photo of a worn pair of new balance 990 shoes

New Balance 990: The Best All-Around Athletic Shoes

Modern shoes come with many different features, but none of them quite have the versatility or usefulness of the New Balance 990 series. This shoe, which has long been one of the most dependable on the market, combines grace and style in a new and exciting way. This guide will look at the 990 and the 990v4 to show why the style is perfect for runners everywhere.

A Reliable and Well-Constructed Sneaker

New Balance Men's 990V4 Running Shoe
  • ENCAP PU ring with EVA core in heel
  • Dual density collar foam

The New Balance 990 is a fantastic shoe for several reasons, but one of the most striking is its impressive comfort and light feel. Today's running shoes come in various shapes and sizes, but it always helps to have one that will let you move quickly.

Rather than having cumbersome footwear holding you back, you want something that is going to propel you forward. The New Balance 990 is that shoe.

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The model comes from a trusted model line and is equipped with a blown rubber outsole, an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) core, and comfortable dual density collar foam.

In addition, it also comes with ENCAP midsole technology for both support and durability. All of those features join together to create a versatile sneaker that can be used for both exercise and everyday wear.

A Shoe for the Track and Around Town

photo of a worn pair of new balance 990 shoes

The made-in-the-USA 990 is a great shoe for tough workouts and it has all the extra durability needed for long runs. However, its advanced style and casual appearance also make it a perfect option for more casual wear. There are some sneakers that share the 990's traits, but few can compete with its versatility.

This shoe is all about style, blending a range of dynamic colors with a special design that helps it fit right in with your everyday shoes. In this way, it is not just great running footwear with a good fit and all the latest technology, it is a great outdoor shoe as well. If you're looking for something that will last through both trips to the gym and walks to the store, this is the one for you.

The Advanced Features of the New Balance 990v4

There are several sneakers in New Balance's 990 line, but the newest is the 990v4. This shoe builds on all of the great 990 features to create an incredibly balanced shoe. The v4 comes with a mix of breathable mesh and strong, hardy pigskin throughout the upper to give it extra durability.

Another reason to choose the 990v4 is because of its lace keeper. This unique feature holds the tongue and laces in place to make sure your foot stays put during runs. Extra friction is what leads to sores, and this characteristic helps reduce that problem no matter how much you use the shoe.

product photo of a black new balance 990 shoe

This version also has a medial underfoot support (created through the ENCAP mid-sole technology) as well as optimal arch support to prevent midfoot flex. You also get a core of soft cushioning in the midsole that is reinforced by a tough rim for extra durability.

Runners often have trouble finding the right size for their feet, but that does not happen with the v4. That is because, not only does the shoe come in a range of sizes and colors, but it is also designed for both slim and wide feet. No matter what you need, there will be an available option.

The shoe also comes with a surprising amount of long-lasting durability, even for a running shoe. Athletic footwear needs to last a long time, and the New Balance 990v4's high quality materials make sure you're going to get years of use out it. This is not just a six month shoe, this is an worthy investment that is more than worth its price tag.

The final, and one of the most key, features of this shoe is its reflective technology. The shoes naturally bounce light off of them, which means they are visible at night.

Safety is always priority number one when it comes to running in the dark and having your shoes act as beacons is a great way to make sure you avoid any unfortunate accidents. Even if you wear a vest, the extra reflections are always welcome.

A Great Shoe for a Modern Lifestyle

product photo of a pair of grey new balance 990 shoes

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Both the New Balance 990 and New Balance 990v4 are great shoes. The line has been around for some time, and they come from a company known for premium quality. When trying to find top quality footwear that's going to make it through the years, look no further than the above models. They are comfortable fits for anyone, regardless if worn in the gym or out on the street.

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