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How to Tie Combat Boots: 5 Steps and Techniques you Ought to Know

Tying or lacing your combat boots often uses the same techniques and steps used to tie other types of shoes. However, you need to put some extra room to provide more options in terms of style and function.
It’s crucial to learn about different ways on how to tie combat boots as such can provide your footwear a unique look. Aside from that, certain methods also help make your feet feel comfortable while also providing ample support.

What Do you Need to Follow this Tutorial?

  • Your combat boots
  • Shoelaces
  • Duct tape

How to Tie Combat Boots/ Military Boots?

Step 1 – Remind yourself of the Steps Involved in Tying a Square Knot

How to Tie Combat Boots step 1
If you want to tie your combat boots properly and securely, then note that the first quick fix is to remind yourself of the steps that you have to take when planning to tie a square knot. In most cases, you just need to follow this principle – left over right and right over left.
Such can help keep your knot tight and tidy. However, if your laces tend to come easily untied, then there is a high possibility that you’re following the granny knot principle – left over right, left over right or right over left, right over lift.
To fix this, you just need to change one way of crossing the laces. It could be the initial overhead knot. It could also be the one crossing the bows. To keep it secure, tying it in a double knot can help. It can be described as a standard lace knot, which comes with an additional overhand knot.

Step 2 – Try the Navy SEAL Boot Knot

This technique on how to tie combat boots is ideal if you don’t want the laces to come untied, or if you want to wear your footwear in the water. The good thing about this knot is that despite being simple, it’s completely effective.
You just have to tie a square knot then cut or tuck in the excess lace. If you want the knot to be more secure, then use a duct tape to wrap around the topmost part of your boots.

Step 3 – Thread the Shoelaces

Threading a shoelace is the traditional way of lacing up your boots, so while you can find plenty of techniques on tying combat boots, it’s still best to learn about this one. You can thread the laces through the following steps:

  1. Thread the laces through the bottom eyelets you can find underneath. Make sure to do this step on the two sides.
  2. Allow the laces to cross over then repeat the procedure on the next eyelets. Continue doing the procedure until the topmost eyelets are reached.
  3. Tie the laces as you normally do to make the bow.

Step 4 – Use the Heel Lock Pattern

This technique is ideal for climbers and adventure seekers who want to make sure that their boots continue to work in their favor without causing them to develop blisters.
With the heel lock pattern, you can produce a secure and firm lace pattern, which can keep your foot in place. This pattern is usually ideal for hiking and combat boot laces. To do this pattern, follow these steps:

  1. Lace up your boots using the traditional method. However, you should avoid crossing the laces over once it reaches the top. Instead, lace them vertically on top of two eyelets or hooks.
  2. Cross over then thread the lace beneath your created vertical line. Do the same step but on the other side.
  3. Tighten the laces by pulling them. Tie them together as you normally do by creating a normal knot. Such should prompt you to make the bow.

Step 5 – Take Advantage of the Army Lacing Technique

This lacing technique can also help secure your feet in place. Based on its name, it’s safe to assume that the pattern is commonly used in the military. It could be because of the need to wear sturdy and rigid boots.
The pattern helps ensure that the tough leather flexes more easily. It helps place crossover on the inside, which promotes a better and more comfortable fit since there are no restrictions on the tough and rigid material.

  1. Thread the laces through the bottom eyelets from beneath.
  2. Avoid crossing the laces. As an alternative, you need to thread the laces straight up then through the next eyelet.
  3. Cross them over on the inside. Once done, you can start threading them through the next eyelets found beneath.
  4. The next step is threading a straight up again. Continue doing the pattern.
  5. The last step involves tying the laces as you normally do at the top.


Did you enjoy the tutorial that we provided about how to tie combat boots? The steps here are created in such a way that you can easily implement them in your combat shoes.
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