super birki vs. profi birki shoes

Super Birki vs. Profi Birki: Important Facts About Both Shoes

If you are looking for high-quality clogs and footwear, then Birkenstocks is definitely one of those brands that will amaze you. It is one of the most trusted brands of footwear guaranteed to satisfy wearers regardless of gender, age, and activity levels.

Two of the most popular footwear offered by the brand are the Super Birk and the Profi Birki. Get to know about these two shoes and how each one differs from each other through this informative article.

Super Birki vs. Profi Birki Compared

Super Birki Unisex Clog: A Short Review

super birki vs. profi birki clog

Birkenstock Unisex Clogs Super-Birki - As Ciel Blue Light - Woman...
  • Regular width (, W, Normal)
  • Manufacturer: Birkenstock Material: Alpro-Foam Footbed: Alpro-Foam Sole: Alpro-Foam
  • Color: Ciel Blue Light

Super Birki from Birkenstocks refers to a well-designed unisex clog, which is known for its ability to offer maximum support. The ability of this clog to offer a high level of support is one of the major reasons why it is ideal for long hours of standing and walking.

It is also a great footwear to wear in case you want one, which is specifically designed to handle high-risk areas, especially in your work environment, particularly those surfaces with spills and environments that require fast movement. It is waterproof, which is actually a good thing as it enhances the ability of the shoe to last long.

It is also known for its excellent arch support as well as its non slip material. Rest assured that the Super Birki Unisex Clog will never disappoint as far as comfort is concerned. It is mainly because it is only equipped with a half inch heel height. With that, you have an assurance that it is naturally comfortable.

You will also fall in love with the shoe’s toebox considering the fact that it provides more than enough wiggle room for your toes and feet to move easily and freely. With that, there is an assurance that it won’t cause sores and pain.

The spacious toe room gives a guarantee that your toes can move naturally, thereby promoting great balance and the right foot alignment. Super Birki is also beneficial in the sense that it is equipped with a cork and latex footbed, which can mirror your foot’s natural shape. With that, it allows you to walk naturally.

The footbed is also contoured, promoting proper posture and even distribution of weight. The raised toe bar is also a good thing as it promotes a natural grip on your foot. In addition, there is a deep heel cup, which actually works in cradling your heel while also maintaining a natural cushion for your feet and heels.

However, take note that the size of the shoe might be too large and wide for some users. With that in mind, it is essential to really fit the shoe to ensure that you are getting the accurate size and width.

Profi Birki Clog

super birki vs. profi birki

If you want to own a clog from Birkenstocks, then you may also want to check out its Profi Birki Clog, which gained a lot of attention lately due to its top-notch quality. Profi Birki is even known to be an industry-standard footwear that you can usually see being worn in hospitals and kitchens around the world.

It is constructed with the help of a polyurethane, single-piece molded material. With that construction, there is some sort of assurance that this shoe does a pretty good job as far as flexibility and being lightweight and waterproof is concerned. It is also known for being comfortable and hard-wearing.

The use of the seamless polyurethane material in the outsole is beneficial for the footwear as it is known for being non-abrasive. The material is also waterproof plus it is capable of effectively resisting oil and grease. Another nice thing about this footwear is its felt-lined contoured footbed, which is not only removable but also replaceable.

With that feature, you have some sort of assurance that the shoe will receive extra longevity. The material used in the footbed also works in molding the natural shape of the user’s feet. It also works in cradling your feet and offering the needed support when you are standing, walking or moving around.

Presently, this clog is available for both men and women. It is known for its excellent arch support as well as its ability to resist grease and oil spills. With such resistance, you have an assurance that it can protect and support your feet all the time. It also offers protection through its anti-slip sole.

Another thing that the Profi Birki is known for is its deep access through its half-height heel. Since it is available in clog style, there is some sort of assurance that it is convenient and easy to use and maintain.

One problem with this footwear, though, is that it has the tendency of producing noise, especially when you’re walking on hard floors. Rest assured that the noise is manageable, though.

What’s the Difference?

While both the Super Birki and the Profi Birki are clogs, you still have an assurance that there are a few differences in their features. One major difference between the two is that the Super Birki is known to have a slightly less deep profile when compared to the Profi Birki.

Also, Super Briki has a heel height, which is slightly lesser than the Profi Birki. As for the sole, you will also notice some differences. The sole of Super Birki is actually based on cork material. Profi Birki, on the other hand, features a sole made of plastic.

Birkenstock Women´s Profi-Birki Brown Alpro-Foam Sandals 39 EU (M6/L8...
  • Regular Width (, W, Normal)
  • Manufacturer: Birkenstock Material: Alpro-Foam
  • Footbed: Alpro-Foam Sole: Alpro-Foam


Since both the shoes from Birkenstocks share a few similarities and differences, it is crucial for you to decide which one fits your unique requirements the most. Figure out where you will be using the clog more often as it can also help you decide which between the two works well for you.

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