Twenty-One Shoe Storage Hacks That Save Space and Your Sanity

Shoes—everyone has them, and everyone needs them. However, when it comes to keeping them organized and easily accessible while also out of the way, it’s sometimes hard to know where to begin. Just as with shoes, one solution does not fit all, so take some inspiration from these shoe storage hacks to reclaim your space—as well as to put an extra dose of organization into your busy life.

Six Entryway Solutions: Shoe Storage Hacks

Many people prefer to keep their shoes in the entryway of their home. Keeping shoes there makes them easy to access on the way out and easy to put away first thing after a long day. Best of all, there isn’t the danger of tracking in millions of germs or debris from outside into the house—gross! If you’re wondering about the best way to store and organize shoes in your entryway or foyer, check out these shoe storage hacks below.

1. Shoe Storage Bench

shoe storage hacks with charcoal gray fabric with button-tufted cushioned top and synthetic non-woven fabric for a touch of elegance and comfort.

Multipurpose is the name of the game with this shoe storage hacks. Having a bench that doubles as shoe storage offer you a stylish way to stow your shoes in a handy place, and even better—you can sit on the bench while you put on and take off your shoes. It’s basically a match made in heaven. Plus, you have a lot of options in terms of style. There are many shoe storage benches available for purchase for those with modern or more traditional décor inclinations. It’s even possible to repurpose sturdier bookshelves into a handy storage bench, where shoes can be displayed openly or tucked inside bins, buckets or baskets.

2. Wall-Mounted Shoe Storage

this is a non slip rungs keep shoes in place for shoe storage hacks

Wall-mounted furniture and shelves tend to give the appearance of a bigger, airier space—and who doesn’t like that? Consider a wall-mounted shoe storage unit or floating shelves, both of which can double as a place for shoes, as well as a handy spot for keys, dog leashes, and other accessories. You can even make this display a statement piece by painting or wallpapering shelves in a shade that contrasts with your walls.

3. Shoe Rack

this is constructed from water-proof durable fabric shelving, steel tubes and strong plastics connectors for remarkable reliability and durability, can perfectly satisfy you in daily organization for shoe storage hacks

If horizontal space is an issue but vertical space is not, consider a vertical shoe rack or shoe tower. Shoe racks come in a variety of styles, but the key features to look for are simple. Choose something that isn’t very deep and isn’t very wide. You’ll also want to consider one that’s made of wood or metal so that it’s less likely to fall apart and inconvenience you. Even some racks for potted plants can serve just as well for shoes. For a clean, modern look, consider something like this shoe tower from Yamazaki Home, which can hold as many as five pairs of shoes.

4. Leaning Ladder

shoe storage hacks features 5-tier of ladder shelving for any home decor

Add some carefree flair to your entryway with a leaning ladder against one wall or, even more modern, a ladder suspended from the ceiling. Depending on the aesthetic you want, you have multiple options in terms of style. For instance, you can repurpose a rustic find, go with bamboo for a global look or choose a bold shade of red for instant character. While this particular shoe storage hacks option is best for heels and not much else, the great part is that you can also drape scarves on it. If you’ve got your heart set on getting a ladder but still have more storage needs, hanging small baskets from the rungs can be a great option, especially for storing keys.

5. Vertical Shoe Rack for Boots

shoe storage hacks features complete vertical boot storage system to keep boots organized and accessible

Boots can present a challenge when it comes to storing them. They don’t fit into most shoe cubbies, and they can slump or become bent if not stowed correctly. Instead, try stowing them upside down on a rectangular rack with tall pegs. Ideally, each peg will be long enough to touch the boot’s insole while still leaving at least an inch of space between the top of the boot’s shaft and the floor. Since you probably wear your boots in unfavorable weather, it’s a good idea to put a waterproof tray underneath the rack to protect your floor from any mud or water that might come off your shoes. You can amp up the style of this functional piece by placing it next to a tall coat rack or stylish umbrella holder.

6. Buckets or Baskets

shoe storage hacks storage bins are a perfect way to accessorize, shoes organize, and store items at home, office, home office, loft or other dwellings.

Sometimes a simple option is the best one. Toss your Chuck Taylors and gym shoes into brightly painted buckets or chunky baskets for a look that’s casual and unfussy, and that will give you easy access to your shoes later. For a more organized look, store the buckets or baskets in a converted bookshelf or under a bench.

Seven Closet Solutions: Shoe Storage Hacks

When there’s not enough space elsewhere, storing shoes in your closet can be the perfect solution. They’re kept out of sight and out of the way of company, and best of all, they’re right there for you to reference as you decide what outfit to wear. If you’re like most people, every square inch of your closet counts, so you’ll want a shoe storage hacks solution that’s not only tidy but also space-conscious. Here are some ideas to make you and closet happy campers.

1. Converted Bookshelf

shoe storage hacks constructed from steel tube, high-quality plastics connectors, and water-proof non-woven fabric shelf

When it comes to storing your shoes, a converted bookshelf can be your best friend. It’s one of the most basic shoe storage hacks you can try, and it can be a relatively low-cost solution, especially with a thrift store find. A benefit to using a bookshelf to store shoes is that the top of the shelf can fulfill other purposes, such as storing jewelry or accessories. Some bookcases also have adjustable shelves, allowing you to store both tall shoes and shorter shoes. Pro tip: alternating your shoes in each row (making one face toe out and the next face heel out) will save you space and allow you to fit more shoes on the same shelf.

2. Rails or Tension Rods

shoe storage hacks featuring high quality tension rods, made of superior grade steel

Perhaps you don’t have the room in your closet for a full bookshelf. Rails or tension rods are a fantastic alternative. Not only are they easy to install, but the best part about this solution is that it also keeps clutter off your floor and keeps the space there available for other things. You can place heels directly on the rail, and you can also hang bins and S-hooks on it to store flats, athletic shoes, and wedges.

3. Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

shoe storage hacks this hanging closet shoe organizer & entryway organizer is great for sneaker storage and keeping dorms, kitchens, bedroom tidy with no effort

If your closet door swings open, an over-the-door shoe organizer can be an excellent option for you. Requiring basically no installation, the organizer simply hooks over the top of the door and contains several pockets in which to store shoes. Depending on your preferences, there are fabric and vinyl options from which to choose, and many are relatively cost-effective.

4. Mounted Pegs and Hooks

shoe storage hacks features wall mounted coat rack are manufactured from solid, natural wood (ash-tree)

A swinging door or spare patch of wall in a closet offers a great place as a shoe storage hacks with mounted hooks or pegs. This is another solution that makes use of what might otherwise be wasted “closet real estate,” and it keeps your floor clear. In terms of pegs and hooks, there are tons of options according to budget and taste, from purely functional to chic and whimsical. You can also express a lot of style with how you arrange them.

5. Lazy Susan or Revolving Shoe Organizer

shoe storage hacks features perfect in closet or next to dresser,3 tiers- each holds 6 pairs of shoe

When you don’t have the space for boxes and when you’d like to keep your walls clear, a “Lazy Susan” or revolving-style shoe organizer might be just the thing. With storage capability on all sides, this often-cylindrical shoe organizer rotates on its base, allowing you to spin it and easily see all the shoes you’ve got stored there. Revolving organizers that stow shoes vertically (toe up) save additional space, needing less diameter to store multiple pairs.

6. Clear Boxes or Labeled Boxes With Pictures

Stackable boxes perfect for organizing your shoe collection and maximizing storage space

If you have enough room for shoe boxes in your closet, more power to you! The only tricky part is actually knowing which shoes you’ve stored in what boxes. An easy fix is to store your shoes in clear, plastic boxes or simply to take a photo of each pair and tape or paste it the front of each shoebox. Short on shoeboxes? Basic containers that will fit most shoes are available from a large number of online retailers. Buy a set to lend some easily stackable uniformity to your closet shelves.

7. Repurpose Clothes Hangers

shoe storage hacks featuring ultra slim profile to maximize space in your closet

You might have some hidden shoe storage hacks lurking in your closet already. For instance, the clips on pants hangers can come in handy for hanging boots. You can also cut and reshape the wire of wire hangers to easily hold up closed-toe shoes, and the best part is that you get to hang them in your closet. If your policy is “no wire hangers,” you can always attach clothespins to clothing hangers to pinch hold of your shoes back by the heel.

Eight “Small Space” Solutions

If you live in a small space, such as a one-bedroom or studio apartment, sometimes you only have one closet in your whole unit or none at all. You also might not have the luxury of an entryway spacious enough for certain answers to shoe storage dilemmas. In this case, you want to opt for storage solutions (shoe storage hacks) that are either multifunctional or act as a statement piece, both if possible. This is your opportunity to get creative (and maybe even Instagram-worthy)! It’s time to get inspired.

1. Shoe Cabinet Doubling as a Console Table

If you’re looking for a multipurpose and minimal shoe storage hacks, consider a shoe cabinet that can double as a console table. Or, if it’s freestanding, it might be well-placed back to back with a sofa and topped with a lamp and books. If it requires a wall, like this shoe cabinet from Ikea, adding a mirror above it can add a sense of deliberate style and make your space appear larger. Win-win!

2. Shoe Cabinet Doubling as a Nightstand

Get some double-duty out of your furniture by converting a nightstand into a shoe cabinet. This can be an especially great option for those living in studio apartments, where perhaps the broom closet doesn’t offer much in the way wardrobe storage. If you’d like to proudly display your stylish “kicks,” try out a nightstand with open storage cubbies. If you’d rather your brilliant shoe-stowing skills remain a mystery, opt for a nightstand with sliding or swinging doors. Go for furniture that closely matches your bedframe for more of a custom, built-in look.

3. Rolling Bins Under the Bed

In many smaller apartments, you must utilize every inch of available storage space. Considering a bed can take up several feet of space, it’s a smart decision to use the area underneath for extra storage. Many retailers offer bins for this very purpose, including long, clear, plastic containers on wheels, which are perfect for storing shoes. These bins make it easy to see the shoes you have inside, and the wheels make it easy to slide the box out from under the bed without scratching wood or laminate floors. If plastic isn’t really your style, wooden bins are also available.

4. Shoe Storage Bed Skirt

Bet you didn’t know these existed! Become a shoe storage hacks ninja with a bed skirt that doubles as a shoe organizer. It’s a prime problem-solver for those desperately short on space, without any room left, even under the bed. This is an especially superb option for anyone living in a dorm or sharing a bedroom with a roommate, where space is really precious, and most of it is shared. These bed skirts are available in both plastic and fabric varieties.

5. Headboards and Footboards With Hidden Storage

Clever bed designs continue to be a savior for the space-challenged. Rather than just storing items underneath the bed, you can look for footboards and headboards with hidden storage. The cubbies in these are usually exposed, so if you’d like to hide your shoes, you can put them in bins and baskets to place in the storage space. This Ikea headboard offers a particularly simple and unobtrusive option that’s both affordable and highly rated.

6. Crown Molding

Get ready to flaunt your style! Crown molding makes this shoe storage hacks not only functional but also positively fabulous. Mount crown molding on the wall as you would a shelf and display your favorite heels side by side. Opt for a metallic finish for a touch of baroque glamour or go with your favorite jewel tone for a pop of color. For a truly dramatic statement, choose a finish in glossy black.

7. Shoe Storage Ottoman

This clever space-saver is an excellent multipurpose piece for anything from an apartment to a walk-in closet. What’s more, aside from secret storage and a footrest as shoe storage hacks, this piece of furniture can also be topped with a tray and used as a coffee table. While many storage ottomans are suitable for the purpose of storing shoes, some designs have that specific purpose in mind, such as this fashionable and functional ottoman from Convenience Concepts.

8. Pallet Bed With Shoe Storage

Ready to take your studio style and shoe storage hacks to the next level? Try stacking wooden shipping pallets to make a platform bed with industrial, urban flair and lots of storage space for shoes. A piece like this can be a captivating focal point and a stellar conversation starter when you have company.

Finishing Touches

It’s important to remember that shoes stored inside a closed container might not have a chance to air out properly. Here are some easy tips to help neutralize unpleasant shoe odors (shoe storage hacks):

  • Leave a dryer sheet inside your shoes overnight for a fresh scent in the morning. Dryer sheets work wonders for shoes and gym bags.
  • Instead of discarding orange peels, place them in your empty shoes for twenty-four hours to absorb odors while also leaving behind a pleasant, citrusy scent.
  • If your shoes are a little damp, stuffing them with crumpled-up newspaper can help absorb the moisture and prevent bad smells.
  • Try shoe deodorizers with activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is known for its absorbent properties, and the bags it comes in are usually reusable. Place the bags in your shoe cabinet or directly into your shoes.
  • Use baking soda—an oldie but a goodie. Fill up some old socks with two tablespoons of this baking basic, tie them off and leave them in your shoes overnight for fresh shoes in the morning.

The Shoe Storage Hacks for You

When thinking about which shoe storage hacks to pick for your home, you’ll want to consider where it makes the most sense for you to keep your shoes, along with how many shoes you have to store. Is the entryway the most practical solution? Maybe you’d rather keep your shoes hidden neatly away in your closet. Perhaps you’d like them to be part of your décor, displayed like a statement piece. Whatever the case, whether you live in a mansion or a studio apartment, a smart shoe storage hacks solution will lend some order to your living space and enhance your life in your happy abode.

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