What to Wear for Spartan Race 2017

What to Wear for Spartan Race?

Spartan Race, as what its name suggests, is actually a race. However, there is no need for you to get frightened whenever you hear that it is a race because it is actually an activity that anyone can do.

The best part about the race is that it involves a team. You will definitely succeed and finish the race provided you have a supportive and good team with you. You can also perform it regardless of your age, size, or shape.

Just make sure that you also wear the proper attire for Spartan Race to keep yourself safe during the whole duration of the activity. The good news is that there is no need for you to get confused over what you should wear for the race as this article will provide you with viable answers and recommendations.

1. For the Upper Body

The best clothing to wear for your upper body is a moisture-wicking shirt. Avoid wearing those made of cotton in the race, though, as they tend to absorb water and hold such moisture for a prolonged period.

If you are doing the race in a cold season, then there’s a great tendency for you to experience further coldness because the cotton material retains water and moisture. In addition, the material has the tendency to become too heavy if wet.

What to Wear for Spartan Race lover

You don’t want this to happen as it might hamper your movements, especially when you need to jump a wall, run a hill, or climb a rope. You can also go for compression shirts.

Many consider the shirts as great options because there is a lower risk for any loose fabric to get caught on a number of obstacles, like trees and barbed wires.

2. For the Lower Body

To enjoy Spartan Race, you also have to wear the right clothing for your lower body. In this case, you should go for a pair of moisture-wicking shorts. It would be best if they’re made from a Dri-Fit material as such works well for both the cold and warm weather. It should be able to wick moisture, too.

Just like the clothing for your upper body, you should also avoid cotton material for your shorts or pants as such tends to absorb too much moisture and water, causing it to get heavy. A pair of shorts without any pockets is also advisable so you won’t end up getting bothered by the mud that fills them up.

What to Wear for Spartan Race mens

Furthermore, make it a point to add a stable drawstring on anything that you decide to wear. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with a lot of water, and a drawstring can help keep everything in place.

Compression shorts are also advisable. Just like wearing a compression shirt, your compression short also works in wicking away moisture while also ensuring that there is only minimal mud in sensitive body areas.

With your compression shorts, you can also prevent yourself from easily getting caught up on wires.

3. Socks

Choosing the right socks can also contribute to making the race day more enjoyable. In this case, you should also avoid socks made of cotton material. Keep in mind that your entire feet will get wet.

You can still bring cotton socks with you during the race but save them for wearing only after the race as that’s the time when you need to wear a comfortable and warm one. Go for a moisture-wicking or wool sock, which is known for its quality.

4. Head Gear and Gloves

While headgear is not usually recommended as it might hamper your movements, it is still a big help in managing your sweat. In this case, a wise tip is to go for a bandana. The good news is that you can easily put it around your neck in case you don’t want to use it.

As for gloves, go for a high-quality wide receiver type. Such can fit your hands well while also staying in place. In addition, wide receiver gloves are highly breathable, so there’s no need for you to worry about discomfort.

5. Footwear

Of course, you need a friendly and high-quality pair of shoes for Spartan Race. You might think that your old sneakers can already do the job, but you’re wrong as you may only face a lot of discomfort and pain when wearing them during the race. A wise tip is to go for a shoe, which is perfect for Spartan Race.

The best one for it is that, which features a good tread while also offering more than enough support. It should have proper drainage, too. In most cases, trail shoes work well for a Spartan Race. Go for one with proper drainage but make sure that it is not made of Gore-Tex.

What to Wear for Spartan Race womens

Note that while Gore-Tex is a material, which helps in repelling water from any footwear, it also tends to lock it out, thereby preventing it from draining. Also, keep in mind that your shoes will tend to get muddy. Avoid those made of white mesh, too, as such might cause their brilliant whiteness to diminish.

Go for a non-bulky pair of footwear, which will never accumulate excessive amounts of water. Make sure to choose a lightweight pair, too. It should not get too heavy, especially when muddy water fills it up.

The good news is that you can find plenty of companies that offer ​high-quality footwear for Obstacle Course Races, Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. Among your best options are those made by Inov-8, Salmon, and Reebok.

6. Sports Bra

A sports bra is what women who would like to participate in Spartan Race should not forget wearing. If you have tried running on a treadmill while not wearing a sports bra, then you might have noticed how different it is when you are wearing one.

When wearing a sports bra, you will notice how comfortable the event seems to be. Such especially holds true if you are doing at least ten miles of a grueling activity, such as Spartan Race. In addition, take note that you will need to be in awkward positions from time to time during the race.

By ensuring that you are wearing a sports bra, you can prevent yourself from dealing with unwanted situations that might show off your sensitive parts, such as your nipples.

7. Hydration Packs

Of course, you also need to keep yourself fully hydrated during the race. You need it especially if you plan to take a long run or race. The good news is that you have plenty of options for you to bring hydration packs during the race.

For instance, you can carry a low profile, small, and compact hydration pack containing what you need to hydrate yourself, especially if the race will last for more than two hours. It is also important to ask beforehand whether the event organizers will provide water during the event.

8. Other Items to Bring with you During the Spartan Race

Apart from the ones mentioned above, your participation in the Spartan Race will also become unforgettable and enjoyable if you bring with you the following:

What to Wear for Spartan Race upper body

At least two plastic bags – A wise tip is to go for garden refuse sacks. These are perfect for the race as they do not come with any holes where there is a risk for muddy water to seep out.

Microfiber sports towel – Go for one large piece of the sports towel. Keep in mind that after the event, you will need to wash up a lot. You’ll also rarely find such towels in the venue of the event, so it would be best to bring your own.

Soap – Place it in a travel-sized bottle. It can help you remove caked on mud from any part of your body. Since you will be dealing with a lot of mud, you need soap to clean yourself up after the event.

Trainers or flip-flops – These are among the things that you will need after participating in the race. You can use the flip-flops when showering as the shower area’s base might be full of dirty water. By wearing a pair of flip-flops, you can prevent your feet from coming into contact with it.

Clothes to change into – You also need to bring a couple of clothes that you can change into after the race. Choose those with warm layers so you can quickly cool down once you’re done while keeping your body warm.

Water – Go for at least two bottles of water. One bottle should be used for properly hydrating yourself after the race. The second one is useful in washing yourself in case the shower area has some issues.

Protein and energy bars – You should bring these with you as eating them up will allow your body to recover fast. The race requires you to work too hard, so it is essential for you to fill up your body with some carbs. The protein and energy bars can help you refuel your body and recover.

Final Words

There is no need to get too overwhelmed with the Spartan Race, causing you to be afraid to participate in the event. By gathering everything you need for the race, it would be easy for you to handle all the challenges and obstacles that come with it.

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