Reasons to Wear OSHA Approved Boots construction workers

Reasons to Wear OSHA Approved Boots

OSHA approved boots are among the most recommended work boots for workers today. It is because such footwear can offer maximum protection to wearers, considering the fact that they adhere to all possible safety standards.

Learn more about OSHA approved boots and the specific reasons why you should invest in them through this article.

An Overview of OSHA

OSHA or Occupational Safety & Health Administration started to exist after the 1970 Occupational Safety & Health Act was enacted. It works under the US Department of Labor, and its primary function is to promote healthy and safe working conditions for all labors in the US.

OSHA operates by ensuring that high workplace standards are enacted and enforced. Such is a huge help in significantly reducing accidents in the workplace as well as the number of compensation claims from workers. It does so through proper training, education, assistance, and outreach.

Reasons to Wear OSHA Approved Boots Guidelines for Medical Offices

In terms of footwear, OSHA also has a say. In fact, it requires all employers in the country to make sure that all their employees wear and use protective footwear, especially if their job requires them to work in areas where their feet are at risk of getting injured.

The safety standards set by OSHA cover dangers that might trigger foot injuries from rolling or falling objects as well as those that might pierce the sole. It also aims to protect the feet of employees from various electrical hazards, especially if they are constantly exposed to such.

You will know that you are wearing an OSHA approved boot if it is constructed in such a way that it adheres to OSHA standards, thereby ensuring that it can help in preventing injuries from falling and heavy objects as well as other safety hazards. Such is a big help in lowering the number of workplace injuries.

Reasons to Wear an OSHA Approved Boot

Are you wondering why it is so important to look for an OSHA approved boot and invest in one? Then here are the top reasons:

1. Mandatory

OSHA requires employers to guarantee the safety of their employees by ensuring that steel toe or other safety boots are worn in hazardous working environments. That said, you need to wear a pair of OSHA approved boot, especially if it is mandated in your place.

It is often a requirement, especially in manual labor industries, to prevent injuries while doing their job. It is also often mandatory in workplaces and industries wherein most employees are exposed to various risks and hazards, including falling and heavy objects, and electrical hazards.

Objects that might pierce the sole are also considered to be safety hazards, so employees who work in environments that have them need to wear OSHA approved boots.

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2. Prevent Foot Injuries

If your workplace environment makes you vulnerable to certain injuries, particularly those affecting the feet, then one of the reasons why you need OSHA approved boots is to prevent yourself from incurring such injuries.

If foot injuries, like lacerations, falls, sprains, crushing, and punctures, are common occurrences in your workplace, then you really need to make it a point to wear the best safety boot approved by OSHA.

3. Withstand Pressure

One of the safety boots, which gains the approval of OSHA, is that which comes with a steel toe. What is good about a steel toe boot is that it is capable of withstanding up to seventy-five pounds of pressure from falling objects, particularly those that fall from a max of three yards.

4. Offer Safety without Compromising Comfort

With an OSHA-approved safety boot, you will definitely have peace of mind knowing you are safe from harm. The good news is that such footwear can offer a high level of safety without causing you to sacrifice comfort.

However, make sure that you spend time figuring out which among the safety shoes in the market can offer the highest level of comfort to your feet while protecting them. Also, make sure to get the correct shoe size. If you are buying a boot, then it should have the right length.

The best boot length is that, which goes well over your ankles. It is also necessary to pair your chosen safety boot with the right socks. The good news is that you can actually find ergonomically constructed socks guaranteed to offer you the highest level of comfort when you are wearing your chosen footwear.

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5. Prevent Issues with Employer

To adhere to the standards set by OSHA, your employer will require you to wear a safety boot, so you might be sent home in case you do not wear one.

Note that in this case, employers are given the freedom to send you home on the grounds that you did not comply with OSHA standards and did not act in a safe way.

6. Prevent Other Injuries

Another reason for wearing an OSHA approved boot is that it can make you safe not just from falling objects but also from other forms of injuries. You can wear the boot to prevent yourself from getting injured because of falls and slips, punctures, burns, and cuts or lacerations.

There is no need for you to worry about such things if you are wearing a sturdy safety boot.

7. Alleviate Discomfort

If your job requires you to stand too long on hard surfaces and floor, then you can take full advantage of an OSHA approved boot, as it is extremely safe.

In most cases, this footwear offers additional comfort and support, so expect to stay comfortable even if you need to move and stand for prolonged periods.

Final Words

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, take note that most OSHA approved boots today are already created in such a fashionable and stylish manner. You can find brands and models designed in such a way that they are attractive without sacrificing safety and comfort.

That said, you will definitely enjoy wearing it. You can also find OSHA approved boots that work specifically for the job that you presently have. It is definitely worth it to invest in these types of shoes as such is the only way for you to have peace of mind since you’ll feel maximum protection on the job.

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