Superfeet Green vs. Orange: What is the Difference?

Do you have problems with your feet? Are you someone who suffers from foot pain or other foot-related conditions, like plantar fasciitis? If your answer is yes, then you should consider investing in a high-quality insole designed to minimize or even get rid of the negative effects of having such foot-related conditions.

In this case, you can check out the Superfeet insoles. The insoles offered by Superfeet are among the best in the market considering the fact that they are really effective in providing additional comfort and protection. You can even expect the brand to provide you with high-quality insoles and inserts for all types of activities and feet.

Benefits of Wearing an Insole


Aside from finding the best footwear in the market, it is also a must to find the most suitable insole that’s not only compatible with your shoes but can also help prevent the most common foot-related concerns. The insole is a big help not only for runners and walkers but also for those workers with long shifts.

The premium insoles offered by Superfeet, for instance, can offer adequate support while also stabilizing your feet. In addition, they are designed in such a way that your shoes can improve their ability to absorb shock while also boosting the comfort and fit. The insoles provided by Superfeet are designed with a rigid bottom.

They also feature a well-cushioned upper, so they are really capable of providing maximum comfort and better structure within your shoe. In addition, they can prevent or fully deal with plantar fasciitis. It should be noted, though, that Superfeet has a wide range of insoles with each one having its own color.

You have to decide what’s best for you based on the colors offered by Superfeet. Note that the many colors for insoles offered by Superfeet actually have a deeper meaning. They don’t just serve as fashion statements.

They are different in terms of profiles and volumes so it is crucial to gain a full understanding of the different traits of each color so you can decide which one is best for you.

The most popular colors in the Superfeet premium insoles category are green and orange. Learn more about their distinctions in the remaining parts of this Superfeet Green vs. Orange article.

Superfeet Green vs Orange: Which One is Better?


Superfeet Green Premium Insole

The Superfeet Green is designed as a high-volume insole, capable of taking up the extra volume in your shoe. With that, expect it to be a great option if you have narrow feet or if your shoe has a loose fit. It boasts of a full-length and closed-cell foam, making it capable of offering adequate cushioning.

In addition, there are polypropylene heel caps designed to stabilize your feet if you are wearing a pair of boots. You will also notice the deep heel pockets of the insole, as well as its rockered bottoms. The cut-outs placed in strategic locations are also helpful as they promote natural shock-absorption.

Aside from being made using durable materials, this green insole from Superfeet is also known for providing excellent arch support. The fact that it can fit various shoes makes it a versatile option for those searching for a high-quality insole, too.

The maximum shock-absorption offered by this insole also makes it a popular athletic insert, which works well for men and women who have medium to high arch. The fact that this is a high-profile and high-volume insole also makes it capable of providing a lot of cushion and support for athletic shoes and boots.

It is a good choice if what you are looking for is an insole that can help minimize or even totally prevent the pain and stress often experienced by your legs and feet when you are walking, running, or spending the entire day on your feet, especially on hard surfaces.

Superfeet Green insole is a perfect option for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, industrial work, and health and wellness, too. The stabilizer cap of this insole acts as its base, too, making it capable of supporting the rear foot while also offering structure and improving stability to the foam.

Superfeet Orange Premium Insole

One of the things that you will instantly notice about the Superfeet Orange Premium insole is that it works in controlling and aligning the movements of your feet. In addition, it is made in a way that it offers support and balance. Just like the Superfeet green, it also has a shock-absorbent feature designed for active sports and hiking.

What makes the Superfeet Orange different from Superfeet green is that it is designed to offer more comfort, which is the reason why people consider it as an insole for relieving pain. It features a wide cushioning area, which is known for being so responsive that it can lessen the impact.

It also takes pride of its enhanced impact absorption, making it a good choice if you are planning to wear it along with a shoe designed for high-impact sports. You will also notice that the Superfeet Oranges comes with an extra absorption padding and you can find it in the forefoot area. You can’t find that in the Superfeet green insole.

In addition, the orange insole features a narrower heel cup than green. This insole boasts of a highly responsive full-length foam, which is a good thing as it offers better support and cushioning. It is the reason why this insole is thicker than the green version.

Superfeet Orange also tends to ride a bit high. Expect it to fill the inner part of your shoe more, making it a bit tighter. It is cushy but highly supportive. It is a good choice if you are suffering from foot, arch, heel, and joint pain, as well as plantar fasciitis. This particular insole is also known for having a natural anti-bacterial coating.


While both the Superfeet Green and Superfeet Orange insoles are known for being high-profile and high-impact insoles, know that each one has its unique set of traits and features. You’ll have to figure out which one can benefit you the most based on the features and benefits indicated here.

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