Thorogood Boots vs. Redwing: What is the Difference?

If you are looking for the best brands of boot today, then two of the brands that you will most likely encounter are Thorogood and Redwing. Both brands continue to win the attention of those who love to invest in boots due to the quality, durability, comfort, and support that they offer.

You can find plenty of boots from both brands that are known to be tough and of top-notch quality. Both brands are also perfect for you if you are in search of boots manufactured in the US.

However, take note that Thorogood and Redwing also have their own differences and it is up to you to decide which among the boots they offer can really give you ultimate satisfaction. If you want to learn more about the boots offered by Thorogood and Redwing, then this article is for you.

It delves deeper into what both brands can offer, as far as quality and performance of boots are concerned, so you will get an idea which one to pick.

Thorogood Boots vs. Redwing: History


Redwing has been in the business of manufacturing footwear since 1905. That said, it has been around for more than a hundred years already. At first, Redwing was established to deal with the needs of workers who are part of the demanding industries associated with farming, logging, and mining.

The first original work boot from the brand was actually also offered in the first year of its operation, 1905. It featured buckles, laces designed to fit the boot securely, and a leather material. Over the years of operation, Redwing continues to manufacture and design sturdy boots and shoes designed for challenging and harsh work environments.

They even created the Heritage, which is known to be a major component of their built-to-last and durable boots. Such boot offered by the brand comes with a leather and Goodyear welt construction. It also comes with triple stitching, which augments the boot’s durability.

One of the things that make Redwing distinguishable from the rest is that it utilizes its own premium leather unique only to the brand. Such Red Wing leather is designed in such a way that it is durable and pliable while also being ideal for prolonged use.

The Thorogood brand, on the other hand, came much later than the Redwing, since the brand was only introduced during 1918. However, the manufacturer of this brand, Weinbrenner, was already in the footwear scene for hundreds of years. It started as a small cobbler business in 1855, which involved repairing boots and shoes.

It was in 1892 when Weinbrenner started selling boots and shoes to the public. Weinbrenner introduced Thorogood in 1918 as a means of meeting the demand for specialized boots. The first boot from the brand was called the Jobber.

It featured a design, which was perfect for linemen as it made it easier for them to hold the telephone poles tightly with their legs. Jobber gained extreme popularity from the time it was introduced. It was the reason why you can find it in numerous trade circles starting its release.

Since the Jobber obtained success, the Thorogood brand continued to come up with various designs for their work boots. Probably the main reason for its success up to now is that the brand caters to different types of workers regardless of the work environments they are in.

The brand also has boots that incorporate both non-safety and safety designs, giving you the opportunity to find a style, which perfectly fits your requirements and needs.

Thorogood Boots vs. Redwing: The Design and Purpose

One of the best things about both the boots offered by Thorogood and Redwing is that they come in various designs. With that, potential buyers can definitely sort out their options and figure out which one is really suitable and compatible enough for their needs.

However, take note that both brands’ individual designs are designed for specific users. Most boots from Thorogood, for instance, are available in both non-safety and safety designs. However, even the non-safety choices offered by the brand are designed sturdily while also having more than enough support.

With such feature, it is safe to say that most boots from Thorogood are actually designed to serve hard workers or anyone who needs to perform heavy-duty chores and tasks on a regular basis. The brand’s safety boots are designed in such a way that they can bring the comfort and protection needed by hard workers to an even higher level.

For instance, it offers the Heritage, which is an 8-inch safety toe boot featuring a reinforced leather. It makes use of highly durable materials, so expect it to handle the most demanding and the harshest work environments. It also features a sole, which is ideal for use on uneven and wet terrains.

This is not the only safety boot offered by the brand. There are still a lot more – all of which are known for being not only safe and protective but also highly durable and sturdy. With such design and function, it is safe to say that most Thorogood boots can handle hazardous, demanding, and dangerous work environments.

Most of the boots from Redwing, on the other hand, are designed for walking. While it is true that Redwing boots are durable and sturdy because of their ability to deal with wear and tear effectively, they do not have the kind of structure, reinforced sole, and cushioning often used in Thorogood boots.

The boots can be expected to work perfectly in work environments that are not that demanding, such as painting, plumbing, and residential repairs and construction. If you are thinking about buying a Redwing boot, then take note that one of its most popular models is the Iron Ranger.

It makes use of a better material and sole construction than its other models. It offers support. However, the leather upper of this boot is known to be less forgiving when it comes to movements. You can also go for Redwing’s Beckman Round 6-inch boot in case you are searching for a boot with more than enough traction.

It comes with aggressive tread patterns that explain why it has a good grip. With that, it is indeed suitable for use on both uneven and wet terrains. Compared to Thorogood boots, though, Redwing boasts of a more aesthetically pleasing line of footwear.

With that, the brand works well for you if you are looking for a footwear that you can use casually, instead of in the workplace.

Thorogood Boots vs. Redwing: The Moc Toe Boots

Thorogood and Redwing are also two brands that gained extreme popularity due to their moc toe boots. However, you can’t expect the two footwear to be the same. The moc toe boot from Thorogood, for instance, is made to be both stylish and tough.

You will instantly notice that it is heavier and thicker while also being more resistant to wear and tear as well as frequent movements. It takes more time to break this boot in, though. You can expect it to provide your desired level of comfort only after breaking it in for a few weeks or using it for months.

It makes use of Goodyear welt construction, which connects the shoe’s upper to the sole. There is also a dual-density insert inside, which is removable and shock-absorbent. With that, you can expect this moc toe boot from Thorogood to ease the impact, thereby promoting comfort when used daily.

It also features a sturdy outsole made of Vibram rubber. What’s good about it is that it is safe as it is slip and oil-resistant. With that, you have an assurance that it offers superior traction regardless of the surface it’s exposed to. The moc toe of the brand also resembles the first ever boot that it introduced, which is the Jobber.

Redwing’s moc toe boot, on the other hand, is different from that of Thorogood primarily because of the leather upper it uses. If you compare the two uppers, however, you will notice that Thorogood has more density, making it more hardy and long-lasting.

It does not mean, however, that the Redwing’s moc toe is not a good buy as it actually has plenty of benefits. One is the fact that it does not require too much time to break in as it is softer than Thorogood. Such boot also ages nicely. With that, you don’t have to think too much about how you can maintain its good condition for years.

It has a basic and comfortable insole, which makes it good for casual use. The rubber sole used in the boot does not also come with any unique or special material. It is the typical rubber material often used in a sole. Such material is good enough as it provides more than enough traction from the time you take it out of the box.


Both Thorogood and Redwing are among the most prominent names in the footwear industry. While they have different offers, they frequently achieved their goal of impressing and satisfying their buyers, which is an indication that its boots are indeed of top-notch quality.

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  1. Dude, you got it backwards. The Red Wing Heritage Moc Toe is a much thicker leather and rakes mich longer to break in than the Thorogood. It was so strange reading this because it’s obvious that the author doesn’t know what he’s talking about. One of the biggest gripes about red wing boots are the lengthy break in period due to the leather beings so much thicker than the Thorogood.

  2. Informative article. Moc Toe. Both boots are made of high grade durable leather. The Redwing has slightly thicker leather, is less comfortable and takes longer to break in. The Redwing wedge soles wear out 3-4 times faster than the Thorogood wedge soles. The Redwing has a leather insole that your feet conform to over a long period of time. The Thorogood has the leather insole and an additional soft insole. The Thorogood breaks in faster and is more comfortable. The Redwing appears to be more trendy than the Thorogood. The Redwing is more expensive. Both made in the USA. If the Redwing used the Thorogood’s wedge sole and insole, you would have the perfect boot. If Thorogood used Redwing’s leather, you would have the perfect boot.

  3. Got this backwards. Ive had TG’s for years. Their leather is buttery soft while RW is very thick and stiff. I can wear my TG’s out of the box the first day to work for 8hrs and have zero issues. RW i wear around the house for about two weeks before i even remotely consider wearing them out. The only parts of this article you got right is the fact that thorogood soles last longer than redwing. But they use an in house wedge sole called max wear. Not vibram. Also they are made like modern boots with cushioning and a removable footbed. If you are buying work boots, id go TG. Casual id go RW, based on the fact that RW wedge sole while comfy, doesnt last more than 4-5 months of daily to heavy use. But RW leather will last much longer do to it being thicker. TG leather, especially in the heel cup loses its shape after a yr. ive mever lost heel cup shape in my RW.

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