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How To Tell If Shoes Are Non Slip (Slip-Resistant)?

A lot of people think that just because a shoe is stamped with the word “non-slip” or “slip-resistant”, it is already true that it can really resist accidental slips. That is actually a misconception. Another wrong belief is that if the sole (the bottom of your shoe) features an odd or intricate design, it can […]

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How To Choose The Right Protective Footwear list

How To Choose The Right Protective Footwear For Bussiness

Searching for the most suitable protective footwear, which also features the right toe cap, for your job can be quite challenging. It is mainly because there are numerous options laid out to the public at present.Fortunately, you have come to the right place if your goal is to figure out how to choose the right […]

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What to Wear for Spartan Race 2017

What to Wear for Spartan Race?

Spartan Race, as what its name suggests, is actually a race. However, there is no need for you to get frightened whenever you hear that it is a race because it is actually an activity that anyone can do.The best part about the race is that it involves a team. You will definitely succeed and […]

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Reasons to Wear OSHA Approved Boots construction workers

Reasons to Wear OSHA Approved Boots

OSHA approved boots are among the most recommended work boots for workers today. It is because such footwear can offer maximum protection to wearers, considering the fact that they adhere to all possible safety standards.Learn more about OSHA approved boots and the specific reasons why you should invest in them through this article.An Overview of […]

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Alloy Toe vs. Steel Toe Boots danner

Alloy Toe vs. Steel Toe Boots: Which One Should You Choose?

Among the most popular safety boots at present are those that come with a steel toe. In fact, more and more customers go into a shop searching for steel toe boots as they know that these can keep them safe and secure in the workplace.But did you know that there is also another type of […]

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What Is Composite Toe Boot roofing

What Is Composite Toe Boot? – What You Can Expect From It

While considered as the new kid in the safety footwear industry, it is important to note that composite toe boots are designed to offer full protection to your toes. The composite material used in the footwear means that it does not have any metal.With that in mind, expect the composite toe boot to be made […]

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Why Do You Need To Wear A Pair Of Safety Boots When Using A Chainsaw mens

Why Do You Need To Wear A Pair Of Safety Boots When Using A Chainsaw?

Your safety should be on top of your priorities if you are planning to use a chainsaw. While chainsaws are designed in such a way that they are safe to use, it’s also important for you to educate yourself on how to use it safely and ensure that you stick to the proper operating procedures […]

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Best Place to Buy Work Boots

Best Place to Buy Work Boots and Some Tips to Ensure that you’re Getting the Right One

Are you looking for the best place to buy work boots? Numerous providers of work boots – both online and offline – abound nowadays so you might find it really confusing to look for the one, which really works for you.Fortunately, you will now be guided on where to shop for work boots through this […]

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How to Make Steel Toe Boots More Comfortable

How to Make Steel Toe Boots More Comfortable?

While steel toe boot is one of the most functional and the safest footwear that you can wear, especially on job sites, note there are also those who deal with discomfort when wearing it.That said, it is advisable to research about a few steps, tips and tricks on how to make steel toe boots comfortable. […]

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How to Disinfect Shoes

How to Disinfect Shoes with Simple and Easy Solutions?

Disinfecting shoes is one of the best ways to keep them in good working condition. Regardless of the brand, shape or size of your shoes, note that it needs some form of tender loving care in the form of cleaning and disinfecting it.Fortunately, it will no longer be that hard for you to learn how […]

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