Stacy Adams Shoes Review – Are Stacy Adams Shoes Good?

Is Stacy Adams a good brand to buy from?

Are they high quality and comfortable?

These are a few of the questions that we’ll be answering in today’s article.

Stacy Adams is a great shoe brand for any man looking to get dress shoes that will keep them feeling good and looking even better.

If you’ve been considering getting a pair from them, then this will be the only review you need to read.

Stacy Adams Shoes Review

Are Stacy Adams Shoes Good Quality?

The last thing any man wants is to order a pair of shoes and then see them fall apart.

You won’t have to worry about that with Stacy Adams, because they are owned by the same company that makes Florsheim shoes.

If you know anything about men’s shoes, you know that Florsheim is a legendary brand.

During the mid-’90s, you couldn’t go to any downtown city without seeing one of their shoe stores.

They were renowned for their high quality and luxury dress shoes. Every CEO and banker had a pair. Unfortunately, the everyday Joe was left empty-handed — or empty footed, rather?

Bad joke. I know.

But, that’s where Stacy Adams stepped in to offer an affordable and premium shoe. Check out their Dunbar wingtip oxford — it’s one of their most popular models.

Their footwear is made out of genuine leather upper. This is very important because it increases the longevity of every pair.

Real leather also absorbs sweat and moisture. During the warm weather, you’ll be happy you have dress shoes that don’t make your feet feel like they’re swimming.

That’s the problem with synthetic leather. It’s not breathable, doesn’t look as good, and won’t last as long.

The leather that Stacy Adams uses shapes to your feet, making it appear better and hold a better shape.

Look at the sole, too.

It’s made out of leather itself and is stitched on from the bottom, enhancing its construction. These shoes are well made, period.

Many dress shoes stitch the sole on from only the top of the shoe. That’s how you get soles falling off. We don’t want that.

Stacy Adams last long because their shoes include great stitching and good materials. The soles are made out of rubber, wood, or synthetic leather, though.

We would argue this is a good thing since it adds to the overall longevity.

The outer sole is what touches the ground and takes all of the grunt work when you’re wearing shoes.

You want a material that has good traction and durability; that is exactly what they achieve by using materials like rubber or wood.

This also means you can wear them all year round without issue. This is especially the case with their shoe model featuring an EVA rubber outsole, which has extra traction. No more slipping on ice or puddles!

Are Stacy Adams Made From Real Leather?

Yes, Stacy Adams is made from real leather.

They don’t use synthetic leather for the upper which is a huge benefit.

You can spot a cheap dress shoe from a mile away. The leather looks shiny, has no texture, and looks plain old fake.

Dress shoes are supposed to make you look professional, build your image, and give you confidence.

That’s what you can expect every time you slip on a pair of Stacy Adams. Look at their Dickinson cap toe oxford as an example — it features 100% real leather, and is a fan favorite.

They also offer certain pairs in suede leather, which has a beautiful appearance; easily enough to catch the eyes of anyone around.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not some kidskin? Wait, kid-what?

Don’t worry. It’s not what you think. Kidskin is leather from a young goat, which is extremely supple and comfortable.

Another leather they offer is buffalo. I’m very impressed by their portfolio of materials. This makes them stand out for their price range, as most competition only offers the basics.

Are Stacy Adams Shoes Comfortable?

Sure, they look good, but do they feel good?

Well, let us ask you this.

Have you heard of memory foam before? You know, the material developed by NASA to keep astronauts comfortable?

Stacy Adams uses that in their insoles. Check out their Garrison wingtip oxford that features memory foam.

Every step that you take will feel like you’re walking on clouds.

There’s nothing worse than a dress shoe that hurts your feet, scratches your ankle, and squeezes your toes.

Memory foam molds to your foot and feels soft. You’ll wonder why you never had shoes with it before.

Tired of trying to find wider shoes? Stacy Adams also makes shoes with medium and wide widths. This is great for men that hate the feeling of narrow dress shoes but need the style.

Are Stacy Adams Shoes Expensive?


Stacy Adams shoes are very easy on the pocket.

You won’t be dishing out an entire paycheck, unlike some other brands that are in the excess of $500.

You can get yourself a pair for around $100.

That’s what we call bang for your buck.

A real leather dress shoe with a memory foam insole and at an affordable price? It’s a dream come true.

Where are Stacy Adams Shoes Made?

Stacy Adams was founded in 1875. That means they’ve been making shoes for over 125 years!

William H. Stacy and Henry L. Adams created the Stacy Adams Shoe Company in Brockton, Massachusetts.

But, that’s not where their shoes come from.

Upon looking at a box that they arrive in, we can see that they are actually made in China.

A closer look at the insole reveals the same thing.

The question is, does this affect quality?


There’s definitely a prejudice against goods made in China. This is because of the low production costs, and sometimes this reflects in the quality control.

But, we deplore you to not look at where it’s made, but how these shoes are made.

With real leather uppers, memory foam insoles, and durable construction, does it really made where it’s put together?

Not really.

It’s a smart business move for Stacy Adams as they keep costs low, while still providing a great product.

Stacy Adams Designs and Style

Whether you’re after a sleek cap toe oxford or a flamboyant double monk strap boot, they have it.

Stacy Adams boasts a plethora of different designs that you could spend hours browsing through.

Some of them have even been featured in GQ Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

Their designs are pretty standard, for the most part. Don’t get me wrong, burgundy suede double monk straps aren’t necessarily standard, but they’re not as crazy as Paul Parkman designs per se.

There’s variety, plenty of colors to drool over, and styles for when you’re feeling a bit more courageous.

If you have a good experience with their shoes, you’ll feel great knowing there are many other options to get in the future from them.

Best Stacy Adams Shoes

Dunbar Wingtip Lace-Up Oxford

The Dunbar is Stacy Adam’s stunning and comfortable wingtip oxford. It’s available in cognac, brown, black, and indigo, giving you a variety of options. You can wear these shoes with a suit, jeans, or chinos, and it will improve any outfit instantly.

A burnishing effect gives this brogue an aged and refined look, guaranteed to give you confidence.

Stacy Adams also included a padded memory foam insole so your feet are comfortable all day. The breathable lining ensures that your feet don’t get sweaty, as well.

The sole contrasts against the upper for added style and is very flexible. The overall construction of the shoe is very durable, long-lasting, and comfortable.

Kason Cap Toe Monk Side Zipper Boot

Have you seen a men’s boot like this before? Probably not! The Kason model from Stacy Adams has a design that will turn heads and get you plenty of attention. It’s for the fashion-forward man that likes footwear with personality.

It comes in several different colorways, including chestnut, saddle tan, black, burgundy and black, or navy and tan. These are versatile colors that you will be able to match with any look.

Double monk straps, perforations, and a cap toe add tons of flair to this boot. It’s fun and very in-your-face. The side zipper also makes getting them on and off quick as lightning. I don’t know about you, but I hate when shoes take an hour to get on.

The Kason also uses buffalo leather for the upper, which is a rare material. People will envy you when you have this boot. And just like their other footwear, your feet will be cozy in a memory foam bed.

Faraday Slip-On Penny Loafer

Every man needs a loafer. They are stylish, comfortable, and suit all occasions. You can sport them with shorts on a sunny summer day or with a suit when you’re at the office. 

The Faraday penny loafer features a metal bit and apron toe, improving your style as soon as you slip them on.

The insole is made out of cushioned memory foam with shock absorption. You can walk around with these all day and you won’t get sore feet.

Stacy Adams included an etched heel to give you a better grip, as well.

Golato Cap Toe Double Monk Strap

For the serious fashion gurus, the Golato double monk strap oozes wealth and luxury. It looks like it’s worth $1,000 but comes at a fraction of the price.

This shoe features Hornback alligator print leather that will get people complimenting you non-stop.

Double monk straps are secured by silver hardware that blends into the variety of colors available.

Stacy Adams Review Conclusion

So, are Stacy Adams good dress shoes?

Absolutely! And they can be bought for a very fair price. You need to get a pair of Stacy Adams if you’re a man interested in a budget dress shoe that will improve your style.

Their footwear is made out of genuine leather and has memory foam insoles that will keep your feet comfy all day. The variety of leathers, such as buffalo, kidskin, and suede, gives you plenty of choices.

While they are made in China, you can have peace of mind knowing that it hasn’t affected quality one bit.

Certain models even feature a Goodyear welt, which is famous for making a shoe practically indestructible.

If you’ve been eyeing yourself a pair, I would say to greenlight them

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