What Kind of Shoes Do Doctors Wear?

Doctors and other medical professionals are actually among those people who have the most demanding jobs. If you are working in a hospital as a doctor or any other medical professional for that matter, then you may have realized the amount of stress and pain your feet usually face every day.

With that in mind, finding the perfect footwear for the job is essential. It is important for you to look for a shoe, which can give you more than enough support in almost all areas of your demanding job. To figure out what kind of shoes do doctors wear, then it would be best to check out whether the one you’re planning to buy has the following traits:

What Kind of Shoes Do Doctors Wear for Work?


1. Waterproof or Water-resistant

As a doctor, your footwear is usually a target for body fluids. That’s the reason why you need a waterproof or water-resistant shoe, as it can ensure that your feet won’t get wet. If you have a waterproof shoe, then there is no need for you to wait for quite some time to wear it again just because you need to dry it out properly.

2. Comfortable Insole and Non-slip Sole

Check the insole and non slip sole , too. The insole should be made of a material and design, which is comfortable to be worn on long shifts. In this case, go for a footwear, which has a removable insole. This will make it possible for you to replace the insole once it wears out.

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3. Durable

Durability also makes up for a great shoe for doctors. It should be durable enough that there is no longer a need for you to purchase a new pair every couple of months. You’ll know that you are getting a durable shoe if it is constructed from tough and high-quality materials designed for use in a tough working environment.

4. Lightweight

The best shoe for surgeons, doctors, nurses is also that, which is lightweight. It should be light enough that it does not put on too much stress and pressure on your ankles and feet. A lightweight footwear is indeed essential for a doctor or other medical professional as it prevents them from having sore feet and aches once their shift ends.

5. Supportive Arch

Look for a footwear, which has a really strong arch support. It should be capable of offering enough support and protection to your feet, especially if you often experience a lot of strain. You’ll know that a shoe has a supportive arch if it can balance your body weight on your feet, instead of just on the heels.

Types of Shoes for Doctors

Now that you know about the specific qualities that make up the best pair of shoes for doctors, it is time to learn more about your options. Here are the different kinds of shoes that work well for doctors and other healthcare staff:


1. Lace-up Shoe

This is an ideal type of shoe for doctors and other active medical professionals, especially if what they are looking for are secure and safe footwear for daily wear. The good thing about a laced-up shoe is that it helps prevent slippage when you are wearing it.

It is mainly because you can tightly tie it to your feet using laces. One brand that you can pick for a lace-up shoe is Dansko. Such provides a high level of comfort and attractive design.

2. Clogs

You can also go for clogs that others find transitional and trendy. Many doctors prefer clogs because they can quickly and easily take these off, giving them the opportunity to rest their overworked feet and heels. Clogs are also among the most stylish and comfortable shoes that you can find.

They are reasonably priced while also giving you a wide selection of prints, patterns, and colors. In addition, clogs come with an open back and distinguishable small heel.

3. Sneaker

A pair of sneakers is also a good choice for doctors, especially those who often transition constantly from meetings to operating rooms. A good sneaker is versatile and practical. It is ideal for use during strenuous shifts.

In addition, it is highly breathable while also providing excellent sole support. You will also enjoy the fact that it is now available in various colors and styles.

4. Slip-on Shoe

This type of footwear for doctors is different from sling-back shoes and clogs because it features a closed back, which fully supports the back portion of your heel. One remarkable thing about slip-on shoes is that they are designed to stretch. Such trait makes it more flexible, allowing you to remove it quickly.

This flexibility is what a lot of doctors and medical professionals prefer, especially if they often need to deal with long shifts.

5. Orthopedic Shoe

As a doctor, prolonged standing, taking up to several hours a day, is the common scenario you need to face. You will need to constantly attend to your patients for hours, causing your back, hips, and knees to be overused for an extremely long period.

Such can result in pain and discomfort, leading to long-term damage. You can prevent the mentioned issue by wearing a high-quality orthopedic shoe. Go for a footwear, which offers a high level of orthopedic support and features a flexible frame.

6. Loafers

With a pair of loafers, you can fashionably and quickly transition from a shoe designed to help you assist hospital staff and patients the entire day to a shoe designed for office wear. A good pair of loafers is actually comfortable and attractive, making them one of the most acceptable footwear for doctors who need to wear a business casual attire.

7. Velcro Shoe

This is also another easy and quick to wear shoe for doctors. What’s good about this option is that it is highly functional. You can also quickly unfasten and fasten it. All it takes is to slide your feet into the shoe then put on the strap.

It is indeed a good choice if you are a busy doctor who often needs to attend to your patient right away.


A stylish yet well-constructed, durable, and comfortable shoe is a must for all busy doctors out there. Since your job requires you to stand and deal with plenty of patients for several hours a day, you need to figure out which type of shoe can really make you more productive in the hospital.

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