A Comprehensive Guide On The Most Comfortable Composite Toe Shoes 2019

Composite toe shoes are shoes that are designed based on some set standards. From the name, the shoes are professionally designed to protect your toes, especially when working in work environments with objects that can injure you.

Also, the shoes are known as composite because they are constructed with composite materials, which are mainly carbon fiber, Kevlar aramid fiber, and plastic combined together. The shoes come in various sizes, brands, and types, but they have almost the same features.

In addition, most comfortable composite toe shoes are made using high-quality materials, and they are highly durable. The quality of the shoes is contributed by the features, which are discussed below.

7 Factors to Consider


1. Price

You should consider the price of the composite shoe you want and your budget. To avoid overspending, go for the composite shoe that is within your budget. Nevertheless, the price goes hands in hands with quality, design and features.

2. Size

Just like other types of shoes, composite toe shoes comes in different sizes, thus you should ensure the shoe you choose to buy matches your size. In fact, to be certain of the shoe you are buying, if possible try the shoe or when purchasing online, ensure you take the measurements of your feet, rather than making guesses.

3. Brand

Composite toe shoes are from different manufacturers, thus they are of different brands. Instead of purchasing just any brand, it is advisable to compare the brands and go by your choice and preference. Although, they are all composite toe shoes, different brands have different qualities and standards. Therefore, consider purchasing a brand of high quality to get the value of your money.

4. Durability

You should check the durability of the shoe before purchasing. To check on that, go through the reviews of individuals who have purchased the shoe before. Nevertheless, the durability is determined by a lot of things, such as the quality, material used and the type of construction. You should not assume the durability of the shoe is determined by the brand, since it is not always the case.

5. Weight

Weight is one of the greatest factors to consider when purchasing composite toe shoes. If you will be using the shoes to walk long distances, it is advisable to avoid purchasing overweight and heavy shoes. Unless you must use composite shoes with steel tip, it is good to avoid using heavy boots for ease of movement.

6. Insulation and Waterproofing

Although waterproof composite toe shoes are essential in most areas of work, they are rarely available in various colors and materials. If you are working in a wet environment, get a waterproof shoe. Most waterproof shoes are insulated to keep your feet warm and protect you from electric hazard, but they are uncomfortable if you are working in dry and hot work environment.

7. Heel and Sole Resistance

Irrespective of the areas you are working on, you should go for shoes with heels and soles that are resistant to oil and slip. Also, the sole and heel of your shoe should be resistant to acid and puncture from objects such as nails.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Composite Toe Shoes

1. Reebok Work Men's Dayod RB1735 Athletic Hi-Top Safety Shoe

The light-weight hi-top shoe is not only protective to your toes, but also very comfortable. The upper part of the shoe is suede leather.

Besides, the shoe is security friendly and 100% non-metallic. For aeration purposes, the shoe has a nylon mesh lining.

Although the shoe is inspired by top athletes, the design suits the use by professionals.

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Features and benefits

• Durable rubber outsole

For durability purposes, the outsole of RB1735 is made of durable rubber with resistance to abrasion, heat, chemicals, oil and slip. Therefore, the outsole cannot be worn out by chemicals and oils, melting because of heat, eroding natural due to tear and wear, and most importantly the sole gives enough grip, preventing you from slipperiness.

• Lightweight

The hi-top of the composite toe shoe is made of a suede leather skateboard, making it light in weight. Also, the outsole is a lightweight but durable rubber. Additionally, the measurements are 4 inches by 8 inches by 12 inches, adding up to a lower weight of 1lb. However, the weight varies slightly with size.

• Removable cushions

RB1735 features a removable and cushioned EVA footbed insertion that has a heel wedge made of sponge rubber, offering the highest level of comfort, as well as absorbing any shock. Besides, the shoe has a lightweight EVA midsole that provides you with cushioned support.

• Protection from dangers

Apart from RB1735 composite toe shoe design providing you with total comfort, the design meets the ASTM F2413 safety requirements by featuring an electrical hazard protection. The outsole is resistant to metal chips to ensure your toes are safe and no electrical shock.

  • Protection from electric danger
  • Light in weight
  • Footbed insertion absorbs shock
  • Sturdy design
  • Lace holes do not have metal rig support, thus overstretching

2. Timberland PRO Men's Boondock 6" Waterproof Non-Insulated Work Boot

Timberland Pro Men’s Boondock 6’’ is an insulated composite toe shoe made of waterproof membrane and leather.

The insulation of the boot is of light weight to ensure your legs are dry and warm in cold weather.

The design of the shoes is based on dependability and functionality to offer maximum protection to professionals as well as durability. Also, the materials of the composite shoe are durable.

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Special features, benefits, and drawbacks

• Anti-fatigue technology

Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6’ composite toe shoe has a special design featuring a comfort system using anti-fatigue technology. The comfort system gives you extra stamina and strength by absorbing shock and returning the energy back to main areas of your foot.

The innovation in the design uses shock-absorbing cones with the ability to compress and expand, thus reducing the impact of the shock, as well as increasing the support of the foot in order to reduce fatigue.

The insole of the shoe is contoured to offer total support at major areas of pressure, besides impacting areas such as the base of the foot and the heel.

• Comfort guarantee

Unlike most composite shoes, Timberland PRO Men’s Boondock 6’ comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee. Therefore, you can return your shoe within 30 days if the comfort offered is satisfactory.

• Waterproof leather

The leather used in making the shoe is waterproof, which is also the case with the membrane. The leather and the membrane are waterproof to ensure your feet remains dry in all weather conditions, and provide abrasion resistance. In addition, the mesh lining of the shoe is treated with ant-bacteria to control odor.

• Sturdy design

The shoe has a cement heel, in order to offer forefoot flexibility and stability. As a result, you can freely move your forefoot. Also, the shoe features a non-metallic protection that protects you from an electric hazard. Additionally, the design is composed of a rubber toe protector to increase durability and abrasion resistance.

  • The collar is padded to offer comfort.
  • The outsole traction is oil-resistant.
  • Durable materials.
  • Suitable for all weather.
  • The only disadvantage is that the shoe is expensive.

3. Sketchers Men's Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp

When it comes lifestyle in the footwear industry, sketchers are the award-winning globally. The sketchers are of high quality, and their design is diversified.

The composite shoe features a leather mesh and a rubber sole. The outsole has a traction that is slip resistant and durable.

Apart from the shoe being of a relaxed fit, it has an electrical hazard protection.

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Unique features, pros, and cons

• Slip resistant

The outsole of the Sketchers is of high quality, and they have been tested to meet the set standards of ASTM F11677. The outsole testing standards are done by testing the shoe on clean red quarry tile, and as result, the outsole is termed to be resistant to slip. From the test using the tiles, the shoe can resist slipping in oily areas and in wet conditions.

• Electrical Hazard

The composite shoe meets the 2011 ASTM F2413 electric hazard requirements which protect you from an electric hazard. The outer design of the shoe is constructed in such a way that you are protected from electric danger when in contact with objects that are electrically energized. The materials used in construction are insulated. To ensure the materials are resistant to disruptive discharges that you can come across on the ground, an AC of 18KV is passed on the material for a minute under dry conditions.

• Composite toe

The composite toe shoe is constructed using high-quality materials to provide you with comfort, protection, and higher strength. Also, the shoe is designed with a lightweight but innovative composite safety, thus ensuring your feet are entirely protected.

  • Great fit providing comfort even to wide toes.
  • High protection levels to your feet.
  • Outstanding design.
  • Strong and durable materials.
  • Apart from being a high-quality shoe, it is affordable.
  • Resistant to shock and slip.
  • The toe box might be small depending on your toes, although the size is your fit.

4. Timberland PRO 6" TiTan Composite Safety-Toe Work Boot

Timberland PRO 6’ TiTan is a multipurpose lightweight and durable composite toe shoe.

The design of the shoe is innovatively done, with the shoe meeting or even exceeding the ASTM standards. For maximum protection, the safety toe of the shoe is made using TiTan alloy.

Also, the shoe has a mesh lining spacer that is moisture-wicking and breathable. For comfort purposes, the shoe is equipped with a power Fit comfort system.

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Features, merits, and demerits

• Comfort Guarantee

Timberland PRO 6’ TiTAN composite toe shoe is a comfortable shoe, thus the manufacturer is certain of the comfort provided. However, if you purchase the shoe and feel the comfort does not meet your expectation, you are given 30-days guarantee to return the shoe. All you need when returning the shoe is purchase receipt, and you get refunded fully without being subjected to questions.

• Power-Fit comfort system

To ensure the composite shoe offers complete comfort, it features a power-fit comfort system, which is made up of ergonomically designed elements that are placed at main areas to enable movement and sufficient support, thus giving total comfort the entire day.

• Mesh lining

The shoe features a mesh lining that is anti-microbial, to provide maximum comfort to your feet as well as control odor after long hours of wearing the shoe.

• Resistance

You can comfortably walk in slippery floors because the outsole of Timberland PRO TiTAN 6’ is resistant to slippery following the great traction. Also, the sole is resistant to oil and abrasion, making the shoe long lasting.

• Great design

The composite shoe is made using premium full-grain and soft leather, to provide maximum comfort and to reduce the break-in time. Besides, the outsole is of cement construction, thus allowing flexibility to your forefeet, and to reduce the break-in time. Additionally, the shoe is tested against electric conductivity, and the materials used to protect you from the electrical hazard, keeping you safe from circuits that are open. For energy return and durable cushioning, the heel insert is rebound.

  • Provides unbeatable comfort.
  • Unique design and features.
  • Comes with a 30-day comfort guarantee.
  • The weight is light, thus not heavy when walking.
  • Has an anti-microbial mesh lining that prevents odor and ensures your feet are comfortable.
  • The outsole is resistant to slip, oil and abrasion.
  • The eyelets are not pressed to permanently stay in the boot, thus some fall off after over-stretching with the laces.

5. Ariat Men's Workhog Wide Square Composite Toe Work Boot

The Ariat Men’s Workhog composite toe shoes are boots of high quality that are well-designed for professionals working hard materials.

Besides, the boot can withstand cold weather, making your feet remain warm and they are waterproof.

Apart from providing great stability, the composite toe shoe has a synthetic sole, which is resistant to abrasion, oil, and slip.

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Special features, pros and, cons

• Mesh lining

The design of Ariat Men’s composite toe shoe has a mesh lining, which controls odor and gives maximum comfort. The ability of the mesh lining to control odor is contributed by the anti-microbial.

• Square toe profile

The square toe profile of the composite toe shoe is wide, thus can accommodate even wide toes. Also, the wide toe profile provides room for total comfort and room for aeration.

• Waterproof

Ariat Men’s composite toe shoe is built using pure leather, making it waterproof. As a result, you can use the boot in all weather conditions. The waterproof leather keeps your feet dry, even when you are working in wet conditions.

• Great stability

The boot provides the highest stability level, because the technology of the design uses torque stability. To add to the stability, the shoe has a composite forked shank.

• Sturdy design

Ariat Men’s composite toe shoe has an excellent design, which makes it outstanding and admirable. The materials used in the design are durable and of high quality. The upper part of the boot is made using premium leather full of grain, making the break in time much easier.

  • The boots make a great fit, and they are very comfortable.
  • Lightweight in nature, thus you can walk the whole day without getting tired.
  • The torque stability ensures you are stable all through.
  • Materials used in designing the boot are of top grade and long lasting.
  • Unmatched quality gives value for your money.
  • Perfect design and decoration makes the boot attractive.
  • Not easily affordable to higher prices.
  • Lacks the cobalt foot bedding.


From the discussion above, it is clear that the most comfortable composite toe shoes are high-quality protective shoes that are lightweight but durable. The above composite toes shoes have a sturdy design and are within or beyond the set standards by ASTM F2413. Apart from the shoes being waterproof, they are much comfortable, and stable. Also, the traction of the outsoles makes the shoes resistant to slip, abrasion and oil. Generally, composite toe shoes make a good purchase, because of the quality, high levels of protection to your feet and durability levels.

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