Best Thorogood Boots Reviews 2018 – Ratings and Buyer’s Guide

Thorogood is one of the most prominent names in the footwear industry. It is a reliable provider of high-quality shoes and boots that continue to grow in popularity because of their sturdy and top-notch quality components as well as well thought out craftsmanship.

If you are thinking about buying a pair of boots from Thorogood, then you have come to the right place. With the help of this review of  the 7 best Thorogood boots review, you will get an idea what to choose and why it is a good brand.

Why Choose Thorogood?

Thorogood boots are worthwhile investments because aside from consisting high-quality components and features, they also come with several valuable technologies, including Sympatex waterproof barriers, Vibram rubber outsoles, Thinsulate Ultra insulation, and blood-borne pathogen compliant barriers.

Most of the brand’s boots are also versatile. They are the perfect choices for several workers and professionals, including EMS, police officers, iron workers, manufacturing employees, natural and oil gas workers, and postal employees. It offers the ideal work boot, which meets the needs of any working person.

In addition, the boots they offer prioritize comfort and safety. You can also choose from those with a lace-free or lace-up design, or those that have or do not have zippers. It is also possible for you to find the perfect customizable fit for you.

Now that you know the positive traits of the majority of Thorogood boots, it’s time to introduce you to seven of the brand’s most functional footwear.

Best Thorogood Boots Reviews 2018

1. Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" MAXwear Wedge Non-Safety Moc Toe Boot  – OUR PICK

Thorogood 814-4200 American Heritage 6-inch Moc Toe Boot is a popular footwear from the brand, and that’s because of many great reasons. This boot is built in such a way that the manufacturer’s expertise and craftsmanship are demonstrated.

I like the slip-resistant sole of this shoe from Thorogood. The outer sole is designed in such a way that it provides the needed grip for slippery surfaces. I noticed that the shoe’s wedge sole design also makes it suitable for farm work aside from being functional for other purposes.

I also find the sole’s low profile and lack of heel an advantage as they prevent the buildup of debris and the possible alteration of grip. You don’t have to think about electrical hazards, as the boot has a high electric resistance rating.

Such makes it ideal for you if you’re an electrician or work with wires and electricity regularly. Another thing I love about the shoe is the fact that it works for those with normal feet as well as for those with narrow or wide feet.

You can also easily break it in. It is because it is constructed from durable yet soft and comfortable leather. 

The problem with this Thorogood boot is that it does not come with any waterproofing features. That said, it won’t keep the dryness on your feet especially when walking on surfaces deeper than a puddle.

The good news is that the boot is treatable with a beeswax, which is a good thing in fixing the footwear and alleviating the lack of waterproofing ability. The fact that this ankle-length boot features a nicely designed moccasin toe and well-cushioned wedge sole is also a bonus.

  • Slip-resistant wedge sole, providing more than adequate grip for slippery surfaces
  • Prevents the build-up of debris and possible grip alteration
  • Electric-resistant
  • Easy to break in – thanks to its strong and durable yet soft and comfortable leather material
  • Well-cushioned sole
  • Lacks waterproofing features

While the Thorogood 814-4200 American Heritage 6-inch Moc Toe Boot lacks waterproofing support, it is still undeniable that it is designed in such a way that it prioritizes quality without causing potential buyers to spend a fortune.

2. Thorogood Men's American Heritage 8" Moc Toe - Safety Toe  –  ALSO GREAT

When it comes to style, I find the Thorogood Men's American Heritage 8" Moc Toe Boot to be on top of my best choices from the brand. It is constructed from a highly durable tobacco tanned leather material, which makes it ideal for use not only when you work on concrete floors but also when you hit the town right after.

I personally like the slip-resistant sole of the American Heritage Boot from Thorogood. Such feature makes it resistant to both water and oil. It also has a completely waterproof leather material construction. It is a lace-up leather boot, which also features a treaded wedge sole.

There is also a pull loop, which you can find at the counter. You also have an assurance regarding its durability. It has a strong and durable construction considering the fact the sole is stitched, instead of gluing it to the upper part of the boot. I think that it helps make the shoe more long-lasting.

The good thing about the boot is that it also goes perfectly with any jeans. It works in hazardous environments, but you can also wear it in formal events, too. It sports a removable shock-absorption insert, too, which is a good thing as it makes it ideal for prolonged use on concrete floors.

You’ll need to break it in for a couple of days. Once done, expect to enjoy a high level of comfort. 

However, take note that it is not the warmest boot you can find today. It means that it does not work that well as a winter boot.

  • Impressive style
  • Constructed from durable tobacco tanned leather
  • Water, oil, and slip-resistant
  • Features a removable shock-absorption insert
  • Goes well with any jeans
  • Not ideal as a winter boot because it lacks warmth usually provided by other boots from the brand

Still, you will instantly notice that the boot has been developed with durability, quality, and style in mind, so it is indeed worthwhile to invest in.

3. Thorogood Men's 6" Moc-Toe Wedge-Heel Non-Safety Boot  –  RUNNER UP

Another popular boot from Thorogood is the 6-inch Moc-Toe Wedge- Heel Non-safety Boot. What I like the most about this boot from Thorogood is its black walnut oil-tanned leather construction, which transforms it into a rugged boot with an impressive look. It sports a synthetic sole, too.

As for the shaft, expect it to run around six and a half inches from the arch. Also, I find the fact that it is a contrast-stitched leather boot, which also sports a moc toe and wedge heel impressive. It has an oil and slip-resistant sole, making it safe to use, even on the most slippery environments.

I also think that most workers will find this as the perfect safety boot for them because of the removable shock-absorption, and dual-density footbed built into it. It also features a comfort cushion, which means that it will never compromise your comfort even if you are working in harsh environments.

Whether you are working in a manufacturing or construction environment, the boot can also keep you safe because it sports a safety toe. Furthermore, it looks great, so you can use it not only as your work boot but also as part of your casual wardrobe.

You will also notice that it has an eyelet and hook lacing, as well as a pull tab at the counter. The built-in cotton drill vamp lining also adds up to the appeal of this Thorogood moc toe review.

It is quite hard to break in, though. In addition, the leather used in the ankle part seems to be of lower quality than expected.

  • Black walnut oil-tanned leather construction, promoting sturdiness and durability without compromising style
  • Sports an oil and slip-resistant sole
  • Ideal for workers – thanks to its safety features, including the removable shock-absorption footbed
  • Features a comfort cushion
  • Impressive style
  • Quite difficult to break in
  • Lower quality leather used on the ankle portion

You will never regret buying Thorogood 6-inch Moc-Toe Wedge-Heel Non-Safety Boot as it can keep you safe and comfortable at work.

4. Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" MAXwear Wedge Safety Moc Toe Boot

The tobacco leather construction of the Thorogood American Heritage 804-4200 6-inch Steel Toe Work Boot is one off its most promising features. What I like about the shoe is that it is constructed from tough and manly materials on its exteriors while showcasing a lightweight and soft cushioning on the interiors.

Such construction transforms the footwear into a resilient and versatile boot. The fact that it is constructed from natural leather makes it highly flexible while still having the ability to handle even the harshest environments. The leather material is also oil-tanned, boosting the strength of the boot.

In addition, such oil tanning works in keeping away moisture while also ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable. There is also a cotton drill vamp lining built into the boot, which is a good thing as it ensures that your feet will be surrounded by breathable and soft comfort.

It also offers enough ventilation because of its cooling capability. Furthermore, it is guaranteed to be good for your hardworking feet, thanks to its shock-absorption footbed, which you can easily remove, too. It has a high electrical hazard rating while also being engineered with a composite shank.

I think the composite shank is a nice feature as it offers enough underfoot support. It is also one of the most attractive boots from Thorogood that you can wear as it takes pride of its vintage leather upper, which also has bold contrast stitching.

The secure lacing system, thick sole, as well as supportive ankle are also among its best features. 

It lacks waterproofing features, though. Another possible drawback is the fact that it lacks insulation, which is supposed to be useful during the cold days.

  • Sports tough and manly materials on its exteriors
  • Lightweight and well-cushioned inside
  • Keeps moisture away, thereby ensuring that you stay dry and comfortable
  • Breathable and soft
  • Offers more than enough underfoot support – thanks to its composite shank
  • Lacks insulation and waterproofing ability

Still, it is no doubt one of the most well-made boots from Thorogood maxwear wedge review, so it pays to make it a part of your list of options for a durable footwear.

5. Thorogood Men's Gen-Flex 6-Inch Lace-Toe Composite Work Boot

One thing that I can associate the Thorogood GEN-FLEX 6-inch Lace-Toe Composite Work Boot with is a sporty and outdoorsy appearance. I like the built-in abrasion-resistant side and toe bumpers of the boot as such prevent it from leaving marks.

It works well not only at work but also in other functions. In addition, it is a sturdy footwear while still ensuring that it stays comfortable for daily use. It sports compression-molded gel inserts, as well as cushioned footbed, both of which provide all-day comfort. I find the footbed shock-absorbent, too, which is an advantage.

The rugged, full-grain, oiled leather uppers are also among the strengths of the shoe. It is non-metallic, plus features a composite safety toe, thereby increasing its ability to give protection to users. It also has a dual-density rubber outsole, which is not only long-lasting but flexible, too.

It also protects you from electrical hazards. Furthermore, there is a built-in composite shank, which, I think, is truly beneficial in providing proper underfoot support. I also like the built-in spacer mesh lining, as it adds to the comfort level of the shoe.

It prevents ankle pain and discomfort – thanks to its anti-roll bar heel support. 

However, take note that it has downsides, too, including the fact that it is not as long-lasting as the other Thorogood boots. For instance, the rubber lining found on the toe cap peels off faster than expected.

  • Sports a sporty and outdoorsy look
  • Features side and toe bumpers that are abrasion-resistant
  • Versatile that you can use it in other functions apart from in the workplace
  • Features a shock-absorbent footwear
  • Guarantees adequate underfoot support with the aid of its composite shank
  • Not as long-lasting as the other boots from the brand

It is still well-made, though, so you have an assurance that it can serve you for a reasonable amount of time, giving you real value for the money you spent for it.

6. Thorogood Men's American Heritage 6" Classic Plain Toe, Safety Toe Boot

I find the Thorogood American Heritage 6-inch Safety Toe Boot impressive because it has a tough design using high-quality materials. With such materials, you can get a highly reliable, durable, and comfortable boot. It is a safety boot with exceptional craftsmanship.

For one, I noticed that it is created from black walnut, oil-tanned leather uppers that further increase its abrasion-resistant capability. The rugged and sturdy construction of the boot makes it ideal for use on industrial and construction sites, as well as harsh outdoor conditions.

I specifically like the Goodyear welt construction of the boot, as it further enhances its durability. It also promotes comfort and safety for daily work environments. The good thing about the boot is that it is created in such a way that it blends well with several garment colors.

It also has a flawless stitching. It is comfortable enough because it has a Dri-Lex fabric lining. Such works in preventing the accumulation of moisture and sweat when you’re wearing it. I find the removable cushioned footbed amazing, too, as it offers comfort.

In addition, it has soles that are both easy and comfortable on your heels. It has better slip-resistant features in comparison to the other safety boots offered by other brands. The boot is also a good choice as it lets you navigate on either uneven or smooth terrain without any difficulty.

It does not puncture that easily can resist daily abrasions from industrial work environments. The price of the boot is higher than the other safety boots, though. In addition, you only have a single color option for this boot.

  • Reliability, comfort, and durability rolled into one boot
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Rugged and sturdy construction without sacrificing comfort
  • Comfortable and safe to use in even the most unforgiving workplaces
  • Promotes ease in navigating on uneven or smooth terrains
  • Costly
  • Provides only one option for color

While this boot has a higher price tag, you know that it is worth it with the many functional and valuable features it holds.

7. Thorogood Men's American Heritage 8" Moc Toe - Non-Safety Toe

The list of the best Thorogood boots will never be complete without its American Heritage 8-inch Moc-Toe Boot. I find it impressive because it is rough and rugged, rolling excellent performance, functionality, and durability in just a single footwear.

It is long-lasting, thanks to its tobacco gladiator oil-tanned leather. It also features a Goodyear welt construction, further improving the strength of the boot. I also find the slip-resistant and non-marking Vibram wedge outsole made of rubber impressive because it further improves the stability of the boot.

Such stability makes it ideal for use on several surfaces and terrains. It has a moc-toe design, which adds more flair to its overall look. That said, you can use it for other functions, too, aside from work. It has a cotton drill vamp lining, as well.

Such lining is a huge advantage as it enhances the breathability of the boot, keeping your feet comfortable and dry regardless of the work condition you are in. I also find the dual-density, removable shock-absorption insole a big advantage as it offers excellent cushion.

Such insole can also handle shock when you take hard steps on rugged and rough surfaces. I also like the excellent arch support provided by the rubber midsole and fiberglass shank, as it helps in preventing foot fatigue and pain. 

It is priced higher than the other models and brands, though.

  • Offers a great combination of performance, functionality, and durability
  • Long-lasting with the help of its tobacco gladiator oil-tanned leather construction
  • Excellent stability – thanks to its slip-resistant and non-marking outsole
  • Breathable with the built-in cotton drill vamp lining
  • Shock-absorbent

Despite its expensive price tag, you know that you get your money’s worth as most of its features really work as promised.

Thorogood Boots Buyer's Guide 

Now that you are aware of seven of the best boots from Thorogood and their individual strengths and weaknesses, it’s time to gain a complete understanding on making your choice. With the following factors in mind, finding the best Thorogood boots sizing reviews out of your many options is easy:

Thorogood Boots Reviews

Safety toes – If you want to keep your toes and feet safe from injuries, then you need to look for a Thorogood boot with a safety toe. One option is the steel toe, which can prevent countless of injuries. However, take note that it’s also heavy and tends to conduct temperature, making it unsuitable for the cold season.

You can go for the lighter version that works just as strong, which is the aluminum toe. The problem is that it also conducts temperature and is bulkier than steel. Another choice is the composite safety toe often constructed from Kevlar, carbon fiber, or plastic.

It is non-metallic. That said, it does not conduct heat, so it is safe for you to wear it through metal detectors.

Additional support – You need a supportive boot, especially if you are planning to invest in one which you can use at work. Additional support is even necessary, especially if your daily job requires you to carry heavy objects. In that case, a boot, which features metatarsal guards is a must.

It works similarly to a safety toe but has more coverage in terms of protection. If you are a logger or railroad worker, then you might also want to look for a boot with adequate calf and ankle support.

Style – Are Thorogood boots good? Of course, you would want to wear a stylish boot, too. Aside from its outer appearance, you also have to make sure that the boot you choose is designed in such a way that it can handle the specific terrains you are constantly exposed to.

Fit – The boot should have the perfect fit, too. It should naturally conform to the shape of your feet. With that, it is safe to assume that it can make you feel comfortable without any risk of foot pain and fatigue.

Final Words

Thorogood boots review is a prominent brand in terms of footwear. However, you need to research thoroughly about all your options from the brand. By familiarizing yourself with the individual features, strengths, and weaknesses of each boot, picking one, which is really suitable for your needs is possible.

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