New Balance 928 vs. 928v2 vs. 928v3 – A Short Review of 3 New Balance Products

New Balance is one of the most prominent names in the footwear industry. It has been serving the public for several years now by constantly providing footwear of top-notch quality. Three of the New Balance products that continue to receive good reviews are the New Balance 928, New Balance 928v2 and the New Balance 928v3.

As the name suggests, it is three versions of one product – with the two latest versions holding new features to satisfy the demands of wearers. So which one is the best shoe for you? Read this New Balance 928 vs. 928v2 vs. 928v3 article so you’ll get an idea about each one and figure out which works for you best.

New Balance 928

What’s so good about the New Balance 928 is that it is designed in such a way that it can help those who are suffering from over-pronation as well as those who have other foot disorders, such as plantar fasciitis. It is also designed to provide a lot of support and cushioning simultaneously.

It is a good walking shoe, which suits the needs of both men and women. The shoe is notable because of its broad design, making it possible for you to enjoy comfort without sacrificing your style. It takes pride in its great balance of style, support, and comfort. This particular shoe from New Balance is also built with stability in mind.

With that, it is no longer surprising to see that it is equipped with a number of materials designed to reduce the risk of over-pronation or the excessive inward rolling of your feet. Also, it makes use of the new and modern ROLLBAR technology, which is useful in ensuring that each training session will be effortless for you.

New Balance 928 is also popular due to the ABZORB® SBS found on the heel. Such feature is extremely beneficial knowing that it can maximize the absorption of shock and impact. It also features an advanced foam capable of retaining the shape regardless of the manner through, which you wear them. That makes it ideal for long walks.

There are certain things that you may not like with New Balance 928, though – one of which is the fact that it is pricey. Another possible drawback is that it is quite heavy while only being available in classic colors. Hopefully, such issues are solved in its newer versions.

New Balance 928v2

This new version of the New Balance 928 series is a good choice for those who need a shoe with more than adequate support, wide width, and impressive stability. With that, it is no longer surprising to see the New Balance 928v2 being recommended to diabetes patients as well as those who have special footwear requirements.

It is also a good choice for those who want their shoes to come with a wide range of width, as well as a deep toe box. One thing that you have to take note of is that this second version features all those that are present in the original version.

Such features are already integrated into a much sleeker design while removing the clunky feel of the original. It also makes use of the ROLLBAR technology designed to offer optimal motion control and stability. It refers to a graphite shank strategically located in the midsole, which is also helpful in preventing ankle and knee pain.

It features an extra deep toe box, too, making it useful for those with wide feet as well as those who need to use orthotics. The good thing about New Balance 928v2 is that it upgraded the insole while also maximizing the stability and cushion of the shoe. However, there are still those who complained about the narrowness of the toe box.

Still, it is designed for all-day comfort while also providing adequate support, so it is safe to invest your money in it.

New Balance 928v3

Then there is the New Balance 928v3. It is the third version of the New Balance 928 series, and it is made to address the issues commonly complained by those who purchased and worn the first two versions. It is a newer and more improved version of the two considering the fact that it has the highest level of stability.

It boasts of its improved 1-piece ROLLBAR technology made of glass fiber. It results in a higher level of stability. In addition, it is made of a flexible and full-grain soft leather, which offers a guarantee that each stride that you make is comfortable.

The midsole of this shoe is also known for having better stability as it is molded with plush compression. Such feature is also a big advantage as it relieves some of the common issues affecting your feet, like pain and discomfort.

It now features a deeper toe box – deeper than the first and second versions, thereby addressing the concerns of those who wished for this feature. Aesthetically, only minimal changes are made considering the fact that the complaints in looks and styles are only very few.

It also keeps the thick and cushioned insole introduced in the second version, which is a big advantage because it is known for adding comfort to users. Another thing that makes this shoe a good buy is that it has a top-quality construction while also boasting of its impressive ABZORB cushioning.

The fact that the third version combines the best features of the first and second versions then addressing their flaws make it an excellent and impressive athletic and walking shoe. This shoe also has a synthetic/mesh upper, rubber outsole, and odor-resistant treatment.


The products in the New Balance 928 series are among the most reliable shoes offered by the brand. The good thing about New Balance is that they make it a point to listen to the complaints of their customers and continue to make improvements on their lines – thus the reason why there are three versions of the 928 series.

It is now up to you to figure out which among the three versions has the features you need for a walking or athletic shoe.

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