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How to Wash Running Shoes? All You Need to Know

Running shoes are among the most vital tools for those who are aiming to stay fit. However, sweat and other elements can cause the shoes to get dirty and damaged in the long run.

That said, it is crucial for you to learn some tips and tricks on how to wash running shoes to keep them new and prolong their life.

What Do You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

  • Baking soda
  • Cloth or baby wipes
  • Old toothbrush
  • Anti-grease soap for grimes
  • Washing machine
  • Pillowcases
  • Laundry detergent
  • Bath towels
  • Dryer
  • Sponge
  • Soft brush or towel
  • Water and soap solution
  • Paper towels or newspaper

Step 1 – Let Them Air Out and Deodorize

Prior to the actual washing process, it is essential to air out the running shoes. If possible, remove the insoles when doing this step. You need to leave them outdoors for them to get some fresh air.

It is also necessary to deodorize the shoes first. To do this, you need baking soda. Just put some baking soda on the shoes. Leave them outdoors with the baking soda overnight.

Baking soda is an effective deodorizer as it works in absorbing odor. In addition, it provides you with a cleaner slate before you start the actual washing process and complete it.

Step 2 – Remove Any Visible Dirt from the Shoes

It is also essential to clean the shoes a bit before washing. Use a cloth to wipe the outer parts of the running shoes. You can also use baby wipes in this step as these are more convenient than the others.

Alternatively, you can use your old toothbrush, which is beneficial, especially if you are trying to remove stubborn dirt. In the case of grime, it would be best to make use of an anti-grease soap. Apply it on the outer part of the footwear to remove grime.

Step 3 – Use your Washing Machine

How to Wash Running Shoes

Instead of directly placing your running shoes in the washing machine, though, you need to undertake the first two steps mentioned above. In addition, you need to remove the liners or insoles of the shoes as you need to wash them separately.

Get a few pillowcases. Each shoe should be placed in a separate case. Keep the shoes inside secure by knotting the ends of the pillowcases. Put the shoes inside your machine. Pour laundry detergent normally. Set the machine using the cycle you normally used for laundry.

Make sure to put enough cushion with the machine tub. You can use two bath towels for this purpose as these can prevent each shoe from banging around. Turn the machine on. After the cycle ends, you can remove the running shoes.

In case it comes with a mesh surface, you can place it in a dryer. However, you need to set it on a gentle cycle to prevent possible damage.

Step 4 – Use A Wet Sponge

Aside from the wetting a sponge, it is also safe to use a soft brush or towel for this procedure. Soak the sponge in water and soap solution. Make sure that it absorbs sufficient amounts of the solution and squeeze out any excess. Such solution is crucial in scrubbing problematic stains.

You can also use an old toothbrush for this as this is extremely useful in scrubbing the tongue and reaching those spots that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Avoid wetting those parts of the running shoes made of either foam or leather. It is also advisable to conduct a research about the specific instructions for cleaning the material of your shoes. If you have doubts, avoid exposing any clean areas to the moisture.

Step 5 – Let the Shoes Dry Safely

If the running shoes are not safe to place in the dryer, then it would be best to use paper towels or newspaper. All you have to do is to stuff the shoes with any of the two. Both the paper towels and newspaper are effective in absorbing the water from the inner parts of the shoes.

Both materials also help ensure that the shape of the footwear will be maintained. Once all the excess water and moisture are absorbed, you can place the footwear, as well as its liners, somewhere where it’s safe for them to air-dry.

Wait for the shoes to be completely dry before reinserting the liners. If necessary, you add new laces into the shoes. When drying the shoes, avoid putting it near a source of heat, ex. vent or radiator, when you’re air drying it.

Note that this move might only cause the running shoes to lose their shape.


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