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Nike Revolution 3 Review: Should You Consider This Shoe?

A Nike Revolution 3 review or two will tell you that this is one of the most comfortable shoes for running, training, and even walking. And some people are drawn to this shoe because of how attractive it is at first glance. But if you're a serious runner, you need a pair of shoes that offers more than just good looks and comfort.

You need running shoes that offer excellent breathability, support, shock absorption, durability, and other features that work together to give you an incredible running experience. So does the Nike Revolution 3 fit this description? Reading a Nike Revolution 3 review will help you decide if these are the right shoes for you. Let's find out how these shoes stack up:

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Overview of Nike Revolution 3

The Nike Revolution 3 is one of the running shoes in Nike's Revolution series. The model targets the neutral to under-pronator who needs extra cushioning and support. The Nike Revolution 3 comes in a variety of colors and is available for both genders. They have a modern and minimalistic design that makes them an excellent choice not only for running but also for everyday use.

Nike Revolution 3 Review: Features

Almost every Nike Revolution 3 review raves about these shoes' features. So let's find out what all the fuss is about.


One of the things we love about the Nike Revolution 3 is the outsole. It's a standard rubber outsole that features deep Flex Grooves that provide a great transition as you move your feet. The result is a comfortable grip for the underfoot.


Another great feature of this shoe is its Phylon midsole. The cushioning of the midsole is the heart of this shoe. It provides the support you need to run or walk for long distances. The midsole is firm and quite flexible to ensure your ride in the Nike Revolution 3 is as smooth as possible.

However, you should know that the cushioning can feel a bit hard because the shoe aims at providing a firmer ride. With such cushioning, you can expect better support. Therefore, this may be something to consider.


Among the features that almost every Nike Revolution review raves about is the upper. You can tell that a lot of thought went into designing it. The shoe features a mesh upper with synthetic overlays that offer comfort and breathability in a very unique way. One of the things that stands out for us is the toe box, which features mesh panels. These allow for air circulation inside the shoe, which is an excellent feature every long-distance runner will appreciate.

In addition to this, the shoe features a thick yet lightweight material in the forefoot and heel to provide extra support and durability. The tongue and the collar of the shoe have extra padding to offer more cushioning and stability.


The last thing you need from a pair of running shoes is the lack of breathability. It will not only make you uncomfortable due to heat build up but may also result in blisters due to excessive moisture. You don't have to worry about this when you own a pair of Nike Revolution 3 running shoes.

These shoes offer excellent breathability thanks to their mesh upper, which regulates air circulation. And the best part? The mesh upper doesn't affect the durability of the shoe because the other parts are reinforced to offer support and durability.


You also don't need a pair of heavy shoes. They will not only slow you down but also make your training session less enjoyable. Fortunately, you won't have this problem with the Nike Revolution 3. The fact that the shoes don't contain a lot of midsole cushion means they're not heavy.

Reviewers have expressed their surprise on how light these shoes are. The men's Nike revolution 3 weighs 8.8 ounces and the women's Nike revolution 3, on the other hand, weighs 7.35 ounces.


As we mentioned earlier, every Nike Revolution 3 review praises this shoe for how comfortable it is. And we agree. One of the things that make these shoes extremely comfortable is the tongue and collar, which feature extra padding. Thanks to the extra padding, you can rest assured your ankles will be stable and you won't have to deal with blisters.

The shoes also have an extra wide toe box that accommodates people with wider feet. Besides, they feature a molded foam insole that provides extra cushioning for your feet. As if that's not enough, the shoes feature Flex Grooves, which provide flexibility, thereby allowing the shoes to move in accordance with the natural movement of your feet. Whether you're a short or long distance runner, we have no doubt you'll find these shoes extra comfortable.


Most people stay away from shoes with mesh uppers for obvious reasons. Mesh is lightweight and filled with holes, which means it can rip easily. But Nike incorporated smart design elements that guarantee the durability of these shoes. They included reinforced portions in the upper to ensure the mesh doesn't rip easily.

What's more, the shoes have a strong midsole that will last you for a long time. The rubber outsoles are also a great move by Nike because they are resistant to abrasions and they age very well. Therefore, if you're looking for a pair of running shoes that will serve you for a long time, the Nike Revolution 3 is worth the bucks.


Although the Nike Revolution 3 is a neutral shoe, it provides excellent stability. One would think that the wide toe box would make the fit loose, but this is not the case. The upper provides a snug fit to ensure your feet don't move side to side when you're walking or running. And the lace-up system allows you to adjust the tightness to your liking.

We also love that the shoes have a standard drop of 10 millimeters. This drop level promotes a heel strike, but forefoot runners can also run comfortably in them. The drop level also makes the shoe an excellent choice for walking and everyday activities.


The Nike Revolution 3 provides excellent support. The Phylon midsole cushioning provides not only support but also shock absorption properties. The upper also does a great job in providing additional support by ensuring you have a snug fit. In addition, the collar and tongue support your ankles and minimize feet movement inside the shoe.

However, you should know that this is not the best pair of shoes if you have high arches since it doesn't provide enough arch support.


The Nike Revolution 3 derives its responsiveness from its midsole. Nike incorporated a midsole that's not only firm but flexible. Yes, it's unexpected, but it works well for these shoes. The midsole is thick but still provides enough bounce so that you can get the feedback you need as you walk. Its flexibility allows you to stay connected to the ground and make natural movements every time you move.


So what's the best terrain for these shoes? Here's where the bad news comes in. The Nike Revolution 3 is most suitable for standard running surfaces like pavements and roads. It doesn't perform well on the trail because the upper is not strong enough to prevent debris and pebbles from getting into your shoes.

The midsole feedback may also not be enough for running on the trail. And to add to this, the tread underfoot may not be the best for trail running since it may wear out fast.

Nike Revolution 3 Review: The Good and Bad

So far, we agree with every Nike Revolution 3 review that praises this shoe for its features. The Nike Revolution 3 is well-designed, and you can tell a lot of thought went into every detail. But what are its high and low points?


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Wide toe box
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Minimalistic design
  • Can be used for casual wear


  • The insole can't be removed
  • Doesn't provide enough arch support

What Buyers Think About The Nike Revolution 3

It's not enough to have an expert Nike Revolution 3 review. You also need to know how the shoe performed for various users to get an idea of whether or not it would work for you too. To help you make an informed decision, we scoured the internet in search of user reviews.

Users attest to the fact that these shows are lightweight, comfortable, durable, and offer excellent traction. Others love the minimalistic design and the fact that the Nike Revolution 3 comes in a variety of colors. However, there were complaints about several things. Some buyers said that the shoes take a long time to break in.

Also, some individuals complained about the midsole having uneven support. They said that some parts are really soft and others are hard. But the main complaint was that they could feel every stone they stepped on because the midsole is not strong. Customers rated them 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. And Runner's Click gave the shoes a rating of 8.9 out of 10.

Nike Revolution 3 Review: How It Compares to the Top Running Shoes

No Nike Revolution 3 review would be complete without comparing these shoes to some of the other top brands on the market to determine if it's the best option there is.

Let's get straight to business:

Adidas Men's Lite Racer BYD

The Adidas Men's Lite Racer BYD is one of the top contenders when it comes to running shoes. They have been applauded for providing exceptional comfort and being extremely lightweight. However, it's the Cloudform cushioning that most users rave about. It makes the shoe comfortable and suitable for different activities.

Similar to the Nike Revolution 3, this running shoe also features a mesh upper and synthetic sole, so you can expect almost the same performance. The only upper hand it has is that it features an Ortholite sock liner. But it lacks a wide toe box, which is present in Nike Revolution 3. The shoe is also available for men and women and comes in a variety of colors, just like the Nike Revolution 3.

Overall, these two shoes are very similar. The only reason you'd go for the Nike Revolution 3 over the Adidas is that Nike has a wide toe box. Other than this, the performance should be pretty much the same, and the price falls within the same range. Amazon buyers rate these Adidas shoes 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Under Armour Micro G Assert 7

Another pair of shoes you'll come across when looking for the best running shoes is the Under Armour Micro G Assert 7. Now, these shoes have a lot of similarities to the Nike Revolution 3. They have a rubber outsole, mesh upper, synthetic soles, and foam midsole for support.

However, they may be the better choice because they're more affordable and feature an EVA sock liner for a comfortable in-step and durable leather overlays that offer stability and lock in our midfoot. These shoes have a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 24

The ASICS Gel-Kayano 24 is slightly more expensive than the Nike Revolution 3. The price difference may be because the ASICS provides more support features compared to Nike. For instance, it features GEL brand technology that provides shock absorption for the rearfoot and forefoot. It also has a FlyteFoam midsole that provides support and bounce back as you walk or run.

As if that's not enough, the shoes have an impact guidance system that enhances your feet's natural gait. It's also an excellent choice for people who have high arches and suffer from foot pain. Therefore, if you're looking for running shoes that offer great support for high arches, the ASICS may be the better choice.

However, if you don't have a problem with high arches or foot pain, the Nike Revolution 3 will not disappoint. Amazon customers give these shoes a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Is Nike Revolution 3 Worth the Investment?

What did we learn in this Nike Revolution 3 review? To start with, these shoes have a lot to offer. They're comfortable, affordable, durable, provide excellent support, breathability, and so much more. They're also more reasonably priced compared to other running shoes on the market.

If you're looking for a high-quality pair of shoes you can use to run on pavements and roads, or for simple everyday activities, these shoes won't disappoint. But they may not be the best choice for trail runners or individuals with high arches. Was this Nike Revolution 3 review helpful? Are you now confident about your decision? Please share your thoughts and views in the comments section below. It's always a joy to hear from you.

Featured image by Dom J via Pexels.

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Nike Revolution 3 Review: Buyer’s Guide

Nike makes many running shoes, but one of the most complete and innovative models is the Nike Revolution 3. This shoe, which is part of the revolution series, has a stunning design that builds on the classic style. In that way, it creates a brand-new sneaker that is unlike anything else the company makes. This article acts as a Nike Revolution 3 review and highlights all of the key features of these shoes, as well as all of the pros and cons.
This shoe comes with several premium features. You get comfort, durability, dependability, in addition to many new and exciting advancements. We will take a look at all of those aspects in this Nike Revolution 3 review to show what makes it such an amazing running shoe.

Our Nike Revolution 3 Review

Following is our Nike Revolution 3 review which highlights all the features of these shoes, along with the answers to any questions that may come up about these shoes. We have also listed the key pros and cons of owning these shoes.

Nike Revolution 3 Review: PROS

  • Very comfortable
  • Lightweight design
  • Precise fit
  • Very durable
  • Wide toe box
  • Very flexible
  • Firm cushion
  • Very responsive

Nike Revolution 3 Review: CONS

  • Insoles are non-detachable
  • Lack of arch support

Details of the Features on the Nike Revolution 3


Nike Revolution 3 shoes feature a Phylon midsole. This midsole cushioning is what really makes this shoe so great. People who have reviewed these shoes have praised how comfortable it is to walk or run in them, even for long distances. The inner cushioning is firm without being too squishy, and so this makes the shoes both comfortable and supportive. The cushioning may seem firmer to most shoes, but this is what makes them so great for support.


The upper of the Nike Revolution 3 shoes are made up of mesh. The construction of this upper part of the shoes is probably the most impressive part of them. It features various mesh panels which help with temperature regulation. These panels are more lightweight and breathable than the rest of the upper areas and these help air to circulate in and around the shoe. The heel and forefoot areas of the shoe are made up of a thicker material which acts as a support structure and enhances the durability. Buyers who have reviewed these shoes say that the upper is very solid. The reinforced material used makes the shoes very well protected against wear and tear. The inside of the shoe features a cushioned insole which acts as extra comfort for the wearer and also provides that bit of extra support. The insole is non-removable, however, and so if you wanted to add your own special insoles, it would be worth trying them on with those inside the shoes before you make your purchase. The heel and tongue areas of the shoe have a lot of padding and so these areas remain comfortable. This extra padding also prevents any rubbing around the ankle area.

Some Further Details About the Nike Revolution 3


Nike Revolution 3 shoes are extremely comfortable. Buyers have mentioned just how comfortable the shoes are over and over in various reviews. The comfort of these shoes makes them perfect for both runners and non-runners. The shoes feel great no matter what you’re doing, and no matter how far of a distance you’re moving in them. They fit wonderfully and offer great breathability. Runner commented on how the shoes did not make their feet feel like they were overheating during exercise. The cushioning is firm but offers plenty of supportive bounce. The wide toe box is perfect for runners who want some extra room for movement, however, it is not too roomy that it causes slipping and sliding of the foot within the shoe. Buyers have been overall very pleased with the comfort and fit of these shoes.


Compared to other shoes of the same style, the Nike Revolution 3 is a fairly lightweight shoe. It doesn’t have a massive amount of midsole cushioning, and this results in an overall more lightweight feel. Most reviewers of the shoes were pleasantly surprised by how light they felt.


Thanks to the synthetic mesh upper of the Nike Revolution 3, the shoes are very breathable. The upper area of the shoe is covered in breathable mesh panels and lightweight materials. Buyers have reported that they were very impressed with the air circulation that the shoes offer, and reported that they were very comfortable even during intense exercise.


The Nike Revolution 3 is a very durable shoe. Buyers of the shoes were very impressed with how well the shoes coped with regular use. The outsole, which is constructed from rubber, is highly resistant. The cushioning in the midsole is firm but has plenty of bounce which still feels fresh even after multiple runs. The upper part of the shoe is very well constructed with reinforced areas that help to prevent any ripping or tearing which may ordinarily occur in other mesh upper shoes. Most reviewers were incredibly impressed with the durability of the Nike Revolution 3 and this certainly adds to the value of the shoe.


There is plenty of protection offered on the Nike Revolution 3 shoes. This protection is reflected in the outsole, midsole, and upper. The outsole is very durable and this is great for keeping runners from wearing down the sole. It also helps to keep runners stable on pavements in both wet and dry conditions. The midsole is filled with firm cushioning which protects the foot against shock. This is especially important for runners. The upper is made up of strong materials and is also highly resistant. This helps wearers by locking down the foot and keeping it stable for all activities.


Thanks to the firm but flexible midsole on the Nike Revolution 3, it is a very responsive shoe. The midsole provides firm and supportive cushioning but also allows for plenty of flexibility from heel to toe. This flexibility allows runners to stay connected to the ground when they land and move throughout the running cycle. The cushioning on the midsole also provides enough bounce without it being too thick for runners to move comfortably with.


There is a lot of support on the Nike 3 Revolution shoes. The phylon cushioning in the midsole provides protection with an ample amount of support. The upper also provides plenty of protection as it wraps around the foot tightly and prevents it from moving around too much inside the shoe. This snugness provides plenty of protection for runners who are worried about their ankles during exercise.


The Nike Revolution 3 shoes are designed for running on pavements and roads, however, are not designed for running on trails. The tread on the underneath of the shoes is not anything hugely impressive, but, it does provide plenty of traction for running on roads and pavements. The upper part of the shoes can handle a lot of strain but they would struggle to keep debris out in comparison to a shoe that is designed specifically for running on trails. The midsole is also not entirely suitable for trail running as it does provide a bit of feedback and doesn’t have a rock plate.


There is enough traction in the Nike Revolutions 3 for standard road running. The rubber outsole has a good grip under the foot. It isn’t as good as some other shoe models that are designed for running, but it is certainly enough. Buyers who have reviewed the shoes didn’t have anything negative to say about the traction of these shoes.


There is quite a lot of flexibility in the Nike Revolution 3. Both the midsole and outsole provide a good amount of flexibility making the shoes feel very natural. When moving from heel to toe, these shoes don’t feel uncomfortable or stiff in any way because the midsole and outsole provide plenty of flexibility. The rubber outsole features flex grooves within it which adds to the flexibility of the entire shoe. The midsole is also very flexible, and as a result, the shoes provide a super smooth ride no matter what you’re doing in them.


The Nike Revolution 3 is designed as a neutral shoe, however, it provides plenty of stability for people who like to run on pavements and roads. The upper fits great and is very secure so the foot won’t move much during intense activities. Even considering the wide toe box on these shoes, the upper fits plenty snugly and wraps the foot in the shoe securely. The overall great construction of these shoes ensures that the wearer has a stable experience both walking and running.


The 10mm drop on the Nike Revolution 3 is pretty standard in comparison to other similar shoe models. This drop promotes a steady heel strike, however, forefoot runners have also given great reviews and praised the comfort of these shoes. The standard drop makes these a great all rounder shoe and perfect for walking and casual wear, as well as running.


The Nike Revolution 3 is styled minimally with simple branding. There are a number of fresh color options available for both men and women and they look great with most outfits. Due to the simplistic design, these shoes look great for both exercise and casual wear. The shoe is well-designed and features a good quality build making it a great all-rounder choice.


Buyers of the shoes agreed that the Nike Revolution 3 was fairly priced when purchased. Many non-runners purchased these shoes simply for casual everyday wear, but they are also just as good for runners. The shoes are comfortable, fit great, and are very lightweight and durable. Most reviewers of the shoes have reported that they are well worth the price, especially considering how well the shoes handle everyday wear.

Some of the Best Features of the Nike Revolution 3

Close Fit for Maximum Support

The first thing that stands out about the Revolution 3 is its tight and comfortable fit. When running, you never want your shoes to move around. Not only can that be annoying, but it may also lead to injuries down the line. The Revolution overcomes this with an incredibly snug fit that ensures it always stays close to your foot no matter where you like to run. Hard or uneven surfaces (particularly ones in trail runs) can lead to a lot of problems. However, that is not the case here.
The Revolution 3 also gives incredible comfort. This goes hand-in-hand with the snug fit, and helps you enjoy your runs without worrying about pain. There is also extra cushion in the back of the shoe. A padded heel works to make sure you have proper support throughout your entire foot.
Some shoes only focus on providing relief to certain areas, but this model works around that in an elegant way. The extra heel padding not only takes stress off your legs, but helps out your back as well.
Another feature of the Revolution 3’s comfort comes from its wide-fit and spacious toe-box. Both of those mean that the snug fit will never be too tight. Even if the shoe doesn’t move, it will still give you plenty of room to operate. In addition, your shoes will always slip on exactly the way you want it to.

Additional Features and Traits of the Nike Revolution 3

As with so many Nike shoes, a big reason to choose the Revolution 3 is because of its ample traits. This model comes with a range of wonderful characteristics that ensure they will always be pleasant, no matter how you like to wear them.
nike-revolution-3, nike revolution 3 review
The imported Revolution 3 comes with mesh/phylon foam in addition to a durable rubber sole. It also has with a special shaft that sits roughly 3 inches from the arch. That helps you run without putting too much stress or damage on the middle of your foot. All of these upgrades are perfect for people who need a long-lasting shoe that is going to hold up over extended time.
Another benefit is the mesh upper, which is specially designed for optimal breathability. It is always good to let your feet breathe. Stuffy shoes are rough and can cause your feet to sweat, but such problems are not an issue with the Revolution 3.
This shoe’s upper will keep your feet dry and cool during runs, which is particularly important for people who have trouble with sores caused by excess moisture. The mesh is also complimented by a no-sew skins that work to give the shoe the best feel possible.
In addition, this model has a wide fit to make sure that it fits any type of foot, as well as a spacious toe-box so that it never gets too cramped. You also get a rubber cupsole to provide a great mix of comfort and low-profile support.
The next feature of the Revolution 3 is its great midsole that works beautifully with the premium outsole. The midsole is made of soft, lightweight foam that helps support each step, while the rubber outsole is expertly crafted to give the runner the most traction possible. It is not enough just to grip the road, you also want to feel good doing it.
Of course, when doing a Nike Revolution 3 review, you need to discuss the look. This style comes with all of the various options Nike shoes are known for, enabling you to perfectly customize your footwear. It also has a slick style that makes it great to look at.

Nike Revolution 3 Review: Conclusion

This Nike Revolution 3 review shows what makes this model so special. It is a reasonably priced, high-quality running shoe that is perfect for anyone who keeps active. This is a great choice for anyone who wants a mix of comfort and energy return. While some of the shoes on the market lack a key feature here and there, the Revolution 3 has something for everyone.

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