What Shoes Do Chefs Wear?

Do you want to know what shoes do chefs wear? Working in the kitchen as a chef or cook, or any of the kitchen staff, might be the reason why you are starting to ask yourself about the best types of shoes that chefs can wear. It is not surprising as the kitchen is one of the most demanding places – whether at home, at work, or in a school.

If you are working as a chef, therefore, then you have to know exactly the different types of shoes that can suit the type of job you have. By choosing the right type of chef shoes, you have a hundred percent assurance that even the most demanding tasks in the kitchen will be easier for you to do.

Here are some of the most common shoes that perfectly suit professional chefs, cooks, and other kitchen staff:

What Shoes Do Chefs Wear?


Lace-up Leather Shoe

One popular choice for professional chefs is the lace-up leather shoe. It is ideal for any chef who wants to wear a shoe with a lace-up design without having to compromise the safety features of the footwear, especially those designed to handle the demanding kitchen.

A wise tip is to choose that lace-up shoe with a leather upper as its formal look fits chefs and cooks who have to leave the work area from time to time, requiring them to sport a smart look. Ensure that it is comfortable, too. In this case, a nylon mesh lining integrated into the shoe can help as it makes it comfortable.

There should also be an anti-slip feature as such can provide the stability you need when you are in slippery kitchen surfaces. Furthermore, it should properly cushion and support your feet so you will feel comfortable even if you need to stand and move around the kitchen for long hours.

Slip-on Shoe

A professional chef can also go for a comfy slip-on shoe. It is a type of shoe, which is appropriate to wear both in the kitchen and office. Such makes it an ideal choice for you, especially if you need to be present in both locations most of the time. Ensure that you go for a slip-on footwear made of full-grain and durable leather.

It should have a low-profile design, too. In addition, your chosen slip-on shoe also needs to a slip-resistant outsole as it can guarantee a sure footing regardless of how slick the floor or surface is. It should be comfortable and supportive plus sports a lightweight construction.

Your goal should be to find a slip-on shoe for chefs that promote ease of movement while also giving you comfort even when you need to deal with prolonged periods of standing and movements.

Leather Oxford Style Shoe

Another type of shoe that a professional chef can wear is the Oxford style shoe often constructed out of leather material. Such style usually has a supportive insole and round and reinforced toe. The Oxford chef shoe available for men usually comes with at least five eyelets while the ones for women are often made of leather.


As a chef, you will also most likely enjoy wearing clogs. In fact, many of those who are part of the culinary industry prefer wearing this style of footwear. Just like other styles of shoes designed for chefs and those who are working in the kitchen, most clogs are slip-resistant.

They are also available in different colors. The good thing about clogs is that most styles are unisex, which means that men and women can wear them. One advantage of wearing clogs is that their slip-on style. This means that they are made in such a way that you can easily slip them in and out.

The footwear also usually comes with a padded cushion insert. In addition, clogs are good to wear in the kitchen, especially for chefs because they usually come in a length that protects the heel of users. Comfort and durability are also among its most endearing qualities.

Steel Toe Shoes

Another nice option that is available for you is the steel toe boot. It is actually a work boot, which offers the protection provided by a steel cap. What’s good about this shoe is that it is usually slip-resistant, making it suitable for chefs who need to work on greasy kitchen floors, steel floors, and ceramic styles.

When choosing a steel toe boot, make it a point to look for a lightweight and comfortable one. If possible, it should also come with a removable and replaceable footbed. The steel toe cap integrated into the boot should also be effective in doing its job of offering you utmost protection.

How to Choose the Best Chef Shoes?

Aside from learning the different types of footwear for chefs, you also need to be fully aware of the different factors that have a great impact in terms of making a good choice. Some of them are the following:


Know your options. Learn about the different kinds of footwear designed for chefs like you, such as the ones mentioned above. Also, ensure that your choice is based on the actual function you intend it to perform. For instance, you need it to be slip-resistant so you will be safe at work.


Spend time checking the quality of each component and feature of the footwear. Read reviews, too. You will also know that the shoe is high in quality if it is highly durable.

It should be comfortable and made of durable and high-quality materials. In addition, the breathability of the shoe can also make a lot of difference in its quality.

Arch Support

Since working as a chef requires prolonged standing, it is also necessary for you to find the most supportive footwear. Your chosen shoe should have sufficient arch support as it does not only help you stay comfortable at work but also help ensure that you are safe from potential injuries.


As a chef, you will most likely be on your feet most of the time. There are even instances when you need to stay up for more than twelve hours a day. With that in mind, you need to select the correct footwear designed for your job in the kitchen as such will let you enjoy your work while also guaranteeing your safety.

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