Thursday Boot Company Captain 6-inch Lace-up Boot Review

I have always wanted to collect a couple of safety lace-up boots. I have a demanding work, which requires me to move around frequently and stand for a long time, so I need a work boot that is not only comfortable but protective a well. I think a lace-up boot can solve the problem.

With a lace-up boot, it is possible to adjust it to fit your feet from the toe up to the top. You can also lace it up snugly. If you are like me who is searching for a safety, lace-up boot, then reading a fair and legitimate Thursday Captain Boots review might be of help.

This will help you get to know about the lace-up boots from the brand, allowing you to figure out if it is indeed the perfect brand for the specific purpose you intend it to do.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Safety Lace-up Boot

A safety lace-up boot is a good way for you to stay comfortable and fully protected, especially if you are outdoors or in the workplace. In fact, most of the high-quality boots in this category are ideal for employees and workers who need to protect their toes and feet from workplace injuries.

If you want to buy a high-quality safety boot with a lace-up design, then some of the vital factors to think about and consider are the following:

Safety Toe – The first thing you have to check is whether or not the boot has a safety toe. It is the ultimate feature designed to give you the protection you need. The good news is that most safety lace-up boots feature a reinforced steel or composite toe, which can give you protection.

Fit – Remember that you will wear the safety boot for at least eight hours every day so make sure that your choice fits you comfortably. Choose the right size and fit. It should also fit well without compromising the boot’s stability as well as comfort and breathability.

Resistance to Elements – The safety boot should also be able to resist the most common issues that you will face at work. It should be made of materials that can resist oils, moisture, water, and impact and shock. It should also protect you from electrical hazards.

Support – Ensure that the shoe is supportive, especially if your job requires you to carry heavy objects. It should give you the right amount of support, especially on the large part of your feet.

Other vital factors to take into consideration prior to buying a safety boot are the type of construction, level of waterproofing and insulation, break-in period, weight, and durability.

Thursday Captain Boots Review

One of the most popular safety boots with a lace-up design today is the Thursday Boot Company Captain 6-inch Lace-up Boot for men. It is a safety boot constructed out of leather material. The sole is made of rubber. It features a classic cap-toe style and a lace-up vamp, making it comfortable to wear.

It is also protective, thanks to its studded rubber soles that offer additional grip on different surfaces, water-resistant seal, safety toe cap, and Goodyear welt construction, which further improves its ability to offer support.

The fact that it features a nice and beautiful finish also makes it appealing to most buyers. It is a suitable safety footwear for those who have demanding jobs that require prolonged standing and movements.


· Features a full-glove lining made of leather – such guarantees a comfortable feet

· Highly durable

· Features a nice and beautiful finish

· Water-resistant

· Ideal for workers with demanding jobs


· Pricey

· Requires a slightly long break-in period

· Lace hooks are prone to bending

Features and Benefits

Thursday Boot Company Captain 6-inch Lace-up Boot has a few features and benefits that it takes pride of. For one, there is the full-glove leather lining, which helps ensure that you will enjoy a comfortable fit once you wear it.

It also takes pride of its Goodyear welt construction. Such construction is a good thing as it makes the footwear not only water-resistant but also resoleable. The studded rubber outsole incorporated into the footwear is also a big advantage as it offers additional grip on various surfaces.


Thorogood American Heritage Safety Toe Lace-Up Boot

This safety boot from Thorogood is a good alternative to the Thursday Boot Company’s Captain Boot. It also has a lace-up design but it boasts of a more protective safety toe cap. It is made of leather material while also featuring a synthetic sole and a 6-inch moc toe.

It has a slightly lower price than the one from Thursday Boot Company, making it a nice alternative if you are on a budget.

Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot

The Dr. Martens brand also offers an alternative to the footwear from Thursday Boot in the form of its Ironbridge Safety Toe Boot. It is on a lower price scale than Captain. It is constructed from leather and features a synthetic sole.

It is water-resistant, too. In addition, it has moisture-wicking lining guaranteed to help keep your feet comfortable and dry. The padded footbed is also helpful in providing your toes and heel a soft and adequate support.

Timberland PRO Pitboss 6-inch Steel-Toe Boot

Another great alternative is the Timberland PRO Pitboss 6-inch Steel Toe Boot from Timberland. It boasts of its lace-up design, which also features a padded collar, logo patch found on the tongue and tonal stitching.

It is also a good option because of its midsole made of polyurethane material. Expect it to be able to wick moisture while absorbing shocks. Having a steel-toe cap is also one of the major reasons why many consider it as a good alternative to Thursday Boot Company Captain 6-inch Lace-up Boot.


Having a demanding and tough job will also expose you to certain risks that might cause you to deal with injuries. With a good safety boot, you can at least minimize workplace risks. The good news is that there are now plenty of safety boots that can help keep you protected at work – one is the Thursday Boots Company Captain 6-inch Lace-up boot.

It is a good option considering the fact that it has a protective safety toe cap. You will also enjoy its lace-up and comfortable design. In addition, it is breathable, durable, and can give you the support needed in the workplace.

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