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Speedcross 3 vs. Speedcross 4 – A Thorough Comparison

Are you in search of a sturdy and well-built shoe, which can handle almost all terrains you expose it to? Then you may want to consider either the Speedcross 3 or the Speedcross 4 offered by Salomon. Salomon has already established a good reputation as a footwear provider.

With that, there is some sort of guarantee that both the Speedcross 3 and 4 shoes can give you ultimate satisfaction. However, take note that they still differ from each other. Fortunately, you can now decide which one is a better choice for you by reading this Speedcross 3 vs. Speedcross 4 article.

Speedcross 3 vs. Speedcross 4 - Outsole

speedcross 3 vs. speedcross 4 comfort

One thing that you will notice about the outsole of the Speedcross 3 offered by Salomon is that it is unique and solid. It makes use of the mud and snow Conti-grip material, which is unique to the Salomon brand. You can see this material being integrated into the outsole.

It is mainly designed as a means of protecting all abrasions and impact that you can see on trails while also increasing the shoe’s longevity. The outsole of Speedcross 3 also boasts of rubber lugs that tend to cover its bottom. Such rubber lugs are helpful as they are known for increasing the shoe’s grip significantly.

With an excellent grip, trail runners will be able to handle all types of treacherous conditions, including mud, snow, and rain. With all the features integrated into the outsole of Speedcross 3, it is safe to assume that it is capable of offering excellent grip, protection, and durability.

As for the Speedcross 4 outsole, take note that it still makes use of the Conti-grip outsole rubber used in the Speedcross 3 version. The only difference is that such feature is stickier when compared to Speedcross 3. With that, there is an assurance that the shoe is capable of sticking well even on wet surfaces.

The pattern used in the outsole also underwent some slight changes. It still boasts of their Chevron-shaped lugs. The only difference is that the ones used in Speedcross 4 are a bit smaller. Speedcross 4 is also equipped with a full long along its exteriors, so rest assured that it has more grip than the previous version.

Salomon Men's SPEEDCROSS 4 Trail Running, Black/Black/Black Metallic,...
  • Agressive Grip : Obvious and penetrating traction on soft ground
  • Precise Foothold : Close to foot and comfortable feel
  • Contragrip rubber sole; MIDSOLE HEIGHT : 30mm/20mm (10mm drop);WEIGHT: 310g

Speedcross 3 vs. Speedcross 4 – Midsole

speedcross 3 vs. speedcross 4

Speedcross 3 also has another solid component, which comes in the form of its midsole that makes use of EVA foam as its primary material. Such is beneficial for runners as it is not only a lightweight material but is also durable and capable of returning energy. It uses two forms of EVA foam – the molded and the injected versions.

Both of these, when working together, can increase the stability of the shoe, improve energy return, and reduce hard impact each time you take your stride. It is also equipped with an LT muscle, which is known to absorb impact while also promoting a smooth and comfortable stride.

In addition, the midsole features an Ortholite sock liner. It adds extra cushion to the underfoot, which is also helpful in preventing the buildup of sweat within the footwear.

Speedcross 4 midsole is still closely similar to the one used in Speedcross 3. One minor difference, though, is on the weight, as it tends to be lighter than the Speedcross 3. It should also be noted that Speedcross 4 specifically places the cushion all throughout the midsole as a means of effectively absorbing shock when necessary.

It does so while still maintaining the flexibility of the shoe. The cushion used in Speedcross 4 is also known to be capable of cradling your feet naturally, which is a good thing as it prevents runners from pronating and promotes a good form.

Speedcross 3 vs. Speedcross 4 – Breathability

The breathability of Speedcross 3 is one of those areas where some users have complaints. It could be because of the fact that while the upper design does a good job in ensuring that water and debris stay out, it tends to be lacking in the ability to let air circulate within the shoe.

Fortunately, the issue on breathability is somewhat resolved in Speedcross 4. This version makes use of anti-debris mesh while also creating an overall design, which supports a breathable upper. It sparingly uses synthetic overlays. In fact, most parts of the shoe are constructed out of mesh.

The shoe also tends to wrap around your feet in a way that it offers a more breathable experience. Salomon made it a point to make improvements on the breathability of the shoe through its Speedcross 4 version.

Speedcross 3 vs. Speedcross 4 – Comfort 

In terms of comfort, Speedcross 3 seems to be doing a good job. One of the reasons behind the high comfort level of this shoe is the fact that it fits snugly It also has a Sensifit design, making the shoe flexible while also fitting perfectly to your feet.

The EVA foam used in the midsole also ensures that the shoe will be comfortable when worn. In addition, the outsole boasts of its good grip, which is also guaranteed to promote a comfortable stride.

Speedcross 4 does not also disappoint as far as comfort is concerned. It promotes a comfortable fit considering the fact that it hugs your feet perfectly while also moving naturally with you. It also has a good inner lining, which promotes a nice feeling when you are wearing it.

It features a padded lace area. In addition, there is a quick lace system, making it possible for you to make quick adjustments on the tightness so it will be comfortable for you. It also makes use of a dual-density material for the midsole, making it possible for it to cushion your feet as you move.

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Both Speedcross 3 and Speedcross 4 did a pretty good job in their overall construction and design. Both are also sturdy and durable while also offering you a high level of comfort. However, you also have to take note of their differences so you can better decide which one is really capable of meeting your requirements.

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