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woman lacing up her running shoe

10 Best Running Shoes for Beginners (Plus a Guide to Must-Know Terms!)

Ask any running enthusiast, and they’ll tell you: “The only way to find the best running shoes for beginners is to go to a physical store and get fitted.” We agree that your local running store is a valuable resource. But for many, paying them a visit isn’t an option right now. So if you’re […]

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Photo of a climbing shoes near a lake

When to Resole Climbing Shoes: Our Complete Guide

image source: Pexels Gear upkeep is one of the most important practices of safe climbing, and repairing damaged equipment can save your life on the rock. With that in mind, how do you know when to resole climbing shoes? Why Do You Need to Resole Climbing Shoes? The quick and easy answer for when to resole […]

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bubble gum on shoe

How To Get Gum Off Shoes Without Destroying Them

Chewing gum does wonders for your breath, but there’s nothing quite as annoying as stepping in it when you’re out and about. One minute you’re walking along, enjoying the fresh air. And the next you’re having difficulty lifting your foot off the pavement. Naturally, your first thought involves how to get gum off shoes. Luckily, […]

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best winter boots for men shoes-boots-snow-ice-snowy-winter

Things You Should Know About Best Winter Boots for Men

Winter is coming.And this is more than just a stock phrase from Game of Thrones.Whether you are looking for yourself or a loved one, you are probably seeking the best winter boots for men.Winter boots are a necessity depending on the climate or your planned outdoor activities. Feet can easily get frostbitten without the right […]

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Woman in white shirt standing near glass window

The Best Shoes For Nurses: Focus On Your Work, Not Your Feet

Imagine you start your shift as a nurse. You can tell it’s going to be a hectic day, and you’re not sure if your feet will last. Unfortunately, you don’t think your shoes are the best shoes for nurses. Your shoes may be okay for a while, but by the end of a shift, your feet […]

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How to Make Shoes

How To Make Shoes: 4 Steps And Benefits On Making Your Own

Many people spend hundreds of dollars each year on various pairs of shoes.Yet, shoes are one of the easiest articles of clothing to make.This article offers a very basic approach to making shoes.Each section walks you through a different part of the shoe-making process. Towards the end of the article, the benefits of making your […]

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9 Shoe Fads Only 90’s Kids Will Remember

The cultural currency for kids in the 1990s was much different than it is today. We didn’t have Snapchat streaks or social media follower-counts. Instead, your personal style was your greatest expression to the world around you, and the pinnacle of that style was usually found on your feet. They say clothes make the person; […]

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foot wearing the best walking Sandal

The Best Walking Sandals

Sandals are an excellent choice for walking shoes, but not all of them are up for that particular challenge. Which ones are best for hiking? We are going to be sharing some of our absolute favorite choices for sandals to walk in for an extensive period of time. There are so many different types and […]

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best tennis shoes

Best Tennis Shoes: Top 8 Best Shoes For Tennis Players

Quick Navigation How We Chose Our Ratings The Top 8 Best Tennis Shoes Buyer’s Guide for the Best Tennis Shoes One Last Tip for Buying the Best Tennis Shoes Whether you’re a tennis beginner, professional, or hobbyist – you’ll want a solid pair of tennis shoes to maximize your control and performance in the game. […]

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best shoe deodorizer

Best Shoe Deodorizer: The 10 Best Shoe Deodorizers And Sprays

Quick Navigation Which Best Shoe Deodorizer Is Best For Your Feet? HOW WE REVIEWED SHOE DEODORIZERS OVERALL PRICE RANGE THE 10 BEST SHOE DEODORIZER AND SPRAYS COMPARISON TABLE Which Best Shoe Deodorizer Is Best For Your Feet? If your favorite pair of shoes reek and the odor does not go away, it may be time […]

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