How to Wear Loafers – Mens Loafer Styling Guide

Loafers are the ultimate shoe. They can be paired with practically anything and make every man look stylish.

But, what should you wear with loafers and how should you style them?

That’s the real question.

In this article, you are going to learn how to look like a million bucks by wearing your loafers correctly.

I’ll be covering everything from shirts to pants, socks, and everything in between.


How to Wear Loafers Guide

What Pants Go With Loafers?

Not all pants look well with a pair of loafers. It also depends on the look you’re trying to achieve and what activities you’re doing.

As you could probably guess, the first pair of pants I recommend are jeans. But, they have to be tailored correctly.  Jeans with too much slack or that are too tight aren’t what you want.

Aim for jeans that show a bit of sock and are comfortable to move around in. You shouldn’t feel like you can’t bend over or move about with them.

The second pair of pants to wear with loafers are chinos. These you can get in a variety of colors, but everyone loves and knows khaki. It has become such a staple color that we’ve started to associate the color with the pant itself.

Chinos are great to work pants and for formal events, too. The seat(the butt area) shouldn’t be saggy or too tight, but should slightly hug the body, instead. If you pinch the material on the thigh, you should only be able to grab about 1.5″ of fabric. Otherwise, this might mean that your chinos are too big.

When the spring and summer roll around, chinos and jeans aren’t always realistic. You’re hot, the air is humid, and your legs will turn into Niagara Falls from all of the sweat that accumulate. How do you avoid that? Shorts!

Shorts go great with loafers and make them into a much more casual shoe. I recommend chino shorts, as you still gain the benefits of a soft, comfortable, and breathable fabric. Cotton and polyester blends are good, too.

How To Wear Loafers With Jeans

Jeans are the ultimate casual pants. That means if you mix them with loafers, you end up with a semi-formal outfit that can be worn to a practical events. It could be work, a party, or just hitting the town at night with friends. Let’s look at some ways to wear loafers and jeans together.

Loafers, jeans, and a suit jacket is the epitome of business casual. This look uses dark blue jeans, beige tassel loafers, a white dress shirt, and a checkered jacket for a fun and stylish vibe. This would be best worn to a party, casual lunch/dinner, or having a couple of drinks with friends. A simpler suit jacket, like one in grey or navy, would tone this down a bit.

How To Wear Loafers With Chinos

Chinos are lightweight pant that has military origins. They were strictly made for British and French soldiers, but eventually, become a staple menswear piece. Despite everyone connecting them to the khaki color, chinos are awesome in navy, grey, white, and olive.

Take this gentleman for example. Note that he matched the color of his blazer to the color of his loafers — that’s attention to detail! The white chinos and light blue dress shirt act as a neutral base to let the browns take the center stage. A simple dress watch, sunglasses, and a pocket square are all the accessories you need for a look like this. If it’s too hot, you just take off your jacket and you are still looking sharp.

You can also throw on some socks and a sweater over the dress shirt if you’re heading to the office or somewhere more formal.

How To Wear Loafers With Shorts

If you’re wearing shorts, odds are that it’s warm out. That means the rest of your outfit needs to be breathable and light.

Our friend here is using white loafers and red shorts to contrast each other for a bold statement. The casual blue dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves makes this outfit scream summer. It’s fun, comfortable, but makes you look GQ at the same time. You could swap out the dress shirt for a polo, dress shirt, or just a simple tee. Since shorts pretty much always means casual, rock some bracelets and accessories while you’re at it.

What’s The Best Color For Loafers?

The best color is the most versatile. One that matches with most outfits you put together and in most cases that’s going to be brown or tan. It’s a color you see in many different palettes because it doesn’t grab attention, yet meshes with everything so well. Brown loafers with blue jeans and a white shirt is a staple combination you can try to see for yourself. Throw on a navy blazer over top and you” ll look like a million bucks.

Who wants to be boring all of the time, though? Sometimes you have to have some flare, and that’s where other loafer colors come into play. Blue, red, and white still remain flexible but have a lot more personality to them. These make nice choices for casual outfits and summer days.

What’s The Best Material For Loafers?

You’ll mostly find loafers in two materials — standard leather and suede. You might come across them in canvas, which would make for a great beater shoe that you can wear all of the time or around the yard. But, for work and fashion, you can’t go wrong with full-grain or calfskin leather. They age well, form to your feet, and are very durable. While suede has a unique appearance that many love(including myself), it does require extra maintenance. Suede can be damaged very easily by water or other weather elements. Always ensure that you spray it with a suede protector, regularly brush it, and give it a special shampoo on occasion.

Are Loafers Good For Walking?

Loafers are comfortable shoes by nature. They have a simple design that is made to avoid the lacing system, which at times causes footwear to be too tight. This makes loafers excellent shoes for walking. To build upon this, look for a pair with cushioning or memory foam sole. Cork footbeds are also wonderful, as they form to your feet with every step that you take. They also help with foot issues like Plantar Fasciitis and bunions.

Do You Need To Wear Socks With Loafers?

This has been long debated and every time I wear loafers with or without socks, I think about it.

The answer is, absolutely not.

But, it needs to make sense. Personally, I don’t wear loafers without socks unless it’s very hot outside. This allows my feet and ankles to stay cooler and here’s a life hack — put deodorant on your feet. I’m serious. Not anti antiperspirant because that can be dangerous, but regular old-scented deodorant. If your feet sweat(which they will), it won’t make everyone around think there’s a skunk running about.

If it’s any other situation, I’d recommend that you put on a pair of socks. While it can be a fashion statement not to, it’s more of a practical thing.

Can You Wear Loafers With A Suit?

This is the best part about loafers. They are so versatile and improve the appearance of any outfit. So, can you rock them with a suit? Of course!

You need to know a thing or two, though. Loafers with tassels and extra features are always considered less formal than their simple counterparts. Plain loafers are always the best when wearing a simple. Also, go for a basic color like dark brown.

Can You Wear Loafers With A Tuxedo?

A tuxedo is normally worn to a wedding or very formal occasion. It is seen as the most formal you can go. Because of this, it is best to avoid wearing one with loafers. While they can go well with a suit, a tuxedo should ideally be worn with cap toe or wholecut oxfords.

Can You Wear Loafers For Business Casual Outfits?

I would argue that loafers shine the most in business casual outfits. For example, jeans, loafers, and a sweater is a look that any man can pull off. It doesn’t matter if you have chinos on or a suit jacket, a pair of beautiful loafers will always accompany it right.

Can You Wear Loafers In The Winter?

This is a tough one. Loafers are fun shoes, but you need to treat them well. The winter weans snow, ice, slush, and weather that can easily damage footwear. High-quality loafers are made out of leather, suede, and materials that aren’t fond of winter, either.

Here’s what I’ll you. If you are going to wear them, firstly just be careful. Avoid areas where you’ll have to step in the snow and be wary of puddles. Most importantly, use a protective spray that will prevent snow and water from damaging your loafers. Just a few sprays all over and you’re good to go.

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