Best Thursday Boot Company Review

Whether you are looking for a men’s boots, the Thursday Boot Company review has something in store for you. The company has a wide collection of high-quality boots – all offered at reasonable prices.

What is good about the brand is that it is popular for its simple philosophy, which is to provide its valued customers with pair shoes and chukka boots that are not only comfortable, durable, and versatile but also have honest pricing. Most of the boots offered by the brand are also stylish, so you will definitely feel good wearing any of them.

If you are seriously considering of investing in a footwear from the Thursday Boot Company, then the following should definitely be on top of your options.

Best Thursday Boot Company Reviews

1. Thursday Boots Captain Review  –  OUR PICK

I think that one of the best products offered by Thursday Boot Company is its Captain 6-inch Lace-up Boot. As the name suggests,  the pair of boots has a lace-up style, which I find attractive. It has a leather upper, which also sports a nice finish. It has a sophisticated style while still having an edge when compared to other footwear.

One more thing I find impressive in this shoe is that its safety toe cap has a minimalist design without losing its functionality. It has a well-designed stitching over the toe, making it look stylish without compromising the quality of the materials used. Another thing I like is the studded rubber sole.

I like it because it enhances the grip of the material on various surfaces. Aside from featuring a lace-up vamp, you will also like the flat wax laces and the speed-hook eyelets integrated into the boot. The Goodyear welt construction is integrated in such a way that it offers extra support and improves the durability of the boot.

Since it has a water-resistant seal, you know that your feet are fully protected, too. It The pair of boots has a cork footbed as well as an EVA comfort strip, both of which are designed in such a way that they support the natural form of your feet, offering 24/7 comfort. I also noticed that there is a full-glove leather lining integrated into the boot, promoting a comfortable fit.

One uncomfortable issue that you may notice is that the lace hooks tend to bend when you are taking off the footwear. There are times when the bent hooks make it difficult for the laces to come out.

  • Features an attractive and sophisticated lace-up style
  • Leather upper with an attractive and nice finish
  • Minimalist design used for the toe cap
  • Good grip on different surfaces
  • Comfortable fit provided by the full-glove leather lining, EVA comfort strip, and cork footbed
  • Lace hooks tend to bend easily when removing the footwear

Overall, this footwear from Thursday Boots Captain is actually a cool one and comes with a nice design and favorable strength and integrity, making it worth your investment.

2. Thursday Boots President Review  –  RUNNER UP

Another footwear that I always recommend for those who are planning to invest in this brand is the Thursday Boot Company President 6-inch Lace-up Boot. What I immediately noticed in this boot is its timeless and clean design. I also noticed that it was constructed in such a way that it will last for a long time. The Thursday Boots Company made this footwear to be timeless as possible. I’s simple, versatile and depending on the details, works with a lot in a man’s wardrobe

It is made possible with its strong genuine leather construction, as it makes it tough for handling various harsh elements. I like the integration of studded rubber soles in this boot as such means that it can grip well on all surfaces. It has a classic plain-toe ankle boot design, which also comes with a lace-up vamp making it easy to wear.

The presence of the flat wax laces is an advantage because it ensures that the boot will continue showcasing its sophisticated, minimalist, and clean look. There are also speed-hook eyelets integrated into the ankle boot. With the Goodyear welt construction used in the footwear, I can also assure that you that it offers more than enough support.

The durability of the boot is also unquestionable – that’s thanks to the genuine leather and the other durable features built in it. There is also a water-resistant seal, keeping you fully protected the entire day. Extra comfort can also be expected from the EVA comfort strip and cork foot-bed featured inside.

This boot costs higher when compared to other footwear, though, but rest assured that its price is commensurate with the quality and features that you can expect to enjoy from it.

  • Features a timeless and clean design
  • Sports a strong genuine leather construction, ensuring that it is tough to handle harsh elements
  • Comes with studded rubber soles design to improve the grip of the boot on various surfaces
  • Flat wax laces help in maintaining its sophisticated look
  • Water-resistant seal
  • Costs higher than other footwear

Thursday Boot Company President 6-inch Lace-up Boot is of top-notch quality plus it comes with several functional features so paying more is definitely worth it.

3. Thursday Boots Diplomat Review

If you want to invest in a leather boot, which is versatile enough while having enough grip for all types of surfaces, then I would suggest checking the Thursday Boot Company Diplomat 6-inch Lace-up Boot. It is incredibly versatile that you can use it at work, as well as for outdoor use and a date night. Make no mistake, this is a Thursday boot and not  a pair of Red Wing work boots or military surplus boots. 

The leather used in this boot is 100% genuine, which gives an assurance of its durability. It has a shaft with a comfortable measurement – only around six inches from the arch. Just like the previously mentioned boots from the brand, this one also comes with studded rubber soles. I know that you’ll be thankful for these soles as such provide additional grip.

It has a classic moccasin style while working as an ankle boot, which features a lace-up vamp. I also find the integration of the flat wax laces as well as the speed-hook eyelets impressive. For additional support and strength, expect to get it from its Goodyear welt construction.

There is also a guarantee of all-day comfort as the boot comes with an EVA comfort strip and cork footbed. For protection purposes, you will be glad to know that there is a water-resistant seal. The shoe is beautifully made with a sole which is heavy yet sturdy. It features a comfortable lining, too.

At first, you will notice that it is quite tight on the sides but rest assured that this will be resolved once the usual break-in period is completed.

  • Versatile boot – You can use it at work and for other purposes, like outdoor use or a date night
  • 100% pure leather construction, promoting its excellent durability
  • Additional grip provided by the built-in studded rubber soles
  • Offers additional support and strength – thanks to its Goodyear welt construction
  • Beautifully made while also boasting of its sturdy sole
  • The lining used is comfortable
  • Tight on the sides at first

After breaking it in, you will notice how cool the Thursday Boot Company Diplomat 6-inch Lace-up Boot as it has most of the features that you will most likely want any footwear to have.

4. Thursday Boots Scout Review  –  BUDGET PICK

I also feel like this list of the best Thursday Boot Company footwear will never be complete if I do not include its popular Scout Chukka Boot for men. I find it impressive that Thursday Boot Company was able to combine the classic British style and the brand’s unique American aesthetic without compromising the durability and versatility of the boot. The Scout Chukka may remind you of the Clark’s dessert boot, but this pair is more versatile because you can also wear it as dress shoes. 

I find it durable enough that I know that it can handle the demands of prolonged use. There are plenty of things I like in this boot, including its classic design, which also features a suede upper. It has a stitch-out construction, too, which is a bonus as it makes the footwear not only water-resistant but also fully re-soleable.

Such construction also makes the footwear even more supportive and durable. It features a lace-up vamp, which also has round wax laces, giving the boot a sophisticated appearance, as well as two blind eyelets. It also grips perfectly well regardless of the surface you expose it to considering the fact that it has studded rubber soles.

Another nice feature is the cork foot-bed as it naturally conforms to the shape and contour of your feet, promoting all-day comfort. The sole is also designed in such a way that it helps in water-resistance and traction. The sizing is off, though, so be extra careful when picking your size.

A wise advice is to follow the recommendation of the brand, which is to get one size smaller than your normal size for athletic shoes.

  • Great combination of the classic British style and the unique American aesthetic used by Thursday Boot Company
  • Highly durable and versatile
  • Boasts of a stitch-out construction, making the footwear water-resistant and easy to resole
  • Sophisticated and attractive look promoted by its round wax laces
  • All-day comfort provided by the cork footbed
  • Inaccurate sizing

Still, I am sure that you will enjoy choosing the Thursday Boot Company Scout Chukka Boot. It is versatile and durable while also having a nice style that you will surely be proud of wearing.

5. Thursday Boots Duke Review

If you want a more modern design, then I recommend picking the Thursday Boot Company Duke Chelsea Boot. This footwear is actually perfect for the modern man. I also like the versatility of this footwear as it makes it easier for me to dress it up or down. It has a nice aesthetic appeal, thanks to the careful construction of the boot.

It has an upper made of premium suede. What is good about its design is that it has a well-optimized slope, which underwent up to twenty re-designing processes, giving an assurance that the final result is of top-notch quality, especially in terms of aesthetics and comfort.

It has a full-glove leather lining in the interiors, improving its toughness and sturdiness as well as its ability to handle even the most demanding conditions. It has a rubber sole, which is studded, providing additional grip on different kinds of surfaces. It features a proper cushion, making it more comfortable.

Combine that cushion with the EVA comfort strip and cork foot-bed and you have a boot, which can support your desire of owning a footwear that can provide utmost comfort 24 hours a day. I can also assure you of the fact that this boot is durable and supportive due to its sturdy Goodyear welt construction.

However, note that you may need to add more protection to the weather-safe suede already added in the boot with the help of a suede protector. It is not also immune to blemishes and stains so you might need to use a rubber eraser to remove them from time to time.

  • Versatile footwear – Expect it to be easy to dress up or down
  • Nice aesthetics, so you’ll definitely feel good once you put it on
  • Uses full-glove leather lining, making it tough yet comfortable
  • Studded rubber sole designed for extra grip
  • Durable and supportive – thanks to its Goodyear welt construction
  • Not immune to stains and blemishes
  • Use of suede protector might still be needed

Overall, Thursday Boot Company Duke Chelsea Boot is a high-quality and durable choice for anyone searching for a fully functional boot from the brand.

Thursday Boot Company Boots Buyer's Guide

While Thursday Boot Company is known for providing high-quality, premium, versatile, and durable boots at affordable prices, you still have to make sure that you study the different footwear offered by the brand to increase your chances of formulating a sound buying decision.

thursday boot company review

Keep the following factors in mind when searching for the best boots from the brand:


Practically, boots are more effective when it comes to taking care of your lower legs and your entire feet than a typical shoe. Most boots are also designed in such a way that they offer additional protection from environmental hazards, electrical hazards, and bad weather.

That said, your chosen footwear should really be effective in offering such protection. Make sure that they have all the features required to handle harsh conditions, especially if you’re planning to wear them in the workplace. Fortunately, it is not that hard to find a fully protective boot from a reliable brand, such as Thursday boots review.

Versatile Style

The versatility of the style of the boot should also be on top of your priorities. It should be versatile enough that you will never have a difficult time changing up your overall style from time to time when you are wearing it.

It should let you look outdoorsy while also being functional when used at work. There are also Thursday Boots Terracotta Boots with more casual styles.

Leather Exterior Quality

The quality of the leather exterior should also be carefully assessed. Note that it serves as the foundation of the entire boot. If the exterior is poorly or cheaply constructed, then its entirety will also be compromised. That said, you need to check whether the leather material used in the exterior is of premium quality.

thursday boots review

The durability of the material should also be noticeable right away. Pair it up with a high gloss finish and smooth surface, and you know that you exterior quality of the boot is really well thought out. You can go for top-grain leather, which already delivers a good performance.

You can also go for full-grain leather, which further improves the durability of the boot by providing a rougher yet comfortable exterior surface.

Interior Lining

You will also know that you are getting the best boot if it uses a high-quality lining for its interiors. Such lining is even more essential, especially if you plan to wear the boot outside in freezing temperatures. You actually have a couple of choices for this.

You can go for those with a light cloth liner, which is often enough to wick moisture from your feet. Another option is the synthetic or animal fleece padding, which provides a thicker and more insulated layer. There are also those with a soft leather interior, although it is usually not enough to keep moisture away from your feet.

The best interior lining is that which can trap body-warmed air in instead of letting it leak out into the outer cold air. In this case, you can go for shear-ling fleece and lambskin as they work as excellent thick linings. Those made of moisture-wicking polyester or polyethylene are also great options as they are lighter in weight.


It is also important to examine the sole of the boot. If possible, go for one made of rubber, which also features gripping treads. With that, I can assure you that your boot will have excellent traction and grip, making it functional for almost all types of condition.

Where to Buy Thursday Boots?

The Thursday Boots store is based in New York City, and if you're nearby or visiting, you can visit their showroom. Physical store address is at 48 West 21st St., 6th Floor New York, NY 10010. Store hours are Monday to Friday 11 am to 7 pm, and Saturdays 11 am to 6 pm.

Where Are Thursday Boots Made?

All Thursday Boots are handcrafted in New York and Arkansas, United States or in Leon, Mexico by skilled artisans at world-class manufacturing facilities. The company is proud of their suppliers and manufacturing partners in both countries. The company also ensures and offer the highest quality craftsmanship and adhere to the highest ethical standards. Click here for more FAQs

Final Thoughts on the  Best Thursday Boot Company Review 

Thursday Boot Company Review is one of the most reputable providers of footwear but you still have to study all your options as the brand offers a wide range of footwear collection. Check out the boots mentioned in this article and use the short buying guide during the decision-making process and you’ll surely have better chances of picking the most appropriate boot for your specific needs.

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