Memory Foam Shoes: Good or Bad?

Memory foam shoes are gaining a lot of popularity lately due to the fact that these are known to be designed to give wearers optimum comfort. If you have already heard about memory foam, then you may be aware of how beneficial it is for one’s neck and back during sleep.

Fortunately, several shoe manufacturers also started using the memory foam concept and technology when manufacturing their footwear. You can now find memory foam shoes that are said to be helpful for those who have foot-related conditions. Such shoes are also ideal for those who want to maintain the excellent condition of their feet.

What is good about the memory foam integrated into the shoe is that it performs several functions like easing pressure from the ball of your feet, stabilizing your feet, providing impressive arch support, absorbing heel shock, and stopping foot roll.

Are you still thinking whether you should buy a memory foam shoe? Do you want to know whether it is really good for you? Then let the contents of this article serve as your answer.

Memory Foam: An Overview


Memory foam is primarily constructed out of polyurethane material while also having other chemicals included in its construction to increasăe its density. It was created originally for use in the space program of the US. Despite the fact that the NASA decided not to use the foam, it still quickly obtained a strong following in the medical field.

Memory foam is known to be sensitive to temperature, making it possible for a memory foam shoe to mold based on the natural shape and contours of your feet. If you are running, then a memory foam running shoe might also be recommended to you as it helps in distributing your balance evenly.

Such can offer a more comfortable experience when you are running. The sensitivity of memory foam to temperature is also one of the reasons why it gets firm when it is exposed to cold weather. During the warm season, however, the foam also tends to become more pliable because of body heat.

With that, it is safe to say that it really conforms to any shape right away. Such unique property is one of the reasons why medical professionals started realizing that it could be effective as a preventative solution or measure for incapacitated people. It can also offer relief from soreness and pressure.

The same capability is also known to be a major help in improving foot health for those who wear the memory foam shoe. So what benefits can you really get from the memory foam shoe? Continue reading to know more about its benefits:

Benefit #1 – Offers warmth and support

One of the many things that the memory foam shoe can do is to provide your feet with enough warmth and support, which is really a good thing if you want to relax after a tiring day at work. Such warmth and support also make the shoe ideal for those who are suffering from certain foot conditions or ailments.

For instance, if you have bunions any other foot conditions and abnormalities, then the memory foam built into the shoe can be a big help as it gives both your feet adequate support.

Considering the support that your feet will get, you also have an assurance that the shoe offers comfort. It will not constrict the sides, top, or other parts of your feet, making it really good to wear.

Benefit #2 – Offers support for the sole and arch

Another good thing about memory foam shoe is that it makes use of a highly dense foam, which is a good thing if you are looking for the best arch and sole support. In addition, the foam is made in such a way that it responds to your own body heat.

It can, therefore, provide relief on protruding areas. You can also expect it to work in preventing and dealing with pressure and rubs.

Benefit #3 – Retains heat

Memory foam shoe is also known for being good to wearers due to its ability to retain heat. It makes use of a dense foam, which can retain heat in the sense that you can wear it even without socks while still remaining warm inside.

Such is possible regardless of the weather you expose yourself and your shoes to. The foam used in this shoe is also known for trapping and holding the heat of your body without causing your feet to feel clammy or damp.

Benefit #4 – Ideal for runners

A high-quality memory foam shoe also works well for runners. It can give them the kind of comfort and support they need when they are running. The built-in memory foam is soft and conforms to your feet’s natural shape, so if you are a runner, you will definitely feel comfortable wearing it when you are doing the activity.

However, you have to take note that the type of memory shoe or running shoe that’s perfect for runner’s like you also depends on your feet. Know that everyone’s feet are unique and different from each other, so it would be best to consult a foot doctor to figure out what shoe is ideal for you, especially if you also have a foot ailment.

Benefit #5 – Relieves foot pain

Just like how the memory foam works effectively in relieving the discomfort experienced by bedridden patients, a shoe that comes with the foam can also help those who experience foot pain. It is mainly because of its ability to offer both support and warmth.

It is also comfortable enough to wear. It conforms to your feet’s natural shape immediately, so if you often experience foot pain, then the memory foam is the best solution for you.

Benefit #6 – Promotes an even distribution of balance

Another great benefit of a memory foam shoe is that it evenly distributes your balance. Such advantage is beneficial for your shoe as it makes it more comfortable to wear. In addition, it also eases pressure on the ball of your feet.

It can also distribute your weight and balance even more with the memory foam shoe’s ability to promote excellent arch support while also absorbing heel shock. In addition, it improves the shoe’s stability, making it ideal for those who have plantar fasciitis.

Are There Disadvantages?

There are a few drawbacks to wearing a memory foam shoe, though – one of which is that it lacks breathability. It is because the foam can retain heat, which when used in cold environments is beneficial, but can be uncomfortable when you are in an extremely warm environment.

It is not that breathable, causing the wearers to sweat when worn during an extremely hot weather. Another possible drawback is the off-gassing odor, which is commonly released when the memory foam is still new. To handle this odor, it would be best to air out your shoe prior to wearing it.


While the memory foam shoe has minor drawbacks, the benefits of it more than outweigh them. It is because no one can deny the fact that this shoe is really useful for those who have leg and foot problems, like plantar fasciitis. It eases pain, pressure, and stress experienced by your feet due to the high level of comfort it offers.

It is also a good choice for those who work on jobs that require them to stand or move around for prolonged periods of time. It is mainly because of the ability of the memory foam to remove stress from your feet and prevent pain.

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  1. Memory foam is really not good. Besides all the disadvantages mentioned here, my podiatrist agrees with me in that memory foam does not provide “any” kind of support. Some people might find it nice in regard to comfort to the touch of your foot, but it will not take the place of solid foam support. My doctor says the only time memory foam is any good is if you’re wearing house slippers, preferably in winter, and you’re not going to do much walking around. A lot of walking, especially in warm weather, will generate a lot of heat caused by the memory foam, to the point where it can induce sweating in your shoe. And by the way, there’s no such thing as “cool gel” memory foam, even with mattress. Any chemist-physicist will confirm that. The cool gel thing is nothing more than an advertising gimmick. My doctor recommends, and I agree, go with a hard foam or a neoprene and then (with his approval) a rubber-gel insert like those made by Dr. Scholl’s, as in “are you gellin?”

  2. I agree that memory foam i
    used in shoes are not good for your feet and I’ll also go as far as to say that memory foam should not be put in slippers either. I felt great wearing them at first but after wearing all different kinds of shoes and slippers over the years with memory foam, I now have so much severe pain I my feet that I hate to put my feet down on the floor at all and memory foam in shoes I finally realized is the cause of my feet pain. I hope to find a way to find others who have pain caused by memory foam shoes and slippers and I also hope to find an attorney that will take the case for all who contact me about this issue regarding memory foam foot wear causing pain in our feet and doing a class
    Law suit case.

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