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Give Me 2 Minutes and I’ll Show You What to Wear for Spartan Race

Knowing exactly what to wear for Spartan race is sometimes a dilemma for those who want to try it out. It’s understandable considering the many challenges that you need to face in the race.

While it is a team activity, you still need to exert an effort to ensure that you’re wearing the right thing. Avoid wearing just anything because it might slow you down and prevent you from completing the race.

Fortunately, this article is now around to serve as your ultimate guide to find out what exactly you should wear in your scheduled Spartan race.

1. Headwear

In most cases, the headwear you’ll most likely need for a Spartan race is a bandana. The bandana serves several purposes – one of which is keeping hair away from your eyes if necessary. If not kept in place, your stray hair may prevent you from hurdling all the challenges in the race.

What to Wear for Spartan Race swiming

Another purpose of a bandana is to prevent sweat from coming in contact with your eyes. If you want to prevent getting distracted during the race, then avoid wearing glasses, too. These might fall off, ruining your race. If possible, just wear your contact lenses, instead of glasses.

2. Outfit

Make sure to look for tops or shirts that do not soak too much sweat and moisture, such as those made of cotton. Also, take note that your typical daily workout tops or shirt won’t work perfectly during the race day. Standard compression shirt works.

Also, ensure that the material used in the shirt works in managing moisture and sweat. For women, the best Spartan race top would be a cropped style sports top. It should come with a built-in sports bra.

Ensure that you’re wearing a sports bra as this can make you feel comfortable during the race. This is crucial as you’ll be challenging yourself for at least ten miles. The Spartan race might also cause you to be in awkward positions, so it’s advisable to wear a sports bra to protect your sensitive areas.

What to Wear for Spartan Race Jumping

If you plan to wear a t-shirt, then ensure that it’s form-fitting, too. It should also be slim. If you plan to participate in a long event composed of numerous obstacles, then pair up your shirt or top with running or fitness Capri pants.

The fabric should also be over the knees in such a way that it can provide a bit of protection from rocky surfaces and stones. Ensure that the shorts are not baggy, too. They should come with a tight waistband as well as a drawcord, which you can wear tightly without making you feel too limited.

Quick-drying and lightweight shorts are also highly recommended as they are incapable of holding too much water and chafing heavily, resulting in too much discomfort and sores. A quick-drying top, which is capable of providing unrestricted movements is also highly recommended.

Choose one made of a moisture-wicking fabric as it ensures that you’ll receive utmost comfort during the race. Men should also consider wearing short sleeve tops or sleeveless vest tops that closely fit the body.

For longer races, compression tops are perfect as they can offer a tight fit that protects your body from snagging on various obstacles. Such can also protect your elbows when you’re moving your way on a cargo net.

3. Gloves

While gloves are not considered to be necessities in Spartan race, note that these are extremely useful in making your hands feel comfortable in the race. The best gloves that you can wear in a Spartan race are those that come with a decent grip.

If possible, go for those with protected knuckles, rubberized palms, and a wrist strap that you can tighten and adjust. The tips should also be capable of offering more grip. The gloves should offer you comfort by ensuring that they don’t absorb too much when soaked on various obstacles.

4. Shoes

Invest in a good pair of trail running shoes. Ensure that you break them in prior to the race to avoid experiencing pain and discomfort. The best shoes that you can wear for a Spartan race are those that have impressive traction, especially when worn on unusual terrains.

What to Wear for Spartan Race climing

The shoes should also be lightweight and should not hold too much water when wet. Your shoes should also be tested out on all-natural terrains. Go for one with quick-drying mesh material, too, to prevent discomfort.

In addition, you’ll know that you’re getting the best shoes for Spartan race if it can provide extra comfort and protection on your feet. The shoes should also be designed and molded for agility and speed.

Pair your shoes with high compression socks. These socks don’t hold water but are also capable of providing utmost comfort to users, preventing debris from getting inside while offering an additional layer of protection designed for your shins.

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What to wear for Spartan race should be carefully thought out. Fortunately, you now have some ideas on the items you should invest in as we have already laid out information on what you should wear on your first or next race.

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