Santoni Shoes Review – Are Santoni Shoes Worth It?

While not a household name like Allen Edmonds or Clarks, Santoni is still a force to be reckoned with.

They are an incredible Italian shoe maker that offers high end handmade dress shoes.

If you want to feel like a wealthy Manhattawn lawyer, Santoni will do the trick.

Their designs are breathtaking and they use only the finest materials to craft every shoe.

Let’s go a bit deeper into what Makes Santoni so special.

Santoni Shoe Review

Andrea Santoni started his shoe company back in 1975. When you have a gentleman this sharp making your shoes, you know they’re going to be great.

Mr. Santoni has always focused on Italian heritage, which reflects in the style of his shoes. They are given a modern twist with old-world craftsmanship.

You’ll find classics like cap toe oxfords and penny loafers from the Santoni brand. But, they also have fashion-forward pairs like double monkstraps and sneakers.

Are Santoni Shoes Worth It?

Santoni dress shoes don’t come cheap. You’ll be spending several hundred dollars, if not upwards to $1,000 to slip your feet into a pair. The Devan cross strap loafer is a great bang for your buck model to check out.

What makes a quality dress shoe? Many things.

A member of a popular style forum summed it up perfectly.

Santoni review

Firstly, Santoni shoes feature calfskin leather uppers and full leather lining. Calfskin is hands-down the best possible material you can use for a dress shoe.

It’s much softer than traditional leather and forms to your feet perfectly. It ages like wine and won’t scratch as easy.

Leather lining means that your feet can breath and remain comfortable all day. Say goodbye to sweaty feet and scratched ankles.

Secondly, all of their shoes are handmade. No factory assembly. No mass produced garbage. Real, genuine, Italian craftsmanship in every pair.

Santoni footwear also features the almost legendary Goodyear welt. Every man that knows his shoes understands how important the construction method is.

A Goodyear welt will make your shoes last for many more years. So, while you may be spending more up front, it prevents you from buying more shoes in the future.

Some of their models also use bologna, moccasin, and Blake stitching, as well.

From the materials to the construction methods, Santoni shoes are astounding.

Are Santoni Shoes Comfortable?

A good dress shoe is like a baseball glove. At first, it can be a bit stiff. But as you use it more, it forms to you perfectly.

That’s how Santoni’s are. Calfskin leather is very flexible and will eventually take the perfect shape as you wear them more.

Expect a small break-in period because of this. Some customers online say that this is more apparent for the Goodyear models.

Make sure you invest into a quality shoe tree to help with this process.

Keep them in a cool and dark area, such as a closet or drawer.

The leather lining adds to their comfort and insoles are typically made out of leather, too. Some pairs include a rubber insole, so keep any eye out for both.

Overall, Santoni shoes are definitely comfortable. The Lazzaro Tapue loafer is a good example of one of their comfortable models.

Are Santoni Shoes True To Size?

Let’s look at what some customers have to say about Santoni shoe sizing.

Santoni true to size

This first gentleman says that they can be a little tight, but eventually break in with wear. This is aligned with what previous customers have also mentioned.

Santoni sizing

Next up, a owner of 3 different pairs stated he find they fit true to size.

If you order your regular size and they are a bit tight, you can expect them to stretch out be more accomodating. If you want to err on the size of caution, try sizing .5 up.

Where Are Santoni Shoes Made?

Santoni shoes are all handmade in Italy(queue accordion music).

If you’re dishing out quite a bit of money, they better be coming from the land of shoemakers, right?

The location is important as well because it determines the quality of materials.

Let’s say that a shoe is made in China. Odds are that they are only going to be able to source low quality or synthetic materials because that’s what’s commonly available.

But, head overseas to Italy and you have access to premium leathers and exotic materials.

Best Santoni Shoes

Santoni shoes will keep your feet comfortable all day and turn heads from how good they look. Here are a few of the best shoes from Santoni if you’re interested in getting yourself a pair.

Gabe Wingtip Balmoral

The Gabe is a wingtip balmoral made from burnished leather. It features a medallion toe for extra flare and stands out among any dress shoe in a 10 mile radius.

The full leather lining keeps your feet feeling great and prevents them from sweating. The outsole is composed of leather, making it last longer, too.

Devan Cross Strap Loafer

The Devan loafer features a pebble leather upper that has tons of texture and looks luxurious. While other brands would just place a metal bit or leather strip across the tongue, Santoni did something different. They use two pieces of crossed leather to create a better fitting and looking loafer.

Full leather lining means top notch comfort, and the flexible sole makes these easy to walk in all day.

Apache Sneaker

As I said earlier, Santoni doesn’t just create dress shoes, but sneakers, too. This is the Apache low top in a soft, brown, and hand stained leather upper. You could rock these with jeans, shorts, or anything you like. The white outsole contrasts perfectly with the upper, and anyone will be able to tell you’re wearing a high end sneaker.

Brown Suede Leather Ankle Boots

Santoni’s got you covered for the fall and winter, as well. These burnished brown suede leather ankle boots feature a wingtip toe and perforations. You’ll be the most fashionable man during the cold months where ever you go in these. More importantly, your feet will feel amazing from the leather lining and a comfortable insole.

So, What’s The Verdict?

Santoni shoes are top of the line. A serious shoe collector or businessman will find that they make a perfect new addition to any wardrobe.

There’s tons of styles to choose from, like classic cap toe oxfords or modern suede double monkstraps.

Calfskin leather, high quality lining, and handmade craftsmanship make Santoni footwear some of the best on the market.

You don’t hear about them as much as other brands, but they deserve respect.

Once you slip your feet into a pair, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have a pair before.

Expect your shoes to last a decade or more with care. This means cleaning, polishing, and using a shoe tree when not in use.

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