damaging Them Or Changing The Shape:


1. Freezing

Freezing is not something we always think of when stretching out work boots and while it can be plausible how good the effects are, it is certainly something that is worth trying when you are desperate to have the boot a little larger.

For the freezing method, you will need to fill a bag with water and ensure all the air has been removed. The bag is then placed inside the boot and this will be placed in the freezer. As the bag starts freezing, the leather will weaken and the boot will start expanding a little bit.

Once this is done, the boot can be removed and the bag must thaw before taking it out for at least 20 minutes. Removing it too soon might end up damaging the boot and creating cracks. It is also worth mentioning that leather boots should be re-oiled to strengthen the integrity of the boot once again.

2. Heating

Heating is one of the most common methods used to stretch boots and this is also one of the safest. For this method, you will need one “boot sock” or four layers of normal socks to proceed and make the method useful.

Put on the socks and then force the boots onto your feet. This is might feel uncomfortable for a little while, but this temporary discomfort could lead to long-term comfort. After applying the boots, you could use a heat or hair dryer to heat up the boots. They should then be worn until they cool down before removing them and the socks to check the fit.

You will once again need to apply some leather conditioner to ensure the integrity of the leather is protected and to reinforce the durability. Also, note that this method should not be overused or the leather could become too damaged to repair.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

By applying 70% rubbing alcohol to the boot with water, you will loosen up the boot and this will allow it to comfortably stretch to the perfect size needed. This can all be done with a spray gun to ensure the solution is evenly applied.

After soaking the boot in this solution, you should put the boot on for a couple of minutes to force the stretch. This can be kept on the foot for a while before removing it and sit it one side for the alcohol to dry out before slipping the boots back on to check them.

The rubbing alcohol will loosen the leather and make it a little more comfortable to wear. However, this method can also be reused multiple times, but the level of success will decrease with each time it is used.

4. Stretching spray

Stretching spray is something we all have heard about and even though it is quite expensive, the method still works when it comes to loosening the boot and making the leather a little more stretchable around the foot.

The spray can be purchased at virtually any footwear and work boot shops and it can be applied to the problem area to weaken the leather somewhat. After applying the spray, you can slip on the boot and wear it for a short amount of time to stretch it out. Also, with this spray, the boots can be worn for work to stretch them during the day.

After removing them, you should check the boots after a couple of hours to see if the effects do hold up. If they are slightly better, the method can be reused to ensure the boots are fitting comfortably and meet your needs for the overall fit.

5. The boot stretcher mechanism

Last but certainly not least, you may want to invest in the boot stretching mechanism to comfortably stretch out your boots. This mechanism is quite expensive, but it can be used for all of your boots in the future and even your normal shoes.

To use this mechanism, you will need to apply it to the boot on the inside and start cranking the shaft. This should be done slowly to only allow the boot to stretch little by little with each turn. After you have the desired stretch, leave the mechanism in the boot and this will then solidify the stretching process. After a couple of hours, this can be removed and you will be able to see if the boots are up to your standards.

Note that this method is probably the safest method as it does not damage the integrity of the boot in any way and it can be used repeatedly.

Final Thoughts

Uncomfortable and tight-fitting boots should never be a problem again and these methods will ensure that the boots are perfectly tailored to meet your needs. We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like you to weigh in with your comments if you think we might have missed any other methods that you use.

Also, let us know in the comment section if you have had any success with the above-mentioned methods and which one you prefer as the best.

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