Tissot Watches Review – Are They Worth Your Money?

Tissot is watchmaker that was founded in Le LocleSwitzerland by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile during 1853. The brand was the first to introduce a mass-produced pocket watch to the world.

They also were the first to create a pocket watch that featured two different time zones. Tissot also went on to pioneer wood, mother of pearl, stone, and plastic watches before anyone else had.

They were truly the originators of many watch style we see today. In 1983 they became a member of the The Swatch Group Ltd which is the biggest watch producer and distributor.

If you’re interested in Swiss creations, you’ll appreciate looking down at your wrist and seeing Tissot. But, are they worth the money and high quality? Learn that and more ahead in our Tissot review.

Tissot Watch Quality

You don’t want a watch that you wear a few times and it falls apart. You don’t have to worry about that with Tissot, as they are Swiss-made. This title can only be given to watches that are created at least 50% in Switzerland.

Not only that, but the timepiece has to go through quality control — including its assembly and deep inspection in Switzerland. They don’t play around!

Here are the specs of their Heritage Visodate as an example of the quality to expect.

You’re getting Swiss quartz movement, stainless steel, water resistance, and a sapphire crystal window. For the price range, Tissot is one of the best bang-for-your-buck choices out there.

Are Tissot Watches Waterproof?

Yes, some of Tissot watches are waterproof, but not all of them. It depends on the exact model you purchase. For example, the Seastar 1000 has water resistance up to 300 meters or 1,000 feet!

Water resistance is a useful feature when you’re swimming or diving, but also for normal life. What if you’re wearing your beautiful Tissot watch, and it begins to rain? You wouldn’t want any of the inner components to get damaged, so read the description of what model you get carefully if this is something you want.

Are Tissot Watches Automatic?

Tissot offers three types of movement:

  1. Automatic
  2. Mechanical with manual winding
  3. Quartz

So, yes. Tissot does offer automatic watches, and they offer many benefits. The first of which is that it doesn’t require any batteries. This makes it much easier to maintain and less expensive, as you won’t have to replace the battery with a new one.

The inner mechanisms are either wound by hand or through your arm movement. This completely removes the issue of batteries leaking and damaging the watch from the inside, which happens more often than you’d think.

Secondly, automatic watches last longer. It’s not uncommon for them to last decades over their quartz counterpart. This is because there is less to go wrong when you don’t have a watch powered by a battery.

Are Tissot Watches A Good Investment?

While a Tissot watch isn’t a go-to in the investment world, it does have its merit. As you learned above, they sell many automatic watches, which are ideal to invest in.

This is for the simple fact that they can be started up again with ease after not being used for long periods. Furthermore, automatic watches are known to have a great lifespan in general.

Rolex, Patek, Paneri, and other legendary timepieces have the best resell value, but a Tissot could be resold later at a higher price if it’s in good shape.

Are Tissot Watches Swiss Made?

To achieve the “Swiss made” label, a watch must have at least 50% of its value-added in Switzerland, otherwise it doesn’t make the cut. This means that Tissot is Swiss made.

They manufacture most of their watch components in Switzerland and also do their quality control testing there.

Are Tissot Watches Durable?

You’re going to be wearing your watch doing a variety of activities, so it needs to be robust. Here’s what a user had to say when a forum member on Watchuseek asked about Tissot’s quality.

They are known to have solid clasps, scratch resistance sapphire crystal windows, and heavy-duty bodies. Another user from that same forum thread chimed in with the following.

He claims that his six-year-old PRS200 is heavy, reliable, and it’s like brand new, besides some dings he put into the bracelet by accident.

You can expect a Tissot to last you many, many years and take a beating. If you don’t do anything outrageous with it, you have nothing to worry about.

Best Tissot Watches

1. Men’s Tissot T-Race Chronograph Silicone Strap Watch

A smooth and comfortable silicone strap will keep your wrist comfortable all day while wearing this. For the gentlemen that are on the go and enjoy speed, this chronograph watch is a fantastic choice with its accurate timekeeping in multiple increments. A rugged Swiss-craft design features bold colors and details that are easy to read.

This is the type of watch you’d want to wear when you’re outdoors and doing something casual. You could wear it with a pair of shorts, a polo shirt, and your favorite loafers while golfing, for example.

2. Men’s Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Multifunction Smartwatch

Have you heard of a solar-powered watch before? The T-Touch Expert boasts a sporty design and mixes it with performance technology for a unique piece of wristwear. Powered by the sun, it’s perfect for when you’re outdoors and enjoying light activities outside.

It’s super versatile with its titanium steel build that makes it durable and long-lasting. The multi-stopwatch function, compass, altimeter, accumulator, and other features give you a watch that is both stylish and gives you tons of use. The engraved case back commemorates Tissot’s status as the official timekeeper for the NBA as well.

3. Men’s Tissot Prc200 Automatic Chronograph Bracelet Watch

This is the kind of watch you’d you can wear with a suit or business casual attire as the perfect accessory. It shows sophistication and class all in one unique package. When accurate timekeeping in multiple increments is absolutely essential, you’ll be satisfied you purchased a watch from Tissot.

Powered by an automatic movement, this versatile style emphasizes sophistication in dual-finish stainless steel while the chronograph subdials and tachymeter bezel enhance the sporty functionality. The watch can even handle depths up to 200 meters when you want to explore the ocean and its rich sea life.

Try wearing this watch with a pair of tailored khakisAllen Edmond dress shoes, and a crisp dress shirt.

4. Men’s Tissot Savonnette Pocket Watch

This list wouldn’t be complete without including Tissot’s signature pocket watch. A hand-wound mechanical movement powers the time in a traditional Swiss-made pocket watch, crafted in stunning brass with a logo-etched face cover.

The long history of Tissot’s watchmaking expertise manifests itself in the details of the design, like the classic numeral indexes, hands and a sub-seconds dial. For the gentleman that appreciates timeless and classic pieces, you will love having this.

5. Men’s Tissot Prc200 Tour De France Strap Watch

Did you know that Tissot is the official timekeeper for not only the NBA but also the Tour de France? This special edition watch takes pride from that achievement and funnels it into a beautiful chronograph watch.

It’s paired with a GT striped NATO strap along with Swiss quartz-powered chronograph dials designed to track time in multiple increments, and a tachymeter bezel to calculate velocity.

6. Men’s Tissot T-Race Sport Chronograph Watch

Here’s another fact for you, Tissot is also the official timekeeper for MotoGP so they created a sporty and colorful chronograph watch to celebrate. It utilizes accurate Swiss movement with a sturdy case, unidirectional rotating bezel with a striped silicone strap.

7. Men’s Tissot Everytime Nato Strap Watch

If you are in search of a casual watch you can wear tons then this is a great choice. It features a glossy black dial with classic numeral indexes to emphasize a modern but traditional design. It is finished with a woven NATO strap which makes it awesome for the man that’s moving around a lot.

This is easily one of the perfect casual summer watches. You could pull this off with a pair of chino shorts, sneakers, and a polo shirt.

8. Men’s Tissot T-Race Touch Multifunction Rubber Strap Watch

The multi-function capabilities of this rugged and robust watch feature a list of sporty uses for racing lovers and adventurers alike.

With stopwatches, timers, a compass, a tide table, and more, you can access them through an advanced digital touchscreen. The soft and comfortable rubber strap will feel nice on your wrist all day.

9. Men’s Tissot T-Complicated Squellette Mechanical Watch.

Skeleton watches have become a favorite among gentlemen in the past couple of years. Meticulously crafted with fine attention to detail, these traditional yet modern pieces boast a skeletal dial showcasing the colorful gears and parts of its manual wound mechanical movement.

Just wind it up and watch it work. An embossed leather strap streamlines the sophistication of this contemporary design.

10. Men’s Tissot Heritage 1936 Mechanial Leather Strap Watch.

This is one of the simpler watches from Tissot but its class and elegance is still astounding. Featuring heritage design details going back to the days of its pocket watches, this rugged mechanical watch brings everything into the present with a covered see-through case back.

Self-wind the watch, then flip it up to see the working gears of this well-built Swiss-crafted timepiece in action. This watch is excellent for formal occasions since it’s a simple design.

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