John Lobb vs Edward Green – Who Makes Better Shoes?

If England does one thing right, it’s dress shoes. They have no shortage of excellent shoemakers.

Many worldwide brands take inspiration from British designs and styles because of their popularity. Two of these great inspirations include Jobb Lobb and Edward Green, whom we’re sure you’re familiar with.

Today they will be going head to head in an intense shoemaker face-off to determine which one comes out on top.

Or, perhaps we’ll just do a convenient comparison so you can make an informed decision on which brand to buy. That sounds better.

John Lobb Reviews

John Lobb has been in business since the mid-1800s in London, England, and early 1900s in Paris, France. Their focus has always been luxury shoes and boots but they also dabble in accessories if you need something to match.

The Parisian shop was acquired by Hermès in 1976 but their London store is still family-owned.

Timeless and elegant are two words that describe their shoes.

Buckles are finished in gold, rose gold, anthracite, and palladium for a unique appearance.

Customers can also choose from a huge amount of colors that reflect their own individual style and personality. You can even combine them for contrast or keep it monochrome for a sleek look.

Are John Lobb Shoes Worth The Price?

If you’re going to drop a lot of money on dress shoes, you want them to be worth it, right?

There are many factors that go into if certain shoes are worth their weight, and you’ll learn more about John Lobb’s quality ahead.

In a general sense, John Lobb has a rich variety of leathers, including full-grain, calfskin, suede, patinas, and exotics including crocodile or lizard.

Their shoes have a remarkable level of craftsmanship since every pair is handmade, bespoke, or by request. That’s right, you can have your dream shoe made by John Lobb if you choose.

The overall stitching, detail, and styles they have available are second to none, as well.

This user on a style forum summed up it perfectly. You’re simply getting a high level of quality that you won’t get anywhere else.

Are John Lobb Shoes Durable?

Have you ever had a pair of shoes get ruined by the weather? Or how about after only wearing them for a few months?

I’ve been there, too. Thankfully, all of John Lobb shoes receive a Goodyear welt, which as they say gives a “lifetime of wear”. This is a coveted construction method that enhances the lifespan of a shoe greatly and makes restoration much simpler.

Don’t forget that high-quality leathers they use, such as Calfskin specifically age better with time and have great durability.

Every bespoke shoe they make goes through a 50 hour, 190 step process to complete, as well.

John Lobb shoes are extremely durable, start to finish.

Are John Lobb Shoes Comfortable?

When John Lobb hands crafts a shoe for you, the size is unique to your foot. This means you get a perfect fit that is an extension of yourself.

Even if you purchase a made-to-wear model, you can look forward to soft leather lining, comfortable leather soles, and a shoe that will fit like a glove.

Premium materials will shape your step over time, meaning that it will feel better the more you wear it.

John Lobb also has footwear made for walking, accompanied by lightweight rubber soles and flexible uppers.

How Much are John Lobb shoes?

John Lobb is extremely high quality and will run you around $1,500 because of it. You are paying for durability, style, and master craftsmanship. These can potentially be shoes you keep for a lifetime, as well.

Best John Lobb shoes

John Lobb Warwick Claret Misty Calf Leather Oxford

Dark burgundy calfskin leather makes these wingtip oxfords from John Lobb eye-catching and luxurious. The leather and cork outer sole creates a unique appearance with a solid grip when you walk. Leather lining and insole make every step feel like you’re in a brand new pair of shoes, no matter the age.

John Lobb ‘Odessa’ Patent Leather Loafers

Black patent leather loafers with elastic across the throat of the shoe, reminiscent of a classic penny loafer. The lining and soles are also high-quality leather in black. Together they create the perfect formal shoe for weddings and similar events.

John Lobb Brown Leather Double Monkstrap

Edward Green Review

These double monkstraps from John Lobb boast a beautiful caramel brown genuine leather upper. It will match with anything from jeans to a suit. The sole is composed of a long-lasting rubber which also provides grip. For the rainy or snowy weather, these make an excellent choice. The gold buckles contrast against the brown for a very stylish dress shoe.

From Melbourne to Paris, Seoul, New York City and other places around the globe, you can find Edward Green shoes.

Based out of Northampton, England, the company was founded in 1890. Since the level of craftsmanship is so high and intensive, approximately only 250 shoes are created every week.

In the 1930s, guess who was the largest manufacturer for officers boots for the British Army. Edward Green! Other clients include Ernest Hemingway, Duke of Windsor and Cole Porter.

Are Edward Green Shoes Worth it?

Edward Green offers superior quality leathers, including oak antiqued calfskin, pebblegrain, mink suede, and more.

Their leathers are also known for both their appearance and long lifespan.

Many of their soles are tanned for periods of nine months to achieve the perfect look and feel.

Edward Green offers custom-made shoes, too. Bespoke footwear is always of a very high caliber, as it’s made for your specific needs and body.

Overall, this brand is definitely worth the investment, and we’ll be diving more into why ahead.

Are Edward Green Shoes Durable?

Some of their models include a Goodyear welt, which will keep your shoes around for a very long time. This process essentially stitches the uppers and soles together, ensuring they don’t tear apart. When you want to get your shoes restored, it makes it much easier to do so.

Furthermore, their leather selection and rubber soles are sturdy enough to stand the test of time.

Are Edward Green Shoes Comfortable?

Here are some factors to consider about the comfort of Edward Green footwear:

  • The leather soles they use are tanned for 9 months in oak, spruce and mimosa barks which results in a comfortable, durable sole.
  • Their signature leather uses multiple handworked layers for a deep, beautiful patina.
  • They offer a great range of classics like cap toe oxfords or penny loafers all the way to unique designs like monsktrap boots.
  • Leather lining and insoles will make you feel like you’re in heaven.

How Much are Edward Green shoes?

You can catch some Edward Green models on sale for roughly $800. Expect to normally pay $1,200 to $1,500 for an MSRP pair.

Best Edward Green shoes

Edward Green Men’s Malvern Brogue

This brogue boasts a stunning dark brown that matches with navy clothing effortlessly. Handworked calfskin leather makes an appearance that will turn everyone’s ahead, as well. The 202 last creates a softly curved and classic silhouette you’ll find to be very versatile.

Edward Green Men’s Chelsea

The cap toe oxford is a staple in menswear. You can wear it to weddings or other formal occasions, and it looks extra dapper with a tailored suit.

The black Chelsea from Edward Green features a sleek and sexy look that uses the finest Italian and French leather. It’s comfortable, and looking amazing. Not much more to say than that.

Edward Green Ashby

The Ashby is for gentleman that like to stand out and be different. You’ll seldom ever see a dress shoe just like it. An apron toe and single monkstrap make it a unique creation that few shoemakers can boast.

It’s made out of premium calfskin leather, a tanned oak leather sole, and can accompany any smart attire with ease.

So, Who’s Better?

Both brands are rich in history and have very similar qualities.  You’ll most likely find a bit better pricing with Edward Green, but John Lobb is better in terms of looks.

Edward Green also does not have exotic leathers if you’re looking to get something like crocodile. Take these points into consideration when deciding between these two legendary shoemakers.

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