Does Nike Make Slip Resistant Shoes?

Nike is one of the most reliable brands of footwear at present. It offers plenty of shoes for both men and women. It also offers different shoes for workers, as well as for those who live an active lifestyle. The good thing about Nike shoes is that most of them are made with user’s protection and safety in mind.

Aside from being comfortable, the shoes from Nike can also keep wearers safe and secure by ensuring that they have adequate traction and grip. It is also important to note that the brand offers shoes that are truly slip-resistant.

By wearing such a slip-resistant shoe, you have the chance of minimizing your risk of facing accidents, especially when dealing with slippery and wet floors and surfaces in the workplace.

Editor’s Pick- Top 5 Best Nike Slip Resistant Shoes

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Are Nike Shoes Slip Resistant?

Does Nike Make Slip Resistant Shoes

As mentioned earlier, most of the shoes from Nike are designed to offer protection so it is safe to say that they are indeed slip-resistant. In fact, most of the shoes from Nike are known for their ability to resist slips. Wearing such footwear can, therefore, help you stay safe when you are walking or moving around greasy, slippery, or wet floors.

Top Rated Nike Slip Resistant Shoes

Slips and falls are common, especially if you are constantly exposed to greasy floors. Fortunately, Nike made it a point to keep its shoes more recognizable by ensuring that there are more features designed to protect wearers integrated within.

If you are into sports, then you will also be glad to know that Nike specializes in producing high-quality shoes and sneakers that perfectly suit the needs of a sports lover. You can find most of their sports shoes having anti-slip soles, making them suitable for baseball courts.

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In most cases, Nike also makes use of a softer rubber outsole, allowing the shoe to grip effectively on slick floors. One of the shoes from the brand, which gained a lot of attention for being slip-resistant is the Nike Air Huarache. It features an essential ID style, which comes with a heel strap, promoting a more supportive and stable fit.

It is also equipped with a Phylon midsole, which is actually a good thing as it provides a lightweight cushioning. This specific shoe from Nike is known to be perfectly suitable for the quick impact linked to playing sports. It is not that suitable for extended wear in the catering or food industry, though.

Another nice thing about the Nike Air Huarache is that it features specially placed pods that are imprinted to its sole. Such provides the shoe with excellent traction while also making it non-slip. Nike offers more slip-resistant shoes aside from the one already mentioned.

You will instantly know if it is slip-resistant if its outsole is constructed from a softer rubber as this material is known for having more slip-resistance when you expose it to oil and water. It also specifically means that the outsole is capable of gripping a slick floor more effectively.

You will also instantly know whether the slip-resistant feature integrated into a Nike shoe is good enough if it offers more than enough surface contact with the pattern used in the tread. Slip-resistant outsole material and tread pattern mean that the shoe will work better in case it comes in close contact with the surface or floor.

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Choosing the Best Slip Resistant Shoes

Does Nike Make Slip Resistant Shoes

Now that you are aware that Nike is capable of producing slip-resistant shoes, it is essential that you know exactly how to choose from the many footwear introduced by the brand to the public. You actually have a higher chance of picking the best slip-resistant shoes from Nike with the help of these tips:

Be fully aware of the environment you plan to expose it to – In your search for a non slip shoe, you have to figure out what is the exact cause of the slippery floor or surface. Such info will give you a clearer idea which one from the shoes offered by Nike will work for you.

Note that if a shoe is mainly designed to be non-slip in an outdoor or wet condition, then there is a great chance that it won’t work that well on floors that are coated with oily chemicals or overspray.

Also, those shoes that are primarily made for the restaurant or hospital workers who deal with food-based or water-based oils tend to degrade quickly when used in industrial cutting oils. Because of that, you really have to know where you will be using the shoe often.

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By knowing the environment you will constantly expose it to, you can definitely find a shoe, which perfectly matches your needs. You will also get an idea of how a specific Nike shoe will work in a certain environment.

Check the sole – Another important thing that you have to do is to check the sole of the shoe thoroughly. What you have to look for in the sole of a Nike shoe is that which is capable of firmly gripping the ground. Avoid with really deep patterns and treads as such might cause the shoe to be unstable.

The sole should also come with tunnels designed to channel oil or water from the shoe. A tread, which features plenty of pathways or channels can guarantee your safety as you take each step. In addition, the sole needs to have circular grips as a means of effectively preventing hydroplaning.

Ensure that it is comfortable – Aside from ensuring that the shoe can protect you from slips, it is also necessary that you do not neglect its ability to offer comfort. Find out which among the shoes from Nike can give you the highest level of comfort while giving you the ultimate protection against slips.

That way, you will feel not only safe when you are wearing it on various surfaces but also very comfortable.

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Nike is one of those footwear brands capable of manufacturing slip-resistant shoes. If you are looking for one, then make sure to browse the different shoes offered by the brand thoroughly. Be aware of your exact needs, too, so you can really find the perfect match.

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