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How to Waterproof Suede Shoes? All You Need To Know

Suede is one of the most popular materials used in shoes. However, take note that while it is a great material to use for a footwear, it is also a delicate fabric, one that can easily get damaged by certain elements particularly water. It is not also waterproof.

That said, it is advisable to learn a couple of things on how to waterproof suede shoes. Learning a thing or two about this matter can help ensure that the suede material will have a protective barrier that will preserve its excellent condition and original color.

What Do You Need to Follow this Tutorial?

  • Fabric brush
  • Waterproofing spray
  • Towel
  • Suede care kit
  • Water stop

Step 1 – Brush The Suede Material

The first step in waterproofing your suede shoes is to get a fabric brush and use it to brush the material. Do so in such a way that the grain faces in a similar direction. The next step is running your hand across the suede’s surface.

If you notice that there is a part, which is darker than the other, then push it against the grain. Continue brushing gently until you notice that there are no longer darker parts. Such will be a huge help in preventing clumps once you start to waterproof.

Step 2 – Use A Waterproofing Spray

Hold one shoe using one hand then spray it with the waterproofing spray. Spray the whole suede surface without missing out any section. Ensure that you do the spraying process evenly as well.

Note that heavy coating in certain places has the tendency of causing permanent discoloration. Do the same on the other shoe. Avoid spraying the two simultaneously as this might only cause uneven waterproofing.

Step 3 – Prepare To Dry The Shoes

Prepare a towel where you can dry the shoes. Make sure, however, that you choose to do this in an open and properly ventilated room, not a closed one. Note that there is a great possibility for the spray to leave a nauseating odor so a well-ventilated working area/room is necessary.

Let your shoes dry completely prior to wearing them. The drying period should take at least 24 hours. Before wearing it again, make sure to test if it is already dry. Do so by touching one small part at the shoe’s sole.

Step 4 – Take Advantage of An Inexpensive Suede Care Kit

Learning how to waterproof suede shoes is also possible if you have an inexpensive suede care kit around. Choose a kit, which includes a brush and scuff block. Such items can help take care of all existing stains and scuffs.

You can use the block to rub the stains on the shoe’s surface while the brush is useful in restoring the suede material’s nap. Bring your shoes in a well-ventilated room or space. Use a water stop and spray it evenly over the shoes. Give them around 4-6 coats.

Tackle missing spots in the next layer of sprays. Avoid over saturating the shoes at the same time. Let it dry for a few minutes in between each coat. Before the last coat, make sure to let it dry first for around 20 minutes.

The good thing about the use of a suede care kit containing the block, brush and water stop is that one round of it can already help maintain the good condition of your shoes for several months.

However, if you’re living in a place with a constantly wet climate, then you need to refresh the coating regularly. The good thing about the water stop is that it won’t change the shoe’s surface. It can cause suede to be a bit different when touched but rest assured that it will preserve its visual texture and color.

Some Additional Tips and Solutions

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Aside from the steps mentioned above, you also have to take note of some tips on waterproofing suede shoes to ensure that you will be doing the whole process correctly. Some tips and solutions to take note of are the following:

  • Clean your suede shoes and re-waterproof – You need to apply your chosen waterproofing solution every few months. If possible, invest in a kit composed of a protective spray, suede eraser, brush, and cleaner designed to remove stains.
  • As mentioned earlier, suede is one of the most delicate materials for footwear. That said, it would be best to have such kit around, so you can fulfill the task of cleaning and waterproofing it every three months.
  • Pat your suede shoes dry each time it’s exposed to water – Note that even if you use a waterproofing spray that can create a water-repelling seal into your shoes, doing such does not still make the material immune to saturation.
  • With that in mind, you have to pat them dry after exposing it to rain or water. Such is helpful in preserving the seal. Let your shoes dry completely to protect it from damage.
  • Ensure to use a waterproofing product mainly designed for suede material – Keep in mind that there are other leather treatments that don’t work that well on suede. In fact, they might damage the delicate fabric, so it would be best to exercise caution.


Learning how to waterproof suede shoes is essential, especially if you own a shoe made of such a delicate material. By learning about this waterproofing procedure, you can easily preserve the good condition of your shoes, as well as its color and attractiveness.

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