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The 7 Best Skechers Work Boot Reviews – Ratings and Top Picks

Being one of the most popular lifestyle and performance footwear brand for children, men, and women today, Skechers can definitely meet the demands of those who are presently in search of a pair of durable and high-quality work boots. If your job requires you to invest in a good pair of work boots, then do not hesitate to check out Skechers work boot reviews.

The brand has been known for giving high-quality footwear to the public, so there is some sort of assurance that what you will be getting from them meets or even exceeds your standards and requirements. The good news is that even if each foot is unique, Skechers makes it a point to use their signature fit system.

Such ensures that buyers will find their preferred style at the perfect size so they really experience utmost comfort when wearing it. Many protective features were also added to the footwear. To give you an idea about some of the best Skechers work shoe reviews, here are short reviews of seven of the most popular ones from the brand.

Top 7 Skechers Work Boots Reviews 

1. Skechers Workshire Review  –  OUR PICK

Two of the most important features in a work boot – comfort and support – are present in the Skechers Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot, so I think that it deserves a spot in this Skechers review. Overall, the construction of this work boot is leather. The rubber sole is also a strong point of this footwear.

It has a shaft, which is around 5.25 inches from the arch. The heel and platform also have very comfortable sizes, around 1.5-inch and 0.75-inch respectively. With the relaxed fit design of this boot, I know that you will enjoy utmost comfort the entire day, too.

Add to that the memory foam integrated into the boot and you will definitely get to enjoy the most comfortable footwear you can find. It is also a protective shoe since it can give complete protection from electrical hazards and possible slips and falls. That said, you know you are safe and secure even if you have a hazardous job.

The full-grain leather material used in the upper is smooth, too, which means that you’ll experience less hassle breaking it in. It also comes in a nice lace-up boot design with a protective soft toe. The sole also promotes high traction, further keeping you safe.

Some sizing inaccuracies are noticed, though, so be extra careful in choosing the right fit and size for you.

Skechers for Work Men's Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe...
  • In this style 77009E " W " denotes Wide.
  • Relaxed Fit
  • Electrical Hazard

  • Leather construction with a high traction rubber sole
  • Nice lace-up design
  • Relaxed fit, making you feel safe
  • Offers protection from possible slips and falls and electrical hazards
  • Leather material used in the upper is smooth, significantly lowering the break-in period
  • Not waterproof
  • No speed laces

Skechers for Work Workshire Relaxed Fit Work Steel Toe Boot is still a best-selling option from the brand as it is made of high-quality, comfortable, and protective materials.

2. Skechers Men's 76759  –  BUDGET PICK

Are you in search of a fully functional yet stylish work boot? Then I highly recommend checking out the 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Boot from Skechers. The main materials used in it are leather and synthetic. One impressive thing I like in this boot is it is really stylish without sacrificing its feel and performance.

The upper is constructed from leather, which sorts of assures you that it is tough and long-lasting. I like the lace-up casual work shoe design used in it because it promotes utmost comfort. The boot is rugged, too. There are slip-resistant outsoles made of rubber designed to offer top-notch comfort, toughness, and protection.

Furthermore, I noticed that there is a PU comfort insole integrated into the boot, which I can safely and conveniently remove when necessary. Such insole is fully padded, too, keeping you on the move without having to deal with any form of discomfort. It showcases a classic sneaker style, which I love.

It has an outsole, which works efficiently in preventing slips on oily and wet surfaces, as well as abrasion. The arch supports are in the right places. 

However, I also noticed that it is a bit big in the heel section. You can solve this problem, though by wearing a thick pair of socks.

Skechers for Work Men's Soft Stride Galley,Black,12 M US
  • Leather upper in a uniform ready casual sneaker with lace up front., Removable PU comfort insole
  • Tonal logo applique
  • Slip-resistant outsole

  • Functional and stylish
  • Excellent performance – thanks to the leather construction
  • Lace-up casual and classic sneaker style
  • Fully padded insole
  • Slip and abrasion-resistant
  • Tight and narrow from the front section of the boot
  • Added cushion might wear out faster than usual, especially if you use the boot too excessively

While there are a couple of downsides, I am pretty sure that you will fall in love with most of the functional and stylish features of Skechers 76759 Soft Stride Galley Work Boot, so it is certainly worthwhile to check out.

3. Skechers Men's Soft Stride  –  RUNNER UP

Another choice worthy to consider if you plan to invest in a footwear from the Skechers brand is the Soft Stride Steel Toe Work Shoe. What I like about this footwear is that it features a steel toe cap, which sorts of assures me that its level of protection is of the highest standard.

I like the fact that this boot uses leather as its primary material, too. As if the steel toe cap built into the boot is not yet enough, there is also a slip-resistant outsole, which is a bonus feature as it provides added security. It has a sole made of rubber material, which provides a strong foundation when used on challenging work environments.

The sole is flexible and can resist slips. The boot has a lace-up design, which, I think, is very nice to look at, making it appear stylish. There is a padded collar and tongue, as well, which makes it convenient to wear.  You will also notice the handy pull tab built into the heel as well as the protective textured bumper.

It is nicely crafted by combining leather and synthetic materials. The fact that it offers the right balance between durability and traction also means that it’s worth its price. 

Some sizing inaccuracies are noticed, though, so be extra careful in choosing the right fit and size for you.

  • Promotes a high standard of protection – thanks to the steel toe cap and slip-resistant outsole
  • Can be used even in challenging and harsh job sites
  • Flexible sole
  • Stylish lace-up design
  • Sports a padded collar and tongue
  • Offers the right combination of durability and traction
  • Inaccurate sizing

Provided you pick the right size, Skechers Soft Stride Steel Toe Work Shoe will definitely serve as the ultimate footwear for any worker who needs comfort, support, and protection when doing their jobs.

4. Skechers Men's Synergy Ekron  –  ALSO GREAT

Most of the qualities that you need from a work boot are present in the Skechers Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe, which is the reason why I included this product in this Skechers review. It combines its sporty good appearance, protective features, and comfort. It has a relaxed fit design, too, which is a bonus for those searching for genuine comfort.

I love the primary design used in this shoe, which is in the lace-up and sporty category. It has a tough upper constructed from smooth and soft Trubuck leather and synthetic materials. It has an alloy safety toe cap, which makes it a protective boot. I am sure that you will also like the well-crafted stitching and overlay accents of the shoe.

There is a memory foam insole built into the shoe, which is a plus as it promotes comfort. Protective features are also enhanced because its outsole promotes a slip-resistant traction while its design ensures that you can resist electric hazards. The sole is safe for use on oily and wet surfaces, too, because it is slip-resistant.

The fact that the shoe is lightweight also means that moving around on my job site will never be an issue. 

  • Relaxed fit design, offering genuine comfort
  • Great combination of sporty appearance, comfort, and protection
  • Tough upper made of genuine leather and synthetic materials
  • Protective – thanks to the alloy safety toe cap and the slip-resistant sole
  • Sports a memory foam insole, providing added comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Lacks ventilation when compared to other footwear from Skechers
  • Not that grippy, especially on muddy situations

Despite the mentioned issues, Skechers Synergy Ekron Alloy Toe Work Shoe is still worth the investment as most workers find it very protective, strong, and convenient enough to wear.

5. Skechers Men's Rockland Systemic

What I like about the Skechers Rockland Systemic Slip-resistant Lace-up Shoe is that it meets the requirements of being a casual footwear, which anyone can use in various types of job. In fact, it is a classic 9-to-5 footwear, which meets or even exceeds the standards of most workers.

It has a classic lace-up styling, which I find really adorable. The smooth leather material used in the upper also guarantees comfort. If you are like me who wants a stylish shoe, then you will also like the sleek overlays integrated into it. The cushioned insole is a big advantage as it features a contour, which is genuinely comfortable.

The shoe can also offer ample support to your soles – thanks to the built-in anti-slip rubber sole. With that, I can also say that it is appropriate for all-day use even if you need to stay up on your feet and move around for most hours.

It is also a versatile shoe because it is suitable for other purposes like casual wear, travel, running errands, or going outdoors. The subtle details that you will notice on the outer skin also add up to the stylish appeal of the shoe. The padded collar, bicycle-seamed toe, and grippy outsole, which features a driving heel, also make the shoe more beneficial.

It is narrower than other Skechers shoes, though, which some find uncomfortable during the first few uses.

  • Stylish while delivering an impressive performance
  • Nice classical lace-up styling
  • Utmost comfort provided by the smooth leather material
  • Cushioned insole with a comfortable contour
  • Anti-slip rubber sole, offering more than enough support for all-day use
  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Narrower when compared to other Sheckers shoes

I think that the Skechers Rockland Systemic Slip-resistant Lace-Up Shoe is still a great choice as it works perfectly well for standing and working all day, especially in hazardous workplaces with slippery grounds.

6. Skechers Women's Eldred

Another Skechers footwear that I fell in love with is the Eldred Slip-resistant Shoe. Just like the other Skechers shoes mentioned in this review, it has a lace-up casual comfort design, too, which, as you already know, is very attractive to look at. With that, I am sure that you will be getting a stylish yet great-performing shoe if you choose this one.

It has a durable leather upper, further boosting the ruggedness and strength of its overall construction. Since it also makes use of a relaxed fit design, I know that your toes and feet will definitely remain comfortable inside. It has a synthetic sole and memory foam interiors, as well.

I am pretty sure that you will experience top-notch comfort when wearing this Skechers shoe because the lining used in it is made of soft fabric. The cushioned insole is topped with memory foam, too. Furthermore, you will feel extremely confident when doing your job because of the protection offered by this footwear.

It is possible with the rubber traction outsole integrated into the shoe, which is also known for its anti-slip features. I particularly like the cushioned feel I experience when using this shoe to walk and move around on hard surfaces.

However, I also noticed that it is a bit big in the heel section. You can solve this problem, though by wearing a thick pair of socks.

Skechers for Work Women's Eldred Work Shoe, Black, 5 M US
  • Memory foam
  • Relaxed fit design for a roomy comfortable fit
  • Closure Type: Lace-Up

  • Features an attractive lace-up design
  • Rugged and long-lasting leather upper
  • Sports a synthetic sole and memory foam interiors
  • Cushioned insole, providing additional comfort
  • Soft fabric used in the shoe’s lining
  • Anti-slip rubber traction outsoles
  • Quite big in the heel section

With the many functional and versatile features of Skechers Eldred Slip-resistant Shoe, you will instantly know that you are making the right decision when you buy it once you start wearing the shoe on your job site.

7. Skechers Women's Soft Stride-Softie  –  OUR PICK

Skechers Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up is also a nice option considering the fact that it has the perfect combination of impressive style, tough attitude, and comfortable support. I think all the mentioned qualities can help any worker do their job better, so this product from Skechers is a great buy.

One thing I immediately noticed in this shoe is its full lace-up panel found at the top. I also find it genuinely comfortable because of its padded collar and tongue. It is easy to get on and off since there is also a handy and convenient pull tab built into the back of the shoe’s heel.

The soft and flexible leather material used in the shoes upper is also a big plus. It is not only comfortable but is also stain and scuff-resistant so rest assured that cleaning it up is easy. It has a durable sole made of man-made rubber, which offers excellent traction even if used on slippery and wet floors and surfaces.

You will also like the natural cotton blend cushion in the shoe, as it is tough and athletic while also providing all-day support. It has an excellent arch support, too, plus it offers the ultimate protection against safety risks, like electrical hazards, falls, and slips.

It is heavier than the other work shoes from this brand, though. However, the weight is not too much that you will already find it hard and uncomfortable to move around.

Skechers for Work Women's Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up, Black, 9.5 B -...
  • Slip-resistant work shoe with athletic cushion and comfort. Removable contoured PU insole
  • 1 1/2 inch heel height

  • Combines style, tough attitude, and impressive support in just one product
  • Full lace-up panel
  • Comfortable, thanks to the padded collar and tongue
  • Easy to wear and remove with the built-in pull tab
  • Uses a soft and flexible leather material
  • Stain and scuff-resistant
  • Heavier than other Skechers shoes

Skechers Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up is definitely a great choice for a work boot since it combines the majority of the features and positive qualities required by workers when performing their job.

How to Choose the Best Skechers Work Shoes Reviews?

With the numerous options provided by Skechers to their potential buyers, you might get confused over which work boot you should choose. The good news is that you can now make the whole selection process less troublesome if you take into account the following tips and factors:

Best Skechers Work Boots Reviews mechanic

Safety Toe – This is always a vital part of any work boot since it can give you a hundred percent guarantee that you will be completely protected. Your options for a safety toe include composite, aluminum, and steel. You can also go for a soft toe if your job does not actually require you to go for one with a safety toe.

When making your choice of the safety toe materials, it is a must to consider the daily tasks assigned to you, as well as the environment and temperature in your workplace. If you are exposed to risks of compact injuries and compression, then go for one with a steel toe.

If you want protection from injuries but you are working in a not so frigid environment, then go for an aluminum toe. One advantage of aluminum is that it is lighter than the other materials, making it very comfortable.

Sole – The material used in the sole can also make a huge difference in the quality of your footwear. One of the most preferred sole materials is rubber as it can resist slips while also being comfortable. You can also go for soles made of ethylene vinyl acetate as it is lightweight and flexible.

If you are constantly exposed to chemicals, then you can go for polyurethane material, too, as it can resist them. Make it a point to study all your options as well as how they respond to your work environment. With that, you can choose a sole or protective toe combination guaranteed to meet or exceed your requirements.

best skechers work shoes reviews

Tough Protection – Choosing the best Skechers shoes should also be made considering the level of protection that your options can provide. Choose a footwear with numerous protective features, especially if you have wide feet. Aside from a safety toe cap, you also need a shoe with a good outsole.

The outsole should feature traction lug patterns, as well. Such will help provide the right traction and grip while also protecting your feet.

Durability – You don’t want to spend too much money buying work boots too frequently, do you? With that, you really need to spend time scrutinizing the durability of each option. Ensure that what you are getting is not of mediocre quality. It should be capable of enduring tough use.

The primary material used in its construction should be of top-notch quality, too, allowing it to withstand various work environments, especially extreme outdoor elements. Your best bet, in this case, is leather, as it is already known for its strength and durability as well as its ability to last for a long time.

Resistant to Hazards – As a worker, your job exposes you to plenty of hazards, including oily and wet surfaces, as well as the weather. With that in mind, you really need a shoe, which is weatherproof and weatherproof. It should be resistant to heat, electrical hazards, slips, moisture, impact, abrasion, and puncture, too.

Final Words

While Skechers work boots review is a popular footwear brand known for the quality of its products, you still have to be very careful before you formulate your final buying decision. With your numerous options, you need to study which one can really provide you with what you specifically need.

That way, you will end up making a satisfying purchase, which can meet or exceed your expectations.

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