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How to Tie Bean Boots? 5 Amazing Steps You Should Know

Bean boots are among the most stylish and functional footwear that you can wear, especially during the colder months. While these boots already have their own stylish vibe, you can make them more cutting-edge by learning a couple of things on how to tie bean boots.
With that, you can make your footwear look more appealing yet functional. You will also feel confident since you know you are wearing the best footwear.

Step 1 – The Traditional Lacing Method

During the colder months, it is almost always essential for you to wear skinny jeans or leggings. What better way to make this outfit look even more appealing than by accessorizing it with the bean boots. In this case, the traditional lacing or tying method is the ideal choice.
To pull this style off, it is advisable to pull on long socks over the bottom part of your leggings or skinny jeans. You can then slip on your bean boots. Once worn, you can tie their laces to the top.
Pull the laces alternately from one side to another – this should form a crisscross in front. To make it easier for you to follow this method, take note of how athletic shoes are laced as the process is similar to this one.

Step 2 – The Curled Lacing Method

This method is another way to tie your bean boots. It requires you to leave your shoes untied then obtain curled ends. Also, ensure to leave a couple of unlaced grommets on top so the laces will be long enough for you to grasp.
To start, hold the topmost part of one side of the lace. Hold it around two inches away from the boot. Let the remaining parts of the lace hang. The next step is folding the lace over then providing it with a slight twist.
Beginning at the bottom part of the twist, which you can find nearest to the footwear, wrap the remaining part of the lace around the folded part. Continue going in circles until there is only a tiny loop left at the end.
The end part of the lace should then be placed into the loop. Once done, you can pull it tightly to create a strong curl. The curl shouldn’t go untied even if you pull your bean boot on and off.

Step 3 – Tie the Laces in a Bow on Top

Tying the laces in a bow loosely on top is also the key on how to tie bean boots correctly and fashionably. The good thing about this method is that it helps ensure that the strings don’t seem to look scattered everywhere.
Another benefit of tying them loosely on top is that it promotes a more effortless and relaxed look. Just loosen all the strings. There is no need to worry when you do so as you can still feel that your feet are secure.

Step 4 – The Untied Method

If you want to have more freedom so you can move with ease while wearing your bean boots, then note that you can tie it using the traditional lacing method. However, ensure that there are two to three unlaced grommets left per side. Such promotes more movement when walking.
Aside from that, this method also ensures that you will have plenty of room, so you can tuck your jeans in there. You can even choose not to tie the laces, especially for those short enough. This is to prevent them from dragging the laces to the ground.
The untied method actually works perfectly if you pair it with khakis. If you want to try this method while having longer laces, then there should be several unlaced grommets remaining after tying traditionally. Tie the ends in knots.
Aside from preventing the risk of the laces dragging the ground, it can also help you move freely. You even have the option to loosen the laces in the grommets.

Step 5 – Find the Right Outfits to Wear them With

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Keep in mind that the key to achieving success when tying your bean boots is to pair them up with the right outfit. One way to wear the tied bean boots is with skinny jeans tucked inside, flowy tops/blouse, and a pair of J-crew thermal socks. Complete the look with some accessories and a nice scarf.
If you want to display a casual look, then wear your bean boots with thermal socks, leggings, and a big shirt. If it is already winter, then you can present a cozy look that perfectly fits the season by pairing the bean boots with thermal socks, jeans, coat, and sweater.

How to Tie Bean Boots Conclusion

Learning how to tie your boots is not actually that hard. All it takes is to gather the right information and learn a couple of things about how to pair the footwear with various outfits. Doing such will let you learn how to tie bean boots properly while also showcasing a stylish look.

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